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So it took many years and some fans asking for it, but we finally got the one and only Jojo Bravo to agree to get Pinned Down!  I am glad that we finally got him to agree and he has some unique ways of looking at things.  But you are all here to see what he has to say. Far be it from me to put off what he has to say.


H/F:  What was the toughest thing to give up or sacrifice to be part of the wrestling world?

Jojo: A secondary career can be very hard to pursue seriously in wrestling. A lot of what is considered crucial time for business takes place during wrestling shows or training. You have to devote yourself to it just like anything else. This only speculative though, honestly as I have never considered doing anything else but wrestling.


H/F: Do you think its harder or just equally as hard to get to the big leagues of wrestling as it is say Basketball or Football?

Jojo: I think its equal, but not in the same ways. Its a different skill set involved in all of those things! It’s probably very difficult to be a great musician too!

H/F:  Do you feel that wrestling has more premature or just a surprising number of earlier than expected deaths compared to other sports and does this influence you in any way?

Jojo: No, I don’t think so. People die all the time, whether or not we make note of it is related to their public presence. More people die that are not wrestlers, then ones who are. Do you see what I mean? Its just one type of grouping, it does not imply a correlation. I’m sure I will die some day but maybe not! Maybe I’ll live forever.

H/F: If you had the power to make any gimmick work, no matter how weird or normal it may be, what would it be?

Jojo: Any gimmick can ‘work’ I think. Road-side Native American Style Blanket salesman?? I’d be into it.

H/F:  If you could change anything about the Indy wrestling industry what would it be? What about TNA/WWE?

Jojo: Indies = More Pyro WWE/TNA = More smoke machines other than that, they are mostly fine…

H/F: Once you retire from being in the ring, do you see yourself walking away fully or would you become a manager or commentary or announcer, keep involved in some way or is it once you can’t work in the ring you have no desire to be there?

Jojo: I’m sure I will always be around in some capacity. I’m pretty durable so I think I’ll be able to take bookings forever. I also want to be a mountain man who paints on plates. I’m really serious about this.

H/F: Do you handle crowds differently depending on size?

Jojo: No, and I think that has always been one of my biggest problems. I often treat small crowds as if they are big and intimate to larger crowds instead of ignoring them. Either way, I just try to involve them in some manner. They paid, after all.

H/F: How did you handle going from a no rules wrestling show to a family first show. Do you change a lot about how you handle things and what you say or do you just try and act the same no matter what the show?

Jojo: I do think cursing usually makes the match more cooler. I can’t explain why it just makes sense to me. It seems like the guys are more badass and that they really mean it when they curse before doing moves. I usually don’t do it on account of my voice doesn’t sound tough when I say cuss words. You can’t do that in some places though. So you gotta watch out man. Watch that mouth.

H/F: Was there every a moment when you truly felt you had had enough, that maybe wrestling wasn’t for you? Was it a crowd? Just one guy/gal? A losing streak? Too many broken bones?

Jojo: Not Yet! Knock on wood, right?

H/F: You wrestle at many different promotions, ACW, TCW, Inspire Pro, where else can fans see you and what has each promotions taught you?

Jojo: ST. Louis Anarchy, just finished out its long legacy as a promotion. I had so many of my best matches for that promotion and I emplore you to go and find any of their shows from that last years because they really had a great rosters and incredible cards top to bottom. The ELEV8 pro wrestling promotion in Louisiana is starting to take off, I have some others coming in the future.

Clawed my way to the top!

H/F: What promotions do you feel are breaking down the walls separating Men Wrestling from Women Wrestling and just making it all Wrestling? How do you feel they are doing that?

Jojo: This is an area where I feel the Pro Wrestling as a whole is ahead of the curve in entertainment. The fans were ready for these characters to clash, and promotions had to give it to them. There was an organic desire for those matches, not because they were intergendered matches but because they were just excited for a new match! The fans of wrestling really are the best, they appreciate who we are and not just what we are. As far as promotions I feel like everyone started doing this in just the past few years! I personally have had matches with a lot of female wrestlers, all of whom I consider peers.

H/F: Do you feel tag team wrestling has become a dying style/art?

Jojo: No way, it’s only getting more awesome.

H/F: If you could tag with anyone on the Indy’s who would and be and why? What would you call yourselves?

Jojo: King Kong Bundy and Me should form a team. We would be called the Bing Bong Buddies. I just thought of that right now

H/F: Who has been your toughest opponent so far?

Jojo: Micheal Elgin for sure!!

H/F: You have won titles in many of the promotions you work for, if not all, but what titles have you not gotten that are the first on your list?

Jojo: The WWE Title and The LWA Heritage Title, again.

H/F: Who have you not faced on the Indy’s yet that is at the top of your list to get in the ring with?

Jojo: The Great Khali, Laredo Kid.

H/F: What ever happened to The Business/Focus Group?

Jojo: Well, first we were the business but then we weren’t big enough to maintain that tax status we became an independently owned organization. Big Ricky became the boss after taking over for Chris Trew and he does still maintain that position and there is still a building. As an in-ring faction though, we don’t team anymore.

H/F: If you could give ONE piece of advice to your younger self what would it be?

Jojo: I want to give a advice to my future self who will go back and read this once it goes up: Stop being so vain! Why did you even come back and read this? You’re the one that wrote it. Don’t be so full of yourself.

Bonus Questions:

Do you have a name for your finisher? Samurai Driver, not named by me but by Shiro Koshinaka. I try to honor the names. My real ultimate finisher is an elbow drop, but I don’t do it that often.

PC or Mac? PC are you even serious asking that? I can not believe these MAC people. They should be rounded up.

Waffles or Toast?  Grains are harsh on my digestive system.

What do you like to do? I like to walk around outside, Listen to Audiobooks and make Graphics on my (Personal)Computer. I enjoy watching wrestling.

How do you become such a fan of Sumo Wrestling? I became a fan since I first saw it. It’s very cool and competitive. I love the big slams. I used to get Sumo tapes from Japan when I was in high school.

Submission or High Flying?  Submission all day. You can reverse a flying move into a submission move, but not the other way around. Think about that.

Cats or Dogs?  Remember to neuter or spay either way

Beer or Liquor?  Whatever is free!

Light Side or Dark Side?  Gungan foot soldier.


Favorite Opponent EVER?  Good question! Its EVER so it’s gotta include FUTURE opponents Ricky Starks, Chris Hero, Davey Vega, ACH and El Generico were all great opponents! I want to have a match against Jim Duggan.

While he can be a man of few words when he feels strongly about a topic, whether it is drug use and death in Wrestling or who in Wrestling is ahead of the curve on letting women work, he has some great and well thought out points. But even when he makes it up on the spot, he has some real fun with it.

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I will admit, he is the first to add bonus questions and they work. This lover of Sumo and Wrestling had some extra questions he really wanted people to know the answers to. 


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