Arrow Club vs Honor Society & Machiko Match Preveiw


At Sabotage Wrestling, we will have a 6 person Tag Match with The Arrow Club vs Honor Society w/Machiko battling each other.  The Arrow Club consists of Kyle Hawk, Desi Derata, Kyote, while the Honor Society consists of Sir Samurai and Drake Frost. The Honor Society will team with Machiko, who has wrestled in Texas but left for some time. She has continued to wrestle, but I will show you her own words later. 

We don’t get to see the whole Arrow Club together much, but they have worked together several times. Less as a group and more as a tag team. Kyle and Kyote have worked together the most but all of them know each other. While both members of the Honor Society know each other, they have never worked with Machiko, nor she with them and that could make a difference.

Desi is tough as they come and Machiko is fast and has been improving herself and honing her craft, so seeing them square off will be fun. We also have Sir Samurai as part of The Honor Society, so seeing how a Samurai will fare against Native Americans will be entertaining.

I had a chance to speak with Kyle Hawk of the Arrow Club as well as a Machiko and the Honor Society to see what they had to say. Kyle, while he will talk and rant on the mic, does keep it simple when asked to speak.

Kyle Hawk: We are going to show the HS and Machiko that we shouldn’t be underestimated and we shouldn’t be overlooked. We are the real deal and we are fighting for our people and taking back what’s ours. I don’t care who they are or where they are from.. at Sabotage they’re stepping on our reservation. And we are going to put them down… #SAVAGESTYLE

With Machiko, as she has been away from Austin and surrounding areas other than a manager/valet to Teddy Hart at Inspire Pro. I wanted to ask her a series of questions on what she thought and where she has been, so let us take a peek, shall we?

H/F: Let’s start with the obvious, you were moving into more wrestling in Austin and surrounding cities and there was some good and much bad said, it seems to most people you vanished. Did you stop wrestling? Just move out of certain cities? What brought you back? For those who may not know, tell us some places you wrestled and whom, please.

Machiko: Last promotion I wrestled in Austin was for Anarchy, aside from some custom recordings I did for NEFW late last year. I’ve wrestled in DFW areas, Amarillo, Henderson/Carthage areas, Laredo, McAllen, San Antonio and even a bit on the other side of the Mexico border.

As far as bad things being said about me, I’d like to see how hard they work. I’ve been wrestling more outside of Texas than inside it over the last two years. States including Colorado, Florida, California, and New York. I’ve clocked in over 100,000 miles on my car since 2015 traveling all over the country trying to redeem whatever name I may have.

I feel the negativity being spread about me pertains to my personal life, which really shouldn’t be relevant. I’ve wrestled and/or trained with Jesus (Ricardo) Rodriguez, Santana Garrett, Steve Pain, obviously Teddy Hart, Leva Bates, John Morrison, Mickie James, and several other local women.

In the cities that I’ve been in, Last year, I got hurt and took some time off with the exception of maybe 6 matches to heal up and take some time to take care of issues I had at home.

I’ve recouped from it all and this year I’ve clocked in more matches than I have had the last two years alone and I have a lot more great matches I’m looking forward to.

I have a lot of opportunities I have aligned, which soon I’ll be able to take advantage of. In the meantime, I’ve been shaking off the rust from last year’s absence and getting my body in top shape for the opportunities that are to come for me.

H/F: What are your thoughts on The Arrow Club who you and your team will be facing May 13th?

Machiko: As far as the Arrow Club goes, Desi seems to be holding their torch well and I’m anxious to see what she has to bring in the ring with me. 

H/F: Do you have a history with Honor Guard or is this a first-time team up? 

Machiko: I’ve never met or have been with the Honor Society, but I’m excited to be teamed with them as well.

H/F: What does the future hold for you in the wrestling world?

Machiko: I’ve made a lot of connections over time, especially going to Florida for Mania weekend last month. I have the bad habit of comparing my progress with others, but it’s been a great motivator. I’m not too worried about whatever stigma some may have on me here in Texas for it being personal reasons. I’ve worked my ass off the last year or two and the right people have acknowledged it, including God. My future is really bright and no one will shade that for me.



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