ACW: Nothing is as Real as a Dream 2017 Wrestling Prom recap


Welcome to our 1970’s wrestling prom hosted by the returning Infamous Shawn Vexx who wore a green 70’s leisure suit and a stlyin’ afro to host the show. But to start with we had voting for the prom king and queen at the merch table and then the pre-show. Let us take at look at what the pre-show gave us.

(First: the only predictions I got tonight were one by my normal source R.K. who said if Allie Kat wins her evening gown match tonight he feels she will win the Queen of Queens. Sam, a long time fan, predicts that Christi Jaynes will win the Queen of Queens.)


Frisco Flair vs “Big Time” Reggie Lincoln: I have never seen Frisco before but he had a Prince look and feel. All purple and flamboyant even throwing off Reggie Lincoln who came out in his normal attire but that fit the 70’s perfect. Reggie went to shake hands and Frisco kissed it instead. Frisco kept Reggie off balance and uncomfortable with suggestive holds and submission moves but Reggie managed to turn the table and get the win. W: “Big Time” Reggie Lincoln by Submission

Insane and T-Ray vs Strong Style(Ruthless Lala and Tony Strong): I was glad to see Strong Style back in force and while I had never seen either of the other two wrestlers, Insane had a huge crowd there for him. T-Ray was introduced as the best-kept secret in Texas and while he was not given much time he was impressive. At first, T would not hit Ruthless (saying he couldn’t hit a woman) but after she attacked him he went nuts: he hit a clothesline, a slam, a leg drop and tried for a pin but she kicked out. Tony and Insane went at it for awhile and even double teamed Insane going for a pin but T saved him. Lala got the pin on T though. W: Strong Style by pinfall

Infamous Shawn Vexx came out as host to introduce the end of the preshow and start The Prom.

6-Way Scramble Match: Mad Tigre vs Wade Olsen w/ Angel Blue vs JG Carver vs Classico vs Tyler Jett vs DG Taylor: The match almost started without DG Taylor as Eric started introducing the others but DG’s music hit and he came out saying I hope y’all didn’t forget about me. The match was fast paced with Mad Tigre and Classico focusing on each other most of the match, even going under the ring and coming back out with each other’s masks on! Tyler Jett was the first to get a pin, taking out DG Taylor.

Wade Olsen followed that up by pinning Tyler Jett but Olsen was taken down by Classico and JG with Classico being thrown on top of Olsen and pinned by JG using his foot but after Olsen rolled him off Classico was pinned by Mad Tigre leaving just him and JG. Mad Tigre hit some quick moves over the bigger JG and got the final pin. W: Mad Tigre

Jeff Gant came out next himself Dan The Manager. Dan did all the talking, at first calling out Curt Stallion whose music hit but he didn’t come out but Thomas Munos did and Dan mocked him about winning the Prom King twice but not much else in the win column.

Jeff Gant w/Dan the Manager vs Thomas Munos:  A match that pretty quick due to all the help Jeff got from Dan, the numbers were against Thomas from the start and there was not much he could do.  He got off some moves and did his best but sadly it was not enough to beat both men and Jeff got the win. This lead to Thomas being torn apart by Dan the Manager who called him a joke and that he shouldn’t be in the ring and more, it was pretty rough. W: Jeff Gant by Pinfall

Dylan Divine vs Johnny Swole:  Weirdly enough Divine came out friendly here, shaking hands and smiling to the fans. This match was to give us a number one contender for the U30 title. Lots of jokes here by the crowd and wrestlers about working out and so forth. Divine reminding Swole they are friends no matter what. Swole using his strength to great advantage but Dylan gets him into a quick backslide and gets the pin, which he admitted might have been DIVINE intervention! W: New #1 contender for U30 title Dylan Divine.

Mr. B vs Marcus Rose: This was supposed to be Mr. B vs Kash but Kash couldn’t be here, Mr. B pointed out that he and Axxle were supposed to team up recently and Axxle was a no show so Mr. B was letting ACW know he was on his own and was going to go through the whole roster if he had to and get the gold. The rain was coming down hard by this point and Marcus Rose wouldn’t get in the ring. He had himself introduced in like 6 different ways from the annoying one to having had unsafe sex with Christi Jaynes??? When Marcus got in the ring, Mr. B super kicked him and got the pin! W: Mr. B by Pinfall

Marcus tried to attack Mr. B after the match by slipped and fell in the wet ring. This lead to a four way match with Dan the Man returning.

