The Honor Society has their say about Sabotage!


As we talked to their opponents at She’s Crafty, set for tonight, and Machiko who will be partnered  with The Honor Society we figured it was only fair to also speak with The Society itself. They have been very busy and it took awhile to track them down.  I mean one is a Samurai and has to go around doing good deeds and fighting the good fight.

As they didn’t have a lot of time we just asked a few questions of them, and since the show is tonight lets get it going.

H/F: Will this be your first time in Texas?

HS:  Yes this will be our first time wrestling in Texas and we’re excited to see new territories. 

H/F: Your thoughts on your opponents in the Arrow Club?

HS: They’re young and hungry but they don’t know what they’re in for with us. 

H/F: Have you all worked with Machiko before and if not how do you adapt to adding a person to your team?

Photo taken and edited by Joshua Davis.

HS: No, and though we haven’t worked with her before, we’re like bamboo strong and resilient but also flexible. We look to add her strengths to our own and achieve success in our debut in Sabotage Wrestling. 

H/F: A little history on your team for the people who may be unaware of your team.

HS: The Honor Society was established in 2004, we have held countless titles all throughout Northern California. Over the years the Honor Society has many great members including former Evole champion Timothy Thatcher.

This should be an epic clash, The Arrow Club, as The Honor Society pointed out they are young and hungry and always learning but The Honor Society has experience and the fact they have worked together for years. Machiko is returning to a city she has not been back to in awhile as well as looking forward to facing Desi. We also have Samurai vs Native Americans!


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