Sabotage and Heel/Face Present She’s Crafty! Part 1: The Talent Show


Hello, again all you wrestling fans be it Texas, California, or all over the world. Recently a company that Shana and I had traveled to California to see for the first time put on their first Texas show and it was AMAZING! It had SO much going on and I am going to try something new here by breaking it down into sections. Pretty much every match will have its own blog so you can read them all or just the matches you are most curious about. There is a full all in one recap done by fellow Heel/Face writer Joseph Montana, so check that out as well.

To start I am going to look at a unique thing to Sabotage and that is the pre-show, which is a talent show, letting the fans see the wrestlers in a new light and giving the wrestlers a chance to shine in other ways by showing off some other skills and talents. The talent show starts out with Desi Derata doing a mix of Native American dance and modern music.

She was in Native American garb and had some fun music, it was super impressive and a lot of fun to watch as she danced inside the ring. It was less intense than the dance she did in California but still very fun.

Phoebe was the next one up and she did a Hula Hoop number and dance routine.  She did it all to a hip hop song but just as she was getting into a rhythm, the boss, Donovan Troi came out and stopped the whole thing saying he had something better and introduced his Queen, Erica Torres.  Thunder Rosa did NOT take lightly to this and Donovan Troi challenged Thunder Rosa to a Queenly Dance off with Erica.  The rules would be that Erica did the move first then Rosa must do the move exactly to win.

Thunder Rosa started out going by the rules and tried to match each of Erica’s elegant dance moves but soon got sick of it and just twerked and did her own dance moves causing Erica and Donovan to leave in a huff. After that Thunder Rosa, being in Texas, decided to sing a Selena song in Spanish but Extra Talented, Ricky Starks, and Aaron Solow came out saying even though Talented is IN their name they were left out of the talent show due to being men.

Extra Talented claim they were here to get equal rights for men in this company. That they were left out and it is time for a men’s revolution. They are not called Extra Talented for nothing. Holidead came out to stand with her sister and both teams traded insults and barbs back and forth. It was pretty funny but it didn’t end the talent show! Sabotage World Champion Delilah Doom came out and did an exercise in the ring and got some fellow wrestlers to join her. Right after was the time for each person who bought a VIP ticket to get their picture in the ring with all the wrestlers, something I have only seen Sabotage do and it was really cool, something I hope they keep up.

Next Up: The Arrow Club vs The Honor Society w/ Machiko


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