TCW and H.O.T.: Collision Course Preview


***UPDATE*** Due to weather concerns, the show has been moved to the Killeen Army National Guard Armory. The address to the venue is 3101 South W S Young Drive, Killeen, TX 76542

This is the first of two shows for the month of May for TCW. They are teaming up with H.O.T. once again and this show is one week before Wrestle Warz 9. Collision Course could affect that show, in fact, it will affect it in some ways. So let’s see what the two promotions have up their sleeves for this show and how it will affect Wrestle Warz.

Banjo Billy will be bringing his open challenge to this show, this show is in a bar so who knows what could happen or who will answer the call. Calling out fights in bars are never a good thing.

I am coming for you all Hate Cryme

“Hate Cryme member” Nasty Nate vs Hooligan Ace: Hooligan Ace is a former member of Hate Cryme and now part of SKWAUD. Both of the groups have been attacking each other and will face off at Wrestle Warz 9. For now, one member from each team will square off. Whoever wins here could give their team an advantage at Wrestle Warz.

Lightning Division Championship Qualifying Match: Davon Omni vs Corazon De Dragon:

Will he get a shot at the Lightning Title and will a man named Dragon change that to a fire title?

 This match will directly affect Wrestle Warz 9. Whoever wins this will battle Sammy Haggard, who stole the Lightning Championship at the last TCW show.  That somehow makes him the champion and will defend it at Wrestle Warz against one of these two men.

Donnie Giovanni vs Mike Freska: Donnie has been on a roll and is a huge fan favorite but now he takes on Mike Freska, who I don’t know much about. Still, Donnie is a fun guy in the ring and I always look forward to his matches.

H.O.T.  vs TCW Match: Hate Cryme vs Arrow Club: I don’t think I have seen these two team battles before. Both have HUGE EGOS and this should be a hell of a match. Both teams are quick and use speed to their advantage, neither team is above “bending” the rules to get the win. A win for Hate Cryme is something they can carry on to WrestleWarz. A loss could hurt them at that show a week from this show.

TCW TV Title Match: Tyler Jett(c) vs Ruthless Lala: Tyler Jett has called out his brother for Wrestle Warz 9 and got him by using the belt as bait. While Taylor has accepted, that could change here. If Ruthless Lala wins here, she gets the belt and that could change a lot about Wrestle Warz. Even if Tyler wins, a match with Ruthless leaves you feeling it, and he will have only a week to recover before facing a man who knows him better than anyone: his own brother!

Prince Simms vs Sky de Lacrimosa: Both of these men are focus driven guys. I can’t wait to see them clash and you should be eager to see it as well. Sky is the more intense of the two but don’t bet against either man. This should be a solid match.

Recently confirmed, A TCW Heavyweight Title match!

TCW Heavyweight Championship Match: Jack Jameson(c) vs Tony Strong: Jack will have his hands full with this one. Tony Strong is a long-time member of TCW and of wrestling in general. He is strong and sure of himself. Jack seems to have only become sure of himself recently and is on a hot streak, having won the TCW title recently. This is his first big challenge and it is a doozy. Tony has not had much luck lately and a win PLUS a title would be just what he needs.  Also, how would that affect the match at Wrestle Warz? If Tony wins does he face Jack’s opponent there or will Jack and his former partner still face off as a number one contender match for a shot at the title?

There are at least 2 more matches that are a surprise and may be even affected by who wins or loses previous matches. What will they be? Who will be in them? The BEST way to find out is to come to the show. Also, it is the build up to the big show, Wrestle Warz 9 on May 28th.

The Show is Saturday, May 20th, 2017 at 7 pm. Doors at 6 pm. Due to weather concerns, the show has been moved to the Killeen Army National Guard Armory. The address to the venue is 3101 South W S Young Drive, Killeen, TX 76542. Thanks to John Lichorobiec for providing the update.

Special Thank you to the sponsors of the show, O’Malley’s Club, America’s Heroes Comics and Games, Days Inn, Hawthorn Suites  

Look for a preview of Wrestle Warz 9 coming soon on Heel/Face Wrestling!




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