Inspire Pro Presents License to Death Wish preview


Inspire Pro returns on May 28th, 2017 at Austin Sports Center with License to Death Wish and oh boy do we have a ton to go over.

I have no idea of the order, I am going off the poster as I can not find the normal breakdown and look at the show. So  me just list out the matches first then I will break them down.

J Crown #1 contender match: Allie Kat vs Ivory Robyn

“Showtime” Matthew Palmer vs Terrale Tempo

J Crown Title Match: J.C. Res vs Maximus

Twin Dragon Connection Championship Match: Contraversy(Davey Vega/Delilah Doom)(c) vs World’s Cutest Tag Team(Joey Ryan/Candice LaRae)

Inspire Pro Heavyweight Title Match: Lio-Rush vs Steve O Reno(c)

Pure Prestige Title Match: Sammy Guevara vs Keith Lee


Gary Jay vs Alex Reigns, Mat Fitchett vs Andy Dalton, No Mercy Gauntlet Match: The Heavy Hearts vs Mr. B vs The Great Depression vs Gannicus

With the return of the J Crown we have two matches related to it on this show alone!  First up is a number one contender match for the J Crown with Allie Kat taking on Ivory Robyn. Both have been making names for themselves, Allie from California to Texas and Ivory having only made her Inspire debut a few months ago has already had a title shot and now gets a chance to fight for J Crown. Inspired Guess? I think Allie Kat will claw her way to the top of this one.  

Will 2017 be the year of Serious?

Meanwhile the J Crown itself will be on the line with the current Crown wearing himself J.C Res who is against humor or jokes in Wrestling. It should be super serious you guys. He is taking on Maximus one on one, though Maximus is usually part of a tag team. How will he fair by himself? Will his unique look and attitude set of J. C.’s hatred of having a good time? Inspired Guess? J.C. Res is on a roll and spreading a message, I believe he will hang on to the J Crown for a bit longer.

“Showtime”  Palmer, who seems to have taken the name of a fellow wrestler, will be facing down the man ACH just walked away from on the last Inspire show. Terrale Tempo has grown in leaps and bounds in a short time and got a shot at ACH last show but the match ended when ACH decided he was better then the show, the match, and Tempo. But if there is anyone who has the amount of talent as ACH it is Matthew Palmer.

Tempo came VERY close to beating ACH, they even ran out of time and got a few extra moments. But while the level of Talent is pretty equal, Palmer is another story. He can go from friendly, posing smiling centerfold to Axe Wielding, focused on destruction, willing to burn friends alive at the drop of a kick. This should be a hell of a fight. Inspired Guess? I have NO IDEA but I REALLY am looking forward to this match!

Twin Dragon Connection titles are on the line. It is the first time for Delilah Doom and Davey Vega to team up as Contraversy, Which is a name Doom is trying to get changed, but for now it sticks. They will be fighting the Worlds Cutest Tag Team of Joey Ryan and Candice LaRae. This should be a wild and fun match. We have the heart of Davey Vega, the shopping and never say die attitude of Doom, The Sleeze of Joey Ryan, and the talent and awesomeness of Candice LaRae. Inspired Guess? Tough call. I don’t believe that Contraversy will be loosing the belt just yet as Doom is new to the team and it is just starting its own path. But this will be a tough team to overcome.


Inspire Pro Heavyweight Title Match has Steve O Reno, the current champion, taking on Lio Rush. I don’t believe this one needs any more build up then the two names with the added goal of winning the Heavyweight Title. Nuff Said. Inspired Guess? Steve BARELY pulls out the win. 


Ok, so next up we have a match that has been building for quite some time, if you include the time off while Inspire Pro found a new venue. This has been building and building so let me cover a bit of it for anyone who may have missed it. Bear with me as this will be a bit longer then my usual match coverage but important I believe.  Keith Lee made a huge Inspire Debut early on by hammering on a large metal recieving door and getting involved in a match. Since then he has been a force of nature taking on everyone from Chikara’s best to Thomas Shire to Andy Dalton to Angelus Layne and even a champion vs champion match with Ricky Starks. He comes out the winner pretty much everytime, he has been close to unstoppable in Inspire and beyond.

As for Sammy Guevara…whew he is similar in many ways story wise. He has very few losses under his belt and is a force of his own in Inspire Pro. He was on a major roll when some things were said and done that forced him away for some time but he came back as cocky and arrogant as ever but more mature. Though he had not forgotten what had been done and attacked Biss and others both verbally and physically which came to a head months ago as Biss finally had enough and told the Limitless Keith Lee that he would be fighting The Best Ever Sammy Guevara and he wanted Keith to destroy him. Sammy has faced and beaten such people as Steve O Reno, Lince Dorado and Matt Cross in a triple threat, and Ray “Death” Rowe.

Sammy came out at the end of last show and sneaked attacked Keith Lee after his match. Super kicking him right in the ring. I have NO doubt Keith Lee is less then happy with that and I can’t wait to see Keith get his hands on Sammy.  Sammy is fast and strikes like a cobra and hits some amazing moves off the ropes and turnbuckles but Keith is not a easy man to knock down and he has the strength of something like 3 or 4 Sammy’s.  Inspired Guess? Keith Lee but just as likely a time runs out as Sammy and Keith can take a huge amount of punishment and Sammy would do well to just hit and run with Keith Lee.


This next part is a bit strange, there is something coming to Inspire Pro…something hinted out and rumors here and there. A Lawless Darkness. But as to what it is or what it means, we will all have to wait to find out but let us take at look at who is getting the first chances to get at or to or with the Lawless Darkness.

Mat Fitchett RETURNS! He will be batting ANDY DALTON! This should be a fun match, It is one I have never seen and both men are great at what they do. I am looking forward to this match up.

Alex Reigns has been away for some time and he comes back as a single fighter again, don’t know if he and Moonshine still tag or if he and Dell are friendly but for now he is taking on a man who is LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG overdue with his return. The one, the only(thank goodness), the man who sometimes brings his mother. GARY JAY.

Finally there is a No Mercy Gauntlet featuring The Heavy Hearts, a tag team introduced last show, Gannicus, The Great Depression, and Mr. B. Not sure if others will be in the match or what it will involve but it should be quite a mash up of styles and types. 

May 28th, 2017 Doors at 5:30 pm at Austin Sports Center. 425 Woodward St. 



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