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Sabotage Wrestling presents She’s Crafty has been many months in the making and it is now days away!

Earlier today I helped preview the triple threat match and featured a small interview I did with Scoot Robertson. Now I am going to give you my conversation I had with Mr. B, another man competing in this triple threat match. 

Mr. B and Rob Love are already well known in Texas, but Scoot is new to the state and has never fought either Mr. B or Rob Love but he is unworried. It helps that he has Donovan Troi in his corner, the boss on your side never hurts. Mr. B is a long time vet who wrestlers all over. Here’s what he had to say to me about this upcoming triple threat match. 

H/F: It will be Scoots first time in Texas which is and has been your stomping ground for awhile, do you think that gives you an advantage?

Mr. B: There is no hometown advantage in wrestling. The only thing is the crowd knows who I am(Rob Love I don’t know), but when you get in that ring it’s a level playing field.

H/F: I don’t know much about Rob Love, have you fought him before and if so your thoughts?

Mr. B: It’s funny you say that you don’t know much about Rob Love #wasteofsperm because most people don’t, lol! Me and Love were cool, we tagged in Memphis, Tennesse at RSWF but in RCW he turned his back on me and stole my RCW Phoenix title, he then tried to end my career by hitting me with his pedigree wrong. Since then my attitude has changed. So this match is very personal for me, and I will hit Rob Love with the Light’s Out, and if Scoot gets in the way I’ll turn his Lights Out too!

H/F: How does preparation change when this went from.a singles match to a triple threat?

Mr. B: Now that it’s a three way, I have to study more. See I know Rob Love aka #wasteofsperm but Scoot I don’t. My workout is the same but my focus is now beating one guy and destroying the other!

H/F: Scoot says he has not bothered to watch any tape of either of you, that he doesn’t need to. Will you scope him out and your opinion of him writing you off so quickly?

Mr. B: Scoot saying he won’t bother watching tape on either me or Rob Love shows me he is too cocky and that will be my advantage. I will watch tape on scoot because one I have no clue who he is and two, because a smart wrestler scouts and knows his opponent. It’s called doing homework. So Scoot word of advice, do your homework and watch tape on me and #wasteofsperm(with Rob Love there may not be much out there)! Scoot the day you under estimated me is when you give me the advantage, because I’m not coming to do tricks, I’m coming to destroy and show the world why I am the “Chi-Towns Finest” and no one does it better!

H/F: Who do you consider the bigger threat in the match?

Mr. B: I’m the biggest threat, because If I let my anger and hatred for Rob Love take over it could be the opening for Scoot or Love to beat me or for me to get myself DQ’d! So I have to stay focused! If I had to pick from those two, I have to say Rob Love is the biggest threat. If he hits that pedigree he is out to hurt the guys and Rob is very sneaky!

This should be a solid match up. Scoot has his boss on his side and is not used to the Texas scene but with his company. Mr. B knows all the tricks from both the wrestling side and running things so he may be able to outsmart Mr. Troi but it may distract him enough for Rob Love or Scoot to get the upper hand. On the other hand Mr. B and Rob Love used to be friends and even worked with each other at RCW until they had a falling out. Which you saw Mr. B speak of when I talked to him. 

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