ACW Presents Nothing is as real as a Dream 2017, Ya Dig?


Hey, all you Cool Cats and Hep Dolls, it is time again for ACW to put on its rad annual Prom show and you don’t want to miss this one as that would be a bummer! There is a lot happening at this prom, it will be far out so let us take at look at it together guys and gals.

So just what is the skinny on this show? The Infamous Shawn Vexx will be returning to the land of Anarchy to play host for this far out night, you know. There are several championships on the line and even some number one contender matches for Vexx to get us through. What are the matches you ask? Good thing you did!

Jeff Gant vs Thomas Munoz:  Both former referees and one former prom king will collide in the ring for respect and perhaps to help Munoz maybe win prom king again? Both of these cats are up and coming young guys out to prove themselves. Gant has a bit more experience under his belt but Munoz can be difficult to predict as he has fun in the ring. Anarchy moment: Will Gant’s group get involved and if so will it turn the tide? Prediction: Jeff Gant as he is sneaky and underhanded you know!

Killah Kash vs “Chi-Towns Finest” Mr. B: 

Both vets and long time Anarchy mainstays who have fought each other many times in tag team form. This is the first time for me to see them battle one on one you know. This will truly be out of sight as two of my favorites collide. They both know all the tricks and each has their strengths: Kash is hard to hurt and strong as hell, you know! Mr. B is tricky and can fly when he needs to and has faced all kinds from Scotty Santiago to Charlie Haas. Anarchy Moment: Both men can be brutal and have partners, also Mr. B is thinking about going into politics so he will be crafty and tricky. Prediction: Whew! I have no idea, but I just can’t wait to see this match.

#1 Contenders match for the Young Guns Championship: Johnny Swole vs Dillion Divine: This match has two even younger cats going at it for the chance to become the number one contender for the Young Guns championship, do you dig it?  Dillion Divine is a tricky guy who is hard to predict and willing to bend the rules to win but Johnny Swole is a talented and strong man who is hard to beat, you know. Anarchy Moment: Will the current champ get involved? It depends on if he has one he would rather face. Prediction: Johnny Swole as it is beyond time.

Tag Team Championship Match: Dressed To Kill(Dylan Dunbar/Donnie Brooks)(c) vs The Hooligans: The bummer here is that the Jive Turkeys Dressed to Kill are back and champions for some reason. They are taking on some far out guys in The Hooligans, you know. The Hooligans are tough as hell and hard to pin but Dressed to Kill are MORE than willing to lie, cheat, and steal to win and keep the belts. Anarchy Moment: The Hooligans manager may play a part and Dressed to Kill has a ton of people who would love to see them lose. Prediction: Sadly I feel Dressed to Kill will keep the belt as they are regulars again and just recently won it. It would be far out if the Hooligans pulled the upset though!

Evening Gown Match: Allie Kat vs Christi Jaynes: These are always fun, I know they are not everyone’s bag but Anarchy makes them fun and these two are already both a lot of fun in the ring AND have the talent to back it up. At a prom show this is the type of match you expect to earn the bread, you know. Anarchy Moment: Really much of this depends on the dresses they pick. Prediction: Tough Call but any kind of Kat is more likely to tear away clothes or shred them faster so Allie Kat may have an advantage. Should be out of sight, you know.





#1 contenders match for the ACW Television Title: Graham Bell vs Jason Silver:  Both of these men are tough, but I give the edge to Silver in that group, though I have seen Graham pull out wins from nowhere. Both of these men can dish it out but both are also hard to pin or submit and with the prize being a shot at the Television title, be it around the waist of Ricky Starks or Kody Lane, you know. Graham, if he is smart, will be prepared for the fact that Jason will put himself in harm’s way to cause damage. Anarchy Moment: Just watch Jason Silver. Prediction: Jason Silver 

ACW Television Match: “Absolute” Ricky Starks(c) vs Kody Lane: That young up and coming cat Kody Lane is striving to prove he has all the tools and skills to bring his rep to the max. He gets a shot at gold against one of the best out there in Ricky Starks, you know. He is the champion and for good reason. This match should be one far out brawl. Anarchy Moment: Ricky has a partner who is here but in another match but could he get involved? Prediction: I am going out on a limb and going to give the win to Kody Lane as the young hip up and comer, you know. 

Anarchy Deathmatch: Junior Garza vs Sky De Lacrimosa:  Garza returned last show out of nowhere and cost Sky his match. It was far out but now Sky wants revenge and has issued a deathmatch challenge and this will get heavy. Death Matches don’t happen as often as they used to which means they are treated like they deserve to be treated and it can get brutal to the max, you know. Anarchy Moment: IT IS  DEATHMATCH you know. Prediction: Sky, as he really wanted this.

First Time Match: Scotty Santiago vs Aaron Solow: 

Now, this is a match that could end up all over the pad at Mohawk. Both of these guys are out of sight and this kind of match is my bag, baby.  Scotty has gotten more intense and even brutal over the last few months, you know. Aaron Solow is damn amazing in the ring. This will be a battle to the max and no matter who wins both men will know they were in a fight. Anarchy Moment: Again, Solow has a partner here that may affect things. Prediction: Tough call again and I think that Solow will pull out the win here but he will have to give it his all.

ACW Joshi Championship Match: Angel Blue(c) vs “The Hardcore Princess” Jewells Malone:  The Jive Turkey that is the Joshi Champion, Angel Blue will be taking on Jewells Malone who I don’t know much about but I would guess by her name that hardcore is HER bag and I hope she manages to put Angel to the test. While I know many will enjoy this match, it won’t be my favorite match, but I am glad others get what they enjoy. Biggest bummer of the whole thing is there is a 99 percent Angel Blue wins this again. I only really what to see what Malone brings to the ring you know. Anarchy Moment: I have no idea, I guess how Hardcore is the Hardcore Princess. Prediction: Really I don’t know if Prediction is the right word. Angel Blue wins or IF she loses it is a DQ and she keeps the belt.

ACW Heavyweight and Hardcore Titles: J Cres(Jojo Bravo)(c) vs MASADA: With MASADA involved you can start out saying that’s sick for this match. MASADA is bread baby and this match will be out of sight. J Cres has proven that comedy is not his bag and MASADA has no real use for it either so both men will be serious to the max you know.  I have no doubt this match will go all over, the skinny is that these men are both hard to contain you know.

MASADA is no stranger to either of these belts and this could go either way. But J Cres only recently got them back and it would be a bummer for him if he lost them so soon. Anarchy Moment: The Whole Thing really. Prediction: While MASADA is tough as hell, J Cres in on a roll and I think he will keep them tonight but either one winning would not surprise me. May the Force be With Them you know.

So that is it for the matches, you don’t want to miss this prom. Don’t be a square or a jive turkey!  Remember the whole thing is hosted by the Infamous One you know. SWEET CHRISTMAS! The matches are all pretty damn good and it is a lot of fun.


The Infamous Shawn Vexx

The Mohawk with Doors at 5:30pm. Be there!



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