Delilah Doom vs Erica Torres Preview


A championship means more than just a belt around your waist. We all know this. Delilah Doom knows this. As Sabotage World Champion, Doom has become the face of Sabotage wrestling that fans deserve. She has represented Sabotage across the country and successfully defended her title against the likes of Allie Kat and HyaneYoung. From Texas to California, Doomies everywhere knew their hero was destined for gold. At She’s Crafty in Austin, Texas on May 13th, she will face her toughest test yet.

Standing in the way of Doom walking out champion is a queen. A dark queen. Erica Torres has been hand-selected by Donovan Troi (we’ll speak on him later) to take the throne of Sabotage Wrestling. Torres is a mainstay in Impact Zone Wrestling and has graced Texas with her presence before. As deadly as she is beautiful, Torres possesses all the technical skills needed to defeat Doom and leave Texas as the Sabotage World Champion.

Fans may argue that this is a three-way match as Sabotage General Manager Donovan Troi always seems to find a way to insert himself into the match. Fuming over Doom winning the title to begin with, Troi even went as far as to physically steal the title (which is a crime ladies and gentlemen) and hold it hostage. We here at Heel/Face Wrestling could not stand for that, so we sent in the muscle (i.e. Brian Cervantes) and returned the title to its rightful owner. Another tantrum ensued and long story short, this match is now a Falls Count Anywhere match. No count-outs. No disqualifications. One winner.

It’s clear Troi is tilting the odds in his queen’s favor. Aside from her skill in the ring, Torres has a savage side. A side that has allowed her to ascend to the heights she has. A side that will do anything to win. Anything. Doom has been quite the opposite. A shining beacon of positivity and light, Doom represents everything right with wrestling. Positivity and a Richard Simmons workout tape may help to win a wrestling match but not a fight. If this match goes to the way that Torres and Troi want to take it, the odds will be in the favor of the Queen. Torres has the mean streak need to win a match like this. Does Delilah Doom?

Eric Torres has repeatedly referred to Sabotage fans as peasants who will be made to bow before her. If Donovan Troi gets his way, Delilah Doom will not walk out of She’s Crafty Sabotage World Champion. If Torres gets her way, Doom may not walk out at all. Doomies everywhere must unite in Austin, Texas on May 13th to stop the queen from taking the Sabotage throne.

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