Wrestle Circus: SXSWrestleCircus Recap


In only 7 months of existence, WrestleCircus has been able to not only put on phenomenal shows but to garner a growing fanbase worldwide. Their most recent show SXSWrestleCircus was no exception. The roster that WC has put together is one of the strongest around and this show saw a few debuts that only added to the growing juggernaut that has become WrestleCircus.

Before we get this recap started, here are the quick results from every match:

•Quentin Lynch defeated T-Ray

•Allie Kat defeated Kody Lane

•Barrett Brown defeated Terrale Tempo

•Fred Yehi defeated Curt Stallion & Gregory James

•Ricky Starks, Aaron Solow & Andy Dalton defeated The Boys & Jordan Len-X to become the #1 contenders for the Wrestle Circus Tag Team titles & Sideshow title

•Carson defeated Davey Boy Smith Jr. 

•Rachael Ellering retained her Lady of the Ring title after defeating Tessa Blanchard

•Jax Dane defeated Jeff Cobb 

•Jervis Cottonbelly defeated Scorpio Sky & Joey Ryan to retain the Sideshow championship for Reddit

•John Morrison defeated Sammy Guevara

•Broken Matt Hardy defeated Colt Cabana

•Brian Cage retained his Ringmaster title after defeating Matt Riddle

Quentin Lynch defeated T-Ray

In what has become a WC tradition students of AAPW were given the opportunity to showcase their talents in a “pre-show” of sorts. The first match gave us Quentin Lynch facing off against T-Ray. Both of these competitors showed grit and determination with each hitting some big time moves and showcasing their abilities and respective styles. In what seemed like near fall after near fall, it would ultimately be Lynch who got the win. This was a great showcase for AAPW and gave the crowd a great view of up and coming talent.

Allie Kat defeats Cody Lane

Allie Kat has become a crowd favorite at WC and this time we got to see her in an inter-gender match that saw her looking a little outmatched against Cody Lane. Allie is no scaredy kat and faced this challenge with her claws at the ready. Cody Lane showed her zero respect using his power advantage to try and humiliate and taunt Allie. Allie was able to use her catlike agility to stay in the mix against Lane and in the end, her alleycat instincts allowed her to pick up the victory. In a quick thinking maneuver, Allie turned a missed top rope stomp into a wily fake-out, tricking Lane into thinking she missed and getting the roll up win.

Barrett Brown defeated Terrale Tempo

Barrett Brown made his WrestleCircus debut and opened a lot of eyes under the Big Top to what he can do. Giving up both height and power to the bigger Tempo, Brown brought the fight to him and never backed down. The speed that Brown displayed was astonishing and those that had not experienced one of his matches were made aware of his rising talent. With swift kicks and lightning fast moves, Brown stayed ahead of Tempo’s power. Tempo was able to slow Barrett down and get his offense in and just when victory was within his reach, the smaller Barrett used a classic heel roll up and got the victory while grabbing the tights of Tempo. Both of these wrestlers have huge upside and I can’t wait to see them back in the WC ring.

Fred Yehi defeated Curt Stallion and Gregory James

This match featured the debut of Yehi and Stallion and the return to the “Tent” of the “Unholy One”. While both Stallion and James looked impressive and got their offense in, this match was dictated by the frenetic style of Fred Yehi. From the opening bell, Stallion looked to dominate by taking James out with a big kick and then focusing on Yehi. It looked like he would succeed until the tables were turned and Yehi came alive. Gregory James was able to get his high spot in and land a moon sault on Stallion but it wasn’t enough to keep him down. In the end, the energy and strikes of Yehi wore both men down and allowed him to pick up the victory in his debut.

Extra-Talented and Andy Dalton vs. The Boys and Jordan Len-X

This match had huge implications with the victors earning the #1 contender-ship for both the Tag Titles and the Sideshow Championship. Len-X has been on the cusp of achieving the title win only to have it stolen via shenanigans and a certain garbage affiliated villain. Extra-Talented were on the verge of seizing the tag titles at the last event only to run into the Guerrillas of Destiny and fall short. Lots of ground to be made up and momentum to be gathered in this match. Factoring in The Boys and the Dirty one this match was a fun one. It seemed like a back and forth battle with no team able to gain the upper hand and then the unexpected happened. The Boys got a visit from a big-time nemesis in the form of one-half of PBK, Shane Taylor. Taylor rushed to the ring and laid a whooping on The Boys and took their spot as Len-X’s tag team partner. With the one man wrecking crew in his corner, Jordan looked to have victory in his reach until….the “Trashman” showed his grimy face once again. The “Trashman” has shown up at exactly the wrong time for Len-X and this time was no different. Bringing his trademark trash can to the ring, Trashman used it to waylay Len-X while the ref was distracted, allowing Extra-Talented and Dirty Andy Dalton to secure the win and the prize that came with it. Surely there is a blood to be shed between Len-X and The Trashman and we know WrestleCircus will give them their grudge match.