Graham Bell W/Dan the Manager vs Kyle Hammer vs Ethan Price  vs Alexander Rudolph: This was a match not listed in the pre show but was a lot of fun. . One was dressed as something out of a 1970’s college film so that was fun. Alex wanted the match started so he stopped the normal introductions, and Graham Bell fought with an umbrella for part of it.  Alex pinned Kyle taking him out, followed quickly by Graham pinning Ethan leaving Bell vs Rudolph but Rudolph pulled out the win and Dan the Manager was super sad. W: Alex Rudolph

The Living Proof Jastin Taylor vs Scotty Santiago:  This was Scotty vs Aaron Solow but as things do, this one changed. I have never seen or heard of Jastin Taylor, nor had any of the 4 or 5 people I asked but he was impressive. We got the more fun Scotty but even when not brutal, Scotty is damn good in the ring. Jastin held his own the whole match, it was the unexpected good match of the night for me. I really hope we see lots more of The Living Proof, they even started out slow, trading holds and submission holds and reversals. This lead to a series of back and forth almost pins before Scotty got the upper hand and the win. W: Scotty Santiago by pinfall. They shook hands afterwords.

Sky De Lacrimosa vs Junior Garza:  Junior returned at the the last show. He is from early in the years of ACW and says he is back to clear or deal with all of his ghosts. Not sure who all that means but he is starting with Sky and Shawn Vexx. But before the match could start, JC Bravo of the Smurfs came out and attacked him saying he was a ghost from his past as well, then Vexx attacked him taking him out before the match even got going. Junior managed to kick out of the pin attempt even after all that. Sky and Junior beat each other with Kendo sticks wrapped in barb wire and a cross covered in the same, it was brutal but JC Bravo showed up again and spit blue mist in Juniors face allowing Sky to get Junior in a submission hold using his crown of barb wire. W: Sky by submission

We had intermission due to there being pieces of things everywhere.

ACW TV Title Match: Ricky Starks vs Kody Lane:  I didn’t get back to ringside in time to see this match sadly but I heard it was intense. W: Ricky Starks and still TV champ.

ACW Joshi Championship Match: “Hardcore Princess” Jewells Malone vs Angel Blue(c): While the match was good I was hoping for more hardcore stuff to be done to Angel Blue. There was lots of chair shots and fighting outside the ring to be fair. The match was fine and fun but for me, part of it is taken away but no fault of Malone really, I just knew that Angel would not lose the belt, next month is the first time I think we have a chance at a new champion. Angel got the win after using an eye rack. W: Angel Blue by pinfall and still Joshi Champ. Jewells did get a please come back chant though.

Dressed to Kill vs The Hooligans: This was a fun match, even with Dressed to Kill involved. They battled both in and out of the ring, then put four chairs in the center of the ring and all sat down  to trade punches to the face, A staple of a Hooligans match until Dapper Donny went out of order then was knocked out followed by Dunbar knocking out one of the Hooligans. This lead to Dunbar and a Hooligan trading blows in the chairs. But soon it got going again and The Hooligans pulled out the win! W: Hooligans by pinning Donny Brookes

Next up they told us who won the prom king and queen but before they could, Thomas Munos came out to accept the award for the third time. When Eric told him that it was not him you could see Munos deflate. You felt bad for the guy, it was then told to us that Ricky Starks had won Prom King.

He came out to bash Thomas saying that he only won the last two years due to his girlfriend working the merch table, that no one would vote for Thomas when Ricky was there. Ricky said that the only one paying his bills now was Al from WrestleCircus and he would be glad to leave this dump(meaning ACW) and said that whoever won prom queen better be good looking as he stood there in his Brazzers shirt. The Prom Queen? Allie Kat!!!!

Evening Gown Match: Allie Kat vs Christi Jaynes: They have done this at previous proms, making them pure ACW. This maybe the first time it was not full on evening gowns but we had a few people near us ruining part of it by yelling sexist and ignorant remarks about talking it all off and get them naked…sigh…it never changes and it takes away a lot of the fun for many and it really gets to my wife Shana.  The match was brutal and Allie Kat was getting upset saying she could not get the dress off over Christi’s boobs, her words, they were too big and she couldn’t get it done.  But she never gave up and redoubled her efforts finally getting the better of Christi. W: Allie Kat

ACW Hardcore and Heavyweight Title Match: J-Cres vs ?:  J-Cres was due to face MASADA but he couldn’t be here so J Cres issued a challenge: a Worth the Watch challenge. A clever play on words! He said hewould put the titles and his special watch on the line for whoever answered the call from the back.  So who felt they were strong or crazy enough to take on J Cres? Jason Silver! A hell of a match followed. Almost all of the chairs in the venue were used in the match. They had a huge pile of them and Jason slammed J onto them but it wasn’t enough to beat him. J Cres managed to turn the tables putting Jason on the chairs hard and getting the win. W: J-Cres by pinfall: So still Champion and owner of his watch.

This was a fun show, some changes but other then really wanting to see Mr. B vs Kash it was not a big deal. Jastin Taylor was damn good and we saw a few others who I hope we see more of like T-Ray and Jewells Malone.  Join ACW on June 18th for Queen of Queens!!!!



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