Here’s to Fifteen More: RCW Recap


Here’s to Fifteen More: RCW Recap

There are few, make that very few, independent wrestling promotions that can host a 15-year anniversary show. River City Wrestling can, did and what a show it was. Featuring all of your favorite RCW faces, some IMPACTful faces and a legend in Blue, Retama Park once again hosted one hell of a show.

First, I want to start out with a shout out to Alberto del Frito. I went to high school with this guy. New to business and trying to make a name for himself, Frito took a welcome to RCW ass-kicking like a champ and still had a smile on his face afterwards. I wish him all the best and look forward to seeing more of Frito. The first title defense of the night saw champion Skitzkreig (with Boom Boom Brandon Oliver) defending against RCW up-and-comer Xavier Daniels. The man from cellblock D had been on a warpath through the promotion over the last few months, climbing the proverbial ladder and eventually earning this title shot. Daniels would have to fight through both Skitzkreig and Oliver but would eventually come out on top to become the new RCW Phoenix Champion.

RCW Tag Team Champions Paul Titan and Anthony Andrews would reign supreme once again, defeating the grab bag teams of Mr. B and Kyle Hawk as well as Just Willie and Michael Faith. In her first defense as RCW Women’s Champion, Baby D would have to fight off the likes of Paige Turner and Desi Derata. Baby D looks, talked and fought like a champion that night and it’s clear, RCW finally has a women’s champion that fans can get behind. Credit to Desi Derata as well. She made her RCW debut against the champ and looked like a million bucks doing it. She may not have been successful in her first RCW match but I have a feeling it won’t be her last.

In a strange yet fortunate turn of events, RCW Champion Rockstar Spud was not able to attend and defend his title. So RCW did the next best thing and brought in none other than Ethan Carter III to take on the former champion, Jeff Jarrett. In yet ANOTHER turn of events, Boom Boom Brandon Oliver would make this a #1 Contender’s match and apparently side with Double J. Let’s remember it was Oliver who helped cost Jarrett the belt in the first place. All would be for naught though as EC3 fought through both men to become the #1 contender. Fans who have watched Spud and Carter battle on TV could now get the chance to see it live at RCW. For one night only the Hard Bodies, Joey Spector and Dirty Andy Dalton, returned to tag-team action to face off against Officer Rob Love and Ravishing Ryan Oshun. This one was fun. A lot of fun. And again, name me five independent wrestling promotion who can bring back old gimmicks because they have that kind of history. I’ll wait.

The main event truly was one for the ages. Former TNA and Lucha Underground superstar and RCW icon Hernandez took on the living legend himself, Blue Demon Jr. Getting to experience a Blue Demon match in person was a special moment for all in attendance. The mariachi band entrance, the sequined robe…. spectacular. None of that seemed to matter to Hernandez though as the juggernaut marched straight through the Mexican legend.  In the end though, the technical skill and experience of Demon would foil Hernandez’ onslaught and allow him to come out with a victory.

Fifteen years culminated in one night for RCW and what a show it was. Here’s to fifteen more.


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