Sabotage and Heel/Face Present: She’s Crafty Part 2: Club vs Society


The Arrow Club vs The Honor Society w/ Machiko


So after the group pictures were all done we got our first match of the night, a six-person intergender match. This had The Arrow Club consisting of Kyle Hawk, Kyote, and Desi Derata all together to battle The Honor Society who are better known in California. This is their first time in Texas and the members include Sir Samurai, Drake Frost, and teaming with them for the first time is Machiko. This was a great match and one of my personal favorites, perhaps the sleeper of the night for me.

The whole thing started with all the members just brawling inside and outside the ring. They went at each other like a drunk family at Thanksgiving and no one was backing down. The referee kept trying to get order and would not start the match officially until only two people were in the ring. By that time they had been fighting for something like 10 minutes. The two starting out turned out to be Desi and Machiko with Machiko being pinned by Desi but she managed to kick out.

Drake Frost was tagged in and kept Desi in the ring and hit her with everything but Desi refused to give up. She got some hits in herself but Frost had the upper hand for most of the match until Desi managed to tag in Kyote, who came in strong. It was a lot of back and forth with the Honor Society not being very honorable double teaming Kyote who eventually was saved by Kyle Hawk.

This was not contained in the ring and everyone went all out. They all showed why they deserved to be here and played fully to their strengths with The Arrow Club using its speed and quick hitting talents to try and offset the strength advantage that The Honor Society had with Samurai and Frost being bigger men who were able to keep control of the match for most of it.

There was a lot more back and forth, all the wrestlers attacking each other, at times all of them being in the ring. All of them gave it their all and it was an amazing match. It came down to Desi and Machiko, where Desi managed to pin Machiko for the win. Machiko was carried off by her team after the match.

WINNER: The Arrow Club by Pinfall

Next up is Shotzi Blackheart vs Kat Green


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