TCW Presents: The 2nd Annual Gold Rush Tournament Recap


Heel/Face Wrestling made our return to the TCW for the 2nd annual Gold Rush Tournament.There were several new people and some TCW regulars battling for a chance to win the Gold Rush trophy. The TCW Heavyweight Title was put on the line as well. While I knew less of the people in the Gold Rush, it was still enjoyable. Zach “Baby Hippo” Bradley, the former Just Willie and Ruthless Lala all had 1st round byes. Jeremy Medrano started us off but didn’t get to say much.

Tyler Jett, the TCW TV champion, came out to speak to the crowd. He said that he keeps hearing from wrestlers, promoters, fans and the internet that he doesn’t deserve the belt. Even worse some say the wrong brother won the belt. So while he was here winning the belt from American Eagle, his brother was spreading messages of love or some crap. Jett also told his brother that they would battle for the TCW TV Title.

Next up Sammy Haggard held up the show, taking the mic and demanded a shot at the new TCW Lightning belt. He even sat down and refused to leave the ring amidst chants of CM Punk. Mr. B came out with the new belt and told Haggard he was having a mini tournament at Wrestle Warz 9 for this belt and that if Haggard could beat him now he would jump to the finals but if Mr. B won, Haggard would never get a shot at that title.

Before we get to all of the action, here are the quick results from the night:

Sammy Haggard defeated Mr. B
Scotty Santiago defeated Jack Jameson (Round 1 match up)
Aaron Harmes defeated Shigeyuki Kawahara (Round 1 match up)
Ethan Daniels defeated Pretty Boy (Round 1 match up)
Max Sterling defeated Tony Strong (Round 1 match up)
Muerte defeated Banjo Billy (Banjo Billy Open Challenge)
Scotty Santiago defeated Ethan Daniels & Zach Bradley (Round 2 match up)
Max Sterling defeated Ruthless Lala & Aaron Harmes (Round 2 match up)
Jack Jameson defeated Mikey 13 to become the new TCW Heavyweight Champion
Max Sterling defeated Scotty Santiago to win the 2nd Annual Gold Rush Tournament 

Sammy Haggard vs Mr. B: Pretty solid match. His attitude and respect reminds me of a Mr. B from a few years ago. It is an fun dynamic and I hope they continue to feud. They both gave it their all but neither could get the upper hand. Haggard would hit his finisher for the win

Winner: Sammy Haggard

Mr. B was out and down after the match so Haggard just outright stole the belt and took off with it. This lead to a call for all the workers and wrestlers to come out for a 10 bell salute to a fallen referee, Cole “Papa” Knight. Everyone spoke highly of him and what he brought to the family. Zach Bradley entered the ring and chants of “ba-by hip-po” started while a stuffed hippo was thrown in the ring. Bradley proceeded to have a match with the children’s toy. It was weird.

1st Round Matches: Gold Rush

Scotty Santiago vs Donnie Giovanni: Giovanni was easily the fan favorite here, they even went back and forth standing on turnbuckles allowing for cheers.  Giovanni got way more offense in but Santiago was more brutal then I have ever seen him. He nailed Giovanni with punches, elbows and a kick or two. Santiago would escape with the win after using the ropes during the pin.

Winner and advancing: Scotty Santiago.

Shigeyuki Kawahara vs Aaron Harmes: This was a fun and the match was very entertaining. Kawahara had light up shoes which seemed to annoy Harmes for some reason. Harmes did everything he could to win.

Winner and advancing: Aaron Harmes

Ethan Daniels vs Pretty Boy J w/ Hate Cryme: This was a late card change but Ethan Daniels tag team partner had been knocked out before this match by Hate Cryme. Daniels is growing on me though I have only seen him a few times. Cryme was fun as always but Daniels managed to stay alive facing the entire team. Marcus Rose tried to keep the referee from paying attention while Grimes tried to superkick Daniels. But Daniels ducked and the kick hit Pretty Boy J allowing Daniels to get the pin.

