Keeping the Tempo: A Telephone talk with Terrale Tempo


I had the privilege of talking to Terrale Tempo  about various topics ranging from his last battle against ACH to his match against Matthew Palmer with Roxy’s contract on the line. We discussed fans, other companies, even the Queen of Queens tournament. 

H/F: I saw that in ROW you recently had a steel cage match with a title on the line. How do you prepare for a steel cage match?


Terrale Tempo: You can’t really prepare for a match like this. I did more pull ups and worked on upper body, thinking I might be climbing or hanging from the cage a lot. This was my first cage match so I didn’t even [have anything] to draw on, as you know I don’t do much hardcore or extreme and so this was really different. It was a no limit cage match with weapons hanging from the corners. It was brutal and a very different thing than I have gone through before. 

H/F:  At the last Inspire Pro show, you fought Matthew Palmer but got a surprise twist. Palmer wanted Roxy to be his manager and offered Chris Trew a deal: if he could beat you, Roxy’s contract would go to Palmer. Trew countered with if Tempo could make Palmer submit that he would join The New Movement. How did you feel about all of that and the fact you were limited in how you could even win?

Tempo: Yes, I was unhappy with all of that. Had Roxy, Trew and I discussed this and made it all part of the plan and Roxy was in on it and approved… it may have been different. Instead Trew put us both in a bad position  As for the match, I have a strong submission game but you’re right, my hands were partly tied by the fact I could not pin Palmer but he could pin me. It was not a great night overall.

H/F: On that note, Palmer managed to win that match and Roxy’s contract. Later that night, Keith Lee lost to Sammy Guevara which gave Guevara the Pure Prestige title and giving The New Movement what might be considered their worst night in a long while. Thoughts on the future of New Movement or your part in it?

Tempo: I have not had a chance to speak to Trew or Keith or even Roxy since that night, so I don’t know what they are thinking or their future plans,  but I admit I am reevaluating my future in The New Movement. I was not happy to be a pawn in changing the very life of Roxy and without her permission. It was bad for me and awful for Roxy.

H/F:  You have a match coming up with ACH, match number 2 in fact. In the first match he treated you with disrespect. He didn’t even finish the match, though he did go into overtime to be fair. Are you going in with a different mindset due to that? 

Tempo: Yes, I am going in with a very different mindset. I believe he showed me his true colors or at least what he really thinks of me. At first I was mad at what happened at that show and during that match but I gave it some thought and realized that he went the time limit and gave me overtime and tried to finish the match. He just was not going to keep adding time over and over. Having faced him, we both know each other better and I expect him to bring some new tricks and I have a few tricks of my own.  I know ACH’s rep and I know sometimes guys like that overlook the local guys, not on purpose per se but now that he has been in ROH and faced guys that are big league now he may underestimate guys like me. He will admit we are good but not AJ Styles good.

H/F: Who have you not faced yet at Inspire Pro that you would like too? Also do you prefer battling large wrestlers who you go toe-to-toe and match strength with or the faster guys that challenge your ability to keep up and make you think differently?

Tempo: I like and prefer seeing all types of styles in the ring, telling a story even in a match. I prefer the build up that comes with that. A mix of everything, just like I prefer a show to build up to the main event. As for who I want to get in the ring with at Inspire, that is a bit of a list. I find Alex Reigns to have a rugged and submission based style that I would love to test myself against. Also if he ever returns I want a one on one with Thomas Shire. I was due to be The Great Depression’s opponent before he left but then he vanished so it never happened.

H/F: What is your take on Lawless Darkness? The power to break or ignore all the rules? As a rule follower yourself what is your take?

Tempo: It is a intriguing concept and I have never seen anything like it before. It opens up lots of doors. I know that some fans will always love the wrestlers who break the rules and dislike guys like me who win within the rules. While I know some say if you don’t do everything, including cheating to win, you didn’t really want to win. I believe it is tougher to win within the confines of the rules. Though I know at that last show there was a small group on the bleachers that really disliked me, and I am very curious as to why.

H/F:  We spoke on ACW’s Queen of Queen’s Tournament as well. Tempo favored the homegrown talent of Allie Kat to win it all. He also mentioned wanting to step in the ring with ACW mainstays Scotty Santiago and Masada. We talked for sometime longer, talking about fans and smart marks.  It was fun to just talk and also find out what kind of alcohol would need  to be in a wrestling cocktail about Tempo. Tempo does not drink. Apparently he hears Fireball makes one…TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!!!




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