Inspire Pro Presents: License to Death Wish recap


OH BOY! So much changed, the status quo was shook up and nothing will be the same! I am going to do a few things different here on this look back, one I am going talk about the opening match as it affects the rest of the night and later matches but then I am going to talk about all the Lawless Darkness matches after that even though they were spread out over the night and explain what that is. But for the people who only care about who won and lost I will post that first. I am also going to pick my match of the night and show stealing match of the night. 

The match of the night is what I, not speaking for anyone else, thought was the best match  of the night. The Show Stealing match is the one I thought would be good as most Inspire matches are but surprised me by being EVEN better then I thought it would.


“Showtime” Matthew Palmer pinned Terrale Tempo for the win and to earn Roxy Castillo as his manager.

“Ruthless” Ryan Davidson beat Stacey Slade(Heavy Hearts), The Great Depression, Jeff Gant, Gannicus, Bruno De La Rosa(Heavy Hearts), Jordan Jensen, Mr. B to win and advance in the Lawless Darkness tournament. 

Ivory Robin vs Allie Kat ended in No Contest due to double DQ

Gary Jay beat “Untouchable” Alex Reigns to advance in Lawless Darkness

“The Pinfall Wizard” Steve O Reno(C) pinned Lio Rush to retain the belt

Kody Lane defeated Matt “The Pride” Kenway and “Unholy” Gregory James to advance in Lawless Darkness.

“Dirty” Andy Dalton beat “The Dirty Rook” Mat Fitchett to advance in Lawless Darkness and earn the title of Dirtiest in Inspire.

DVD, which I guess is the new name of the Tag Team of Davey Vega and Delilah Doom defeated The Worlds Cutest Tag Team, Joey Ryan, and Candice LaRae to retain the titles.

“The Best Ever” Sammy Guevara pinned “Limitless” Keith Lee to earn the Pure Prestige Title.

Now on to how that all happened and what it means for the future of Inspire Pro. We are set to open with “Showtime” Matthew Palmer taking on Terrale Tempo in a 30 minute time limit match but first Palmer came out and said he had something to do first and beat down Austin, the ref, and asked for a real ref. Austin was out the rest of the show.

Trew and Roxy came out to announce Tempo but Palmer said he had been giving it a lot of thought and decided what he was missing to go further than ever is the services of Roxy. He makes a deal with Trew as a businessman that if he can beat Tempo he gets Roxy as his manager. Trew counters with if Tempo wins, that Palmer must join The New Movement, Palmer counters with the fact that Tempo must make him submit for him to join. All agree except for Roxy and she is unhappy. 

Terrale Tempo vs “Showtime” Matthew Palmer: So the stakes are high in this match, no matter what something major is going to change and really in a way no matter what Palmer gets what he wants. While working for The New Movement would not be ideal he would have Roxy in his corner and if he wins he gets her as a manager without the hassle of The New Movement.

They started out with a lot of back and forth, Tempo was a bit hampered by the fact he had to make Palmer submit, no pins. Tempo did a damn good job, focusing on putting Palmer in submission holds as much as he could and held them as long as he dared really wearing him down. He put him in quite a few but on the last one, Palmer was able to reverse it and roll it over to get a pin. Winner: Matthew Palmer and the services of Roxy.

Roxy was PISSED and slapped Matthew Palmer when he reached for her, then slapped  Chris Trew so hard he was knocked off his feet. Tempo was not a happy man either and pushed Trew away. What this means for The New Movement is anyone’s guess but sadly that was not the end of their bad night.

Now I am going to take a moment to talk about Lawless Darkness. Biss came out to tell us what it was about and what it means. It will be a tournament spread out over several shows and the winner will be IMMUNE from all rules at Inspire Pro! That opens up a HUGE door. They can deny matches they don’t want, they could ignore 3 counts or Submissions, even DQ’s. They can run rampant over anyone and go after any title from Heavyweight to XX Division. Any rule would no apply, they could leave the match and sit outside for a 30 or 40 or 50 count…even really ignore the Time Limit rule which is a new one but a RULE. That is only a few things I am sure you loyal readers could come up with more. Let’s go over the matches that were part of Lawless Darkness at this show.