Winner and advancing: Ethan Daniels

Tony Strong vs Max “The Vest” Sterling: Tony Strong had some issues last year and couldn’t make it to the Gold Rush Tournament. He was facing a man I have not seen before but came out dressed like a waiter; black slacks and a button down shirt and a vest. Tony DOMINATED the whole thing, beating down and reversing everything Sterling tried. Strong had Sterling scouted but “the Vest” got a low blow in and then the pin for the win.

Winner and Advancing: Max Sterling

Next up we had the Banjo Billy Open Challenge. Every show the last several months has had Banjo Billy come out and issue an open challenge and someone who you NEVER want to answer a challenge like that comes out and BIlly gets his ass handed too him. This time he had a broken arm or least an arm in the sling. Muerte answered the call this time.

Banjo Billy vs Muerte: Muerte came out and  made short work of Banjo Billy, ripping the sling off and slamming him around. After the pin, Muerte used his noose around Billy’s neck and dragged him around the ring for awhile.

Winner: Muerte

Round 2 of Gold Rush:

Ethan Daniels vs Zach “Baby Hippo” Bradley vs Scotty Santiago: The chants for baby hippo started as soon as Bradley came out. He kept getting upset but soon he focused on the match and told Santiago that he could rest as he already had a tough match. Bradley then turned to Daniels but Daniels was ready and had the upper hand. That is until Santiago joined back in. Santiago and Bradley double teamed Daniels for awhile and kept him down never allowing him a moment to recoup.

Bradley tried to hit Daniels with the trophy but failed. Hate Cryme came out to attack Daniels. All this allowed Santiago to get the win. Hate Cryme beat up on Daniels until Hooligan Ace came out and Skawd  to chase off Hate Cryme.

Winner and Advancing to final: Scotty Santiago

{Skawd(Ethan and Ace) challenge Hate Cryme for their Tag Titles at Wrestlewarz in May.}

Max Sterling vs Ruthless Lala vs Aaron Harmes: Sterling came out in a different shirt saying he has to stay classy. Harmes didn’t believe that Lala should be in the match. That it was a place for real men. While Lala and Harmes argued, Sterling took advantage and attacked Lala. After that both Sterling and Harmes did their best to take out Ruthless Lala.

Lala gave as good as she got though and took down both men, more then once. But they kept attacking her over and over. Finally they turned on each other but Sterling hit first and hardest for a quick pin and win.

Winner and Advancing to the final: Max Sterling

TCW Heavyweight Championship Match- Mikey 13 The Kendo Kid(c) vs Jack Jameson:  Jameson came out and had Bradley and his manager with him but sent them to the back. This confused Bradley but they left and Jameson got ready for his battle.  Jameson held out his hand for Mikey to shake and at first Mikey was unsure. But Jameson said if he won this belt he wanted it to be on the up and up. They shook hands and Mikey controlled the first part of the match, slamming Jameson around.

Later Jameson focused on the wrist: twisting it, stomping on it, hitting the bent elbow to slam wrist into mat. He focused on the wrists, which makes sense being the master of the wristlock. Soon enough he put Mikey in a submission hold and got Mikey to pass out.

Winner and NEW TCW Heavyweight Champion: Jack Jameson

Zack “Baby Hippo” Bradley and manage came out and told Jameson good job but that he needed to stick to the plan. Jameson pushed them away, saying that he wouldn’t. The two almost came to blows before Aaron Harmes came out and tried to break it up. Harmes would then turn on Jameson and attack him. Bradley said that Harmes was Jameson’s replacement. In the end, Jack stood on his own, championship belt on his shoulder.

Final Round of Gold Rush: 

Scotty Santiago vs Max “Vest” Sterling:  Sterling came out as brutal as he has been this whole tournament, but this was Sterling’s best match of the night. By the time it was over, Sterling had lost his vest and shirt as both men just went at each other tooth and nail. No fancy stuff. These two just tore at each other. Finally, Sterling got the upper hand and managed to pin Santiago for the win.

Gold Rush Winner: Max “Vest” Sterling

Stay tuned to Heel/Face Wrestling for more news on the upcoming TCW events on  May 20th and 27th .


  1. Ahem… while I do love my vests I am not called “The Vest.”

    It’s “Classy” Max Sterling. Tsk tsk, incorrect names are not classy


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