On Track with “TankEngine” Thomas


After ACW’s Nothing is as Real as a Dream 2017, better known as the Wrestling Prom, we learned that while Thomas thought he was going to be the prom king for the third time in a row, this would not be the case. 

I called and spoke to Thomas in St. Louis a few days after to follow up. I asked him about losing to Ricky Starks.  He said he was disappointed but on the long drive home  he had time to think. Yes he lost but he had won twice before and he loves what he does. He wants to get his hands on Ricky Starks of course but really wants to keep fighting for the fans and against the ones who tear down or attack ACW. He says you just can’t let the all the crazy stuff get to you. Keep swimming and you will get out.

I spoke to him about his opponents and his wins and losses. He considers Jeff Gant to be his nemesis. They started out in almost the same way, referees. Gant was more positive in the start and loved by the fans as a referee and even for a second as a wrestler. Thomas went from a referee to a wrestler but he kept his upbeat outlook. Gant  has beaten him when they met in the past but Thomas is sure he will find his weakness sooner or later. He would also love to face Curt Stallion and Steve O Reno.

We talked about his past and future, his old look (more like a pirate) and having valets come out with him. He says so much has changed that it feels like a whole different universe from where he is now. He knows he struggled at first but kept fighting and proving to people he is there to fight and have fun and has won over many of his old naysayers.

Becca, the woman who used to run the merch stand for many many years once said she found Thomas to have the cleverest and most unique merch. He had simple ideas that fit his idiom perfectly. Like when he was the “love pirate”  he bought Valentine’s candy a day or two after Valentines day and put his name on them and sold them as personal candy! Brilliant. He had key chains that double at bottle openers…at a bar! So many others but he gives all the credit for that to Shello, his partner and friend. 

Just this month he will be debuting in 4 different states.  He would love to return to Inspire Pro and debut at VIP or WrestleCircus. While he has been to an RCW show he has not wrestled there and of course started at TCW and would go back.

Finally we talked about ACW’s Queen of Queens and who he thought would win. He admitted that three of the women in it had beaten him. Angel Blue, Allie Kat, and Ruthless Lala but that Sage Sin is always impressive. So it was a tough call but did say congrats to Allie Kat for winning Prom Queen.  He ended saying he will continue to be the positive force in ACW and beyond and that he will always fight for the fans that support or like him. He will fight for ACW even for the fans who don’t like him and will stay upbeat as he travels to new states. Also having Star Seeds after a ACW show helps.



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