Sabotage and Heel/Face Present: She’s Crafty Part 3: Blackheart vs Green


Gold Rush Title Match: Shotzi Blackheart vs Kat Green

This was the first title match of the night and it started out with Shotzi talking about her trip to Austin, Texas. She talks about going to Whataburger which she knew she had to go to but then when people cheer she talks about how she will never eat that swill again. Picks on the Texas sports teams saying they all suck which gets a Spurs chant going and she even attacked Buccee’s.  

This lead to Texas’s own Kat Green to not only beat Shotzi and take the title but defend Texas and the things we love. Kat came out strong due to that, and a Whataburger chant started making me think Lance Hoyt should be there. The “Ballsy Badass” took everything Kat had and when she had an opening struck back hard but they hit equal ground until Shotzi hurt her wrist causing the ref to look at it and keep Kat from attacking. 

Kat, at this point, had climbed to the top turnbuckle to leap off and finish Shotzi. It looked like she would win as she was giving as good as she got going toe to toe with Shotzi and was getting ready to take out Shotzi before the injury. Once Kat was distracted even on the top turnbuckle which Shotzi took advantage of  and knocked her down and got the pin and win to retain the title.

Winner and still Gold Rush Champion: Shotzi Blackheart

Next Up: Rob Love vs Scoot Robinson vs Mr. B


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