Weird City Warfare Match Preview


Keep Austin Weird! A slogan that has echoed in the heads and hearts of Austinites for years. A phrase that has appropriately described the vibe of Texas’ capitol. On May 13th, the weirdness grows. Sabotage Wrestling: She’s Crafty is bringing Weird City Warfare to Bat City and it’s time for Texas to let its weirdness show.

9 women will compete in this match to crown the Number One Contender for the Sabotage Women’s World Title.

Will it be just a cluster of weirdness? It will be weird alright but this is how it works.

Two women start out in the ring. Battling it out. Every three minutes or when someone is eliminated, a new competitor will join the weirdness until only one lady is standing on top of the vanquished to have her hand raised and proclaimed the Number One Contender!

How do eliminations happen?

Is it just like the Royal Rumble?

Is Austin just like every other city in the country? The answer is NO!

Eliminations will occur only by pinfall or submission in the ring! You want battle outside? You better be able to get her back in the ring!

Now for our participants in the Weirdness:

Christi Jaynes: Fresh off her venture with Stardom, Christi is back in her town of Austin and ready to bring the BOOM! POW! to her opponents.

Ruby Raze: The hard-hitting Raze is known for her dominating style. Raze has a Soul Eater in mind for each lady in her way.

Killista Deva: Making her Sabotage debut, Killista is read to show how the Oklahoma girls kick ass.

Kaitlin Diemond: Not a stranger to the Weirdness of Sabotage, Kaitlin knows nothing is as strong as a Diemond.

Phoebe: The rookie is ready to prove just how tough a treat she is. She’s looking to crumble her opponents like cookies.

Allie Kat: Hailing from Austin, Texas. This street-wise local Kat is ready to claw and scratch her way to the #1 Contendership.

Skylar Slice: She calls herself the dominant one and she’s no liar. The other ladies better be ready when this Oklahoma girl enters the fray.

Baby D: The current River City Wrestling Women’s Champion. Baby D is riding some momentum and looking to add more gold to her resume.

Angel Blue: One word to describe Angel Blue, Anarchy. This is one hardcore lady and she is wiling to push the limits to get to the top.

The order of the entrants will be determined at random on the day of the event. Who will come out on top? Will we have a “Shawn Michaels” moment with the first entrant? Just how weird can Weird City Warfare get?

The answer to all these questions plus those unasked can be found on May 13, at Sabotage Wrestling: She’s Crafty in Austin, Texas at the one and only Come and Take It Live.

Get your tickets now and let’s get WEIRD!!!!! Visit for tickets!


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