Mr. B vs Rob Love vs Scoot Robertson Match Preview


Take a moment to think about some of the greatest rivalries in wrestling history. Cena vs Orton. Hogan vs. Savage. The Rock vs Stone Cold. Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels. I could go on for quite a bit more but I’ll leave the rest up to you.

Let me introduce you to a rivalry that has flown under the radar of a nation. A rivalry known to many in Central Texas. 

Mr. B vs Rob Love

To call this one a rivalry is an understatement. There is no love lost between these two. Fans have seen these two go at it at River City Wrestling, it seems like, every chance they can. They can’t seem to stay away from punching each other in the face. Whether it be in one on one matches, tag team turmoils, fatal four ways or even on Heel/Face Wrestling’s RCW preview podcasts, these two never pass up a chance to try and get one over on the other.

Like all great rivalries, this one has had it’s moments that stick in the minds of fans. There’s the time, Mr. B, claims Rob tried to end his career with a brutal pedigree that saw Chi-Town’s Finest stretchered out and end up in the hospital.  The time Mr.B beat Rob for his Phoenix Championship and put what many assumed was the exclamation point on this heated feud.

Hatred always seems to fester and just when we all thought this was over. Chi-Town’s Finest, Mr. B., issued a challenge to Rob Love.

A challenge that has been accepted by Rob Love as seen in the video below. 

Mr. B has gone on record stating he wants this to be a Chicago Street Fight as both men hail from the Windy City. Or as Mr. B states “Rob is from the ‘burbs’, I’m from the streets. The real Windy City!”

Sabotage Management has yet to address this demand but they have thrown a twist into this match making it a three-way battle.

Following an injury to Cherry Ramons, Scoot Robertson was without an opponent. I’m not sure how he feels being thrown into this maelstrom of hate but here he finds himself. Scoot is no stranger to battle, having faced Thunder Rosa at the last Sabotage event. He brings in a winning pedigree, one that will serve him well if he is to navigate the treacherous Chicago night.

Will the hatred for each other blind Mr. B. and Rob Love from the third man in the ring?

Scoot would be wise to use this to his advantage.

Will Sabotage Management allow this to become a Chicago Street Fight?

Only one way to find out. May 13, 2017, Sabotage Wrestling: She’s Crafty. Get you tickets and get in the building! Tickets are available at

-Joseph Montana

As the Sabotage She’s Crafty show has been many months in the making and it is now days away! We have been previewing each match and today we are going to continue that as we take a look at the Mr. B vs Rob Love vs Scoot Robertson (w/Donovon Troi) match. Joseph just gave you some great insight on the match and now I will provide mine as well as get some thoughts from Scoot Robertson.

This was supposed to be two different matches with Mr. B taking on Rob Love and Scoot battling Cherry Ramons, but Cherry is injured and out for several weeks. Scoot was added to the Mr. B/Rob Love match making it a three-way dance. 

Mr. B and Rob Love are already well known in Texas, but Scoot is new to the state and has never fought either Mr. B or Rob Love but that doesn’t bother him one bit. It helps that he has Donovan Troi in his corner, the boss on your side never hurts. Mr. B is a long time vet who wrestlers all over from Texas to Tennessee and many other states and places even running his own promotion at TCW in Killeen, Texas. I know less about Rob Love having only seen him once or twice, he wrestles mostly at RCW in San Antonio. 

This should be a solid matchup. Scoot has his boss to fall back on even if he is not used to the Texas scene. Mr. B knows all the tricks from both the wrestling side and running things so he may be able to outsmart Mr. Troi, but it may distract him enough for Rob Love or Scoot to get the upper hand. On the other hand, Mr. B and Rob Love used to be friends and even worked with each other at RCW until they had a falling out. I spoke to Scoot, but that was when he was due to face Cherry so some of the questions and answers reflect that. You can read what he had to say below.

H/F: Have you scouted your opponents yet?

Scoot: The match has changed, as of last week. Danny is injured, it’s now a three-way with Rob Love and Mr. B, so I haven’t yet.

H/F: You have much in common, young, driven, a large ego, like the color red and come out to the same song. Your thoughts on Cherry?

Scoot: I have not scouted them out yet nor do I feel the need to. I’m not called the special attraction for nothing.

As far as the song I don’t have to worry about it anymore I’ll be coming out to my song on his home turf while he’s sitting at home.

H/F: As your battle is on his home turf do you feel he has any advantage with that? Would you have preferred to battle in California?

Scoot: As far as Rob Love and Mr. B, as far as wrestling on their home turf I feel no pressure at all give me a ring a ref and somebody to hit I’ll put a show on anywhere and everywhere.

H/F: Will this be your first time wrestling in Texas? 

Scoot: This is my first time in Texas.

H/F: Your overall thoughts and opinions on the upcoming match?

Scoot: I’m pretty sure Rob Love and Mr. B are a big deal out there in Texas, but I’m a big deal out here in California. I have no idea how this match will play out the only thing I do know is that the end of it I will be standing with my hand raised and everyone Texas will know my name. There’s a reason I train every day.

-Brandon Roy



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