ACW Presents Peace, Love, and Anarchy 2017 PREVIEW


Sadly due to some changes at work, I will not be able to make this show. I am working on changing the changes but in the short term, things may be difficult. But I will still do my best to promote and talk about the shows, even the ones I can’t make it to.

Let’s take a look at what the Anarchy Easter Show brings us for 2017! They take a break during March due to SXSW, so this will be the fallout from GBA in Jan. and the Feb. show. Of course, this is all ANARCHY and the card is subject to change and usually does, it is part of the fun of going to the show. You NEVER know what will happen but there is a list of what we think will happen.

Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion vs Jeff Gant: 

Curt had a fun but short run as the ACW Heavyweight and Hardcore champion up until GBA. He lost the belt back to a former champ in Jojo Bravo, but he is still his loud and ego-driven self. He believes STRONGLY in himself and could care less if you do. Jeff also could care less about the fans and both men are young, but no strangers to the squared circle. Both with Ego’s the size of Texas. This should be a hell of a battle that may turn into an all out fight. The Anarchy factor here? Jeff’s team and manager.

ACW Joshi Title match: “The Megastar” Angel Blue(c) vs Allie Kat: Allie Kat has made quite a name for herself here and in several other places and recently returned from Sabotage in California. Angel Blue is well, Angel Blue. I hope Allie Kat wins but I don’t see Angel dropping the belt anytime soon sadly.  The Anarchy Factors here? What is left of the swarm, mostly Wade Olsen.


Steve O Reno vs “The American Viking” Alexander Rudolph: This is a unique matchup. Steve has faced off with almost all of his foes and detractors. He has more than proven himself and now is moving on to other challenges, which I am glad to see. Alexander is a strong tough dude, he gets the Viking name half due to how he looks, but also due to his strength and endurance. This will be a fun match to watch. The Anarchy Factor? Which Steve we get, focused, intense, almost barbaric Steve or the more fun and flippy Steve and how will it affect the match?

ACH & Kody Lane vs The Lords of Seduction(“Juicy” Cherry Ramons & Dominic Dallas Starr:

Strange teams here with ACH and Kody Lane. How well will they work together? We know that Cherry likes to lead his team and so far Starr has not really fought against that, but if he one day decides to stand up to Ramons, I wonder what will happen. Cherry and Dominic have worked together several times and know each other well. The Anarchy Factor? Two of them, The Lords of Seduction manager, who almost always gets involved and if ACH is going to be the…well jerk he has been at other shows lately. He may even REFUSE to work with Kody Lane.

ACW Television Title Match: “Absolute” Ricky Starks(c) vs “Complex Killer” Jason Silver: While I enjoying seeing all these matches, this is one of the ones I am going to really hate missing. Both these men are amazing and know how to adapt to whoever they are fighting. Jason will push himself to near death to win. Ricky is in a class of his own. This will be a great match. Ricky just recently won the TV title so he wants to hang on to it. The Anarchy Factor? Sky and his hatred of Jason Silver.

Joey Ryan vs Christi Jaynes:

The King of Sleezestyle returns to ACW to face the newest Joshi, Christi Jaynes. Who will get Ryan’s lollipop? Will Jaynes be able to offset the sleeze? Who will the fans cheer for? The Anarchy Factor? Well, Joey Ryans Penis holds of course.


ACW Tag Team Title Match: 2 Bad Motherfuckers(MASADA/Killah Kash)(c) vs The Hole F’N Team(Mr. B/Johnny Axxle): Another match I hate missing. The Holes are back together and in action for the tag team titles no less, but they are up against two very tough guys. MASADA doesn’t need me to speak for him, Kash is a man who has learned to tap into his anger, even control it when needed and unleash on people. The Holes are vets who have worked together for a long time and have seen and done it all between them. The Anarchy Factor? Sadly here it would be real life, Axxle had been taking it easy since a major injury a few months back and you never know what may happen in a wrestling match. 

ACW Heavyweight/Hardcore Title match: Open Challenge: Jojo Bravo is the current champion, having defeated Curt Stallion for the titles, then took on Darin Childs in what would be Childs last match of his career. Jojo has issued an open challenge to anyone to challenge for the belts but who will answer the call? Someone already fighting? A newcomer? One of the old guard? 

Marcus Rose? Carson? Jack Jameson? Ruthless Lala? None of the above? Who knows. The Anarchy Factor? The fact it could be ANYONE that answers the challenge.

 Sunday, April 16, 2017
912 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78701

Doors @ 5:30pm
Bell @ 6:00pm



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