Lawless Darkness Match: Gauntlet: 4 wrestlers start, as one is taken out a new one comes in until only one standing: Mr. B vs Stacey Slade(Heavy Hearts) vs The Great Depression w/Gregory Symonds vs Gannicus: These were the 4 starters and we were not sure who else would be coming out and the men went all out here. No one held back as this was a big deal but Mr. B was thrown out of the ring and took advantage to let all the other boys beat up each other. Gannicus managed to pin Stacey Slade and he was replaced by “Ruthless” Ryan Davidson who was brutal.

The Great Depression did attempt to go after Mr. B outside the ring but Gregory Symonds stopped him. Told him Not Mr. B, and that cost him as he was confused when he got back in the ring and Ryan took him out hard with a pile driver, pinning him but the match had to be put on hold and The Great Depression was taking out on a stretcher. Then out of nowhere Jeff Gant returned to Inspire Pro and was his usually cocky self but he didn’t last long as Ryan was on a roll and took out Jeff which brought in Bruno De La Rosa of the Heavy Hearts. 

The wrestlers were all focused and brutal, slamming people around, super kicking, and more. Bruno went after Gannicus who had taken out his partner and pinned him bringing in someone I, nor almost no one, could name at first but it was JORDAN JENSEN!!! Crazy. He looks way different than even the promo pictures they still use.  Bruno was taken out next, followed by Jordan Jensen. This leaves Davidson vs Mr. B and while B hits some powerful kicks and hits, Davidson is in kill mode and pins Mr. B to win. Winner and Advancing in Lawless Darkness: “Ruthless” Ryan Davidson

2nd Lawless Darkness Match: Gary Jay vs “Untouchable” Alex Reigns: A 15-minute time limit. The fans loved seeing Gary Jay back and he seemed to feed off the crowd. Both of these men went all out, it was brutal and went way beyond what I was expecting. Though Alex is stronger, Gary Jay more than made up for that with his crazy moves. Alex put Gary through the ringer and gave him all he could handle but Gary Jay managed to pull out the win. Both men deserve all the credit in the world. Winner and advancing: Gary Jay

3rd Lawless Darkness: Triple Threat: Kody Lane vs Matt “The Pride” Kenway vs “Unholy” Gregory James:  This was my unexpected match of the night, I don’t know Matt Kenway at all, Kody is still pretty new and Unholy has been away but all three men came to win.  At first, they played it smart keeping one person out making it one on one. Gregory James and Matt Kenway threw out Kody at first and tried to keep him out. When he got back in, they threw out James and went at each other. But when James got back in he went crazy and just attacked both men pinning Kenway. But that took a lot out of him and Kody was able to take him down and get the win. Winner and advancing: Kody Lane

Afterward, Gregory James shook hands with Kody Lane then suddenly knocked him out before leaving.

4th Lawless Darkness Match: Title of Dirtiest: “Dirty” Andy Dalton vs “The Dirty Rook” Mat Fitchett: As they were trying to prove just who is dirty, this started out….well dirty.  Dalton licked his hand before offering it, then Mat spit on his own hand. Dalton looked impressed but then reached down the front of his singlet to his nether regions, then behind him on his butt. Fitchett countered by leaving the ring and asking random fans to spit on his hand, most I think were too surprised to do it but 2 or 3 kids finally did it and you could see it dripping off his hand. Andy called him a sick fuck and the match started with no handshake.

After that, this turned BRUTAL and the men went all out and beat each other down and sideways and inside and outside the ring. Neither man was willing to lose the title of Dirtiest but having the title longer and knowing a few more tricks got Dalton the win. Winner and advancing: “Dirty” Andy Dalton

Allie Kat vs Ivory Robyn for #1 Contender for J-Crown: J Cres, the current J-Crown holder, becomes the referee in this match. It has a 115-minutetime limit and while it has some good action I was not happy about the way it turned out. Now this is personal opinion and I have nothing against action or comedy or different styles of wrestling. I think it all has a place but this felt….wrong. Allie and Ivory were great and at first J Cres was fine. Being himself and enforcing the rules to the letter as a super serious guy. Then he got “tired”, lost focus, and found a fidget spinner. The match became too much about J Cres and not about the wrestlers battling. They finally turned on him and attacked him so he called a DQ/No contest. Winner: NO ONE

Biss came out and said J Cres was the ref and could make that call but now the J Crown match would be a triple threat where J Cres would defend against both Allie Kat and Ivory Robyn.

30 Minute Time Limit: Inspire Pro Heavyweight Championship: ” The Pinfall Wizard” Steve O Reno(c) vs Lio Rush: At least one fan came up to me and said they felt this would be a real life Rocky with Steve still being the huge underdog against Lio Rush. My usual prediction guy R.K. even said this is the match he had been looking forward to all month from all of the matches from ACW, Inspire Pro, even WrestleCircus!

This match had everything. They started out mat wrestling and a series of chain wrestling moves to feel each other out. No one really getting the upper hand but the wrestling was GREAT. They reversed each other over and over, moving to some high flying and BRUTAL kicks to the chest, face, and back. They battled inside and outside. They did it all and it was brutal as hell, both men had several close pins and you could see how frustrated and angry they were getting. Steve managed to hit a major clothesline and a slam to get the pin and retain the belt. Winner and still Champ: Steve O Reno the Pinfall Wizard. I will give this one the match of the night for me. While Keith and Sammy was close I enjoyed more about this match.

Lio Rush left the ring to allow Steve to bask in the win but while Steve has his back turned The Heavy Hearts came out. They beat down a very tired and beat up Steve, giving him a message but the crowd booed so loud you couldn’t hear what they had to say. 

Twin Dragon Connection Tag Team Title Match: DVD(Davey Vega and Delilah Doom)(c) vs The Worlds Cutest Tag Team(Joey Ryan and Candice LaRae): While we have seen Joey several times and the WCTT had been booked before, this is the first time they have made it together at Inspire Pro I believe. This was Delilah Doom’s birthday weekend and the first time that Vega and Doom tagged together.  Vega refused to face the Penis of Power but also called Doom a disappointment and outright refused to tag her in. It did not matter if he was winning or getting beat down he just would not tag. But even he can not last forever and finally had to give in.

Doom managed to get in the match only to have to face off with the Joey Ryan Penis of Power first thing while Candice kept Vega busy. Vega did try to pull on Doom’s other arm and free her but it was too powerful. Joey followed this up with a boobplex and after Vega was taken out WCTT double teamed Doom who just barely managed to roll Joey into a pin to win. Winner DVD and still champ. Vega told her not bad.

Pure Prestige Championship: “Limitless” Keith Lee(c) vs “The Best Ever” Sammy Guevara: Just a quick recap, this match was set up by Biss and was meant for Keith Lee to “solve” the issue that is Sammy Guevara who, while he had a pretty even win/loss record at the start, had been on a roll lately beating just about everyone. But so had Keith Lee to be fair, and at ACW several of us were talking about this and called that Keith Lee would lose, even guessing that on the 2nd or 3rd Spirit Bomb that Sammy would use the bounce to go back up and hurricanrana to win. We were wrong about that but we were right that Keith Lee would lose as he had been losing to people half his size just about everywhere else. 

This had a one hour time limit, we found out Keith Lee has been champ for 798 days! Both men opened with a series of kicks, sweeps, and attacks with lots of dodging and no one really landed a solid hit.  Sammy used his speed but I think was surprised by how quick Keith Lee was and of course the ring could not contain them. After a drop kick by Sammy that did nothing, they battled around the outside leading to some bleachers they have set up. Sammy superman punches Keith to throw him off balance and jumps on the bleachers to run at Keith.

Keith catches him and BOMBS him onto the bleachers hard. Sammy hits and rolls to the floor just withering in pain. Keith picks up the bleachers but is told to put them down. Keith heads back to the ring and a 19 out of 20 counts is done with Sammy getting up and diving back in the ring RIGHT at 19!  They battle longer, Overall Sammy gets hit with 3 or 4 Spirit Bombs and even one where Keith Lee takes the power of the crowd but Sammy kicks out. Sammy comes back with a whole series of kicks and high flying high spots including one that he hits off the top rope onto Keith Lee on the ground and gets the Pin!!!!! Winner and NEW PURE PRESTIGE CHAMP: Sammy Guevara.

Sammy demands that Biss come out and put the belt on Sammy. He does so but I think it is on upside down.  Not a great night for The New Movement….But a great night of matches.

Inspire Pro returns July 2nd and we know that Delilah Doom will be putting the XX Division Title on the line against the one and only THUNDER ROSA!! Also the semi-finals of the Lawless Darkness tournament.




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