Carson vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Speaking of grudge matches, this match had all the makings of a slobber knocker. As I stated in the pre-show this match was going to be a butt-kicking one way or another and the only mystery was who would be on the receiving end. This feud started at the last WC show when miscommunication or lack there of led to these two being eliminated. Turning on each other this feud would seemingly look to culminate this night. Punch for punch these two enraged combatants engaged each other, neither willing to show weakness or give an inch. They fought from the ring to the floor and each would target the leg of the other in hopes of hobbling their opponent in order to gain an advantage. Carson would resort to tricky and claim that Davey Boy threw powder in his eyes behind the ref’s back leading to the DQ of Smith and the victory. Davey Boy would not let this feud end this way and called on WC management to give him a NO DQ match against Carson at the next WC show.

Rachael Ellering retains against Tessa Blanchard

In a match for the Lady of the Ring Championship, two ladies with wrestling in their blood and the history of the business in their genetics would face off in what many are calling the match of the night. Ellering and Tessa showed why they are considered two of the top competitors on the indie scene. This match lacked zero downtime and the spots were huge. From Rachael splashing Tessa into the chairs to Tessa suicide diving from the stage onto Ellering and the crowd, they had the crowd on their feet the entire time! The chemistry between these two warriors showed and lead to some great moments and wowed the crowd. This match alone would be well worth the price of the VOD. With dueling chants from the crowd, these two brought it all and did not disappoint. In the end Ellering would have her hand raised and retain her title but this one is far from over. Blanchard stated that night and on twitter that she is coming back and she is coming for that title.

Jax Dane defeats Jeff Cobb

Japan has reported feeling the shockwaves that resonated from Austin during this match. These two titans collided in a “Hoss” match which would have been better labeled as a Monster vs Monster match. From the get go it seemed like neither man would be able to gain the upper hand with both trading running shoulder blocks that seemed to have zero effect on each other. Cobb was able to use his speed and athleticism to gain an advantage but the pure power of Dane would catch up to him. I’m sure foundations will need to be checked and I’m surprised Emo’s is still standing after Dane was able to slam Cobb and pick up the victory and bragging rights….at least for now.

Jervis Cottonbelly (rep. Wreddit) retains his Sideshow Championship against Scorpio Sky and Joey Ryan

In what has been a hilariously great leadup to this match, just when we thought we had seen it all, Jervis lost the Sideshow Title to Wreddit (the wrestling forum of Reddit) when he “submitted” to the thread with a WC Ref present. In an outstanding move, the entire thread became Sideshow Champion. Which lead to the question, who will be the Champion for Wreddit and defend their title in the ring? Scorpio Sky and Joey Ryan are both former champs who were hungry to get their title back. Both men came to the ring and called out Wreddit saying they needed to send an actual wrestler to the ring to represent them in this match. In a surprising move, the Gentleman himself, Jervis came out to roaring cheers to defend the honor of Wreddit. Hilarious spot from this match: Joey Ryan goes for the PenisPlex on Jervis who faints due to the sheer crudeness of the move. Jervis would eliminate Scorpio via a schoolboy roll up. Joey not seeing the pin would climb in to pin Sky only for the ref to stop him and try to explain that Scorpio was eliminated. Jervis would use that moment to roll up the distracted “King of Dong Style” and retain the title for himself and the entire Wreddit community.

John Morrison Defeats Sammy Guevara

This match was for the number 1 contender ship for the WC Ringmaster title. We here at HFW
have dubbed Sammy Guevara the “Show Stealer” due to his ability to immediately steal the show no matter who is opponent is. WrestleCircus has dubbed him “Mr. WrestleCircus” for the same reasons. Here was his chance to finally gain what he and many felt he deserved, a shot at the Ringmaster Championship. His opponent would be no pushover and Jon Morrison showed why he is a former Intercontinental Champion in WWE and a former Lucha Underground Champion. This match was the most athletic, flippy, high energy, and other various adjectives combined of the night. Both men pulled out all the stops and hit aerial move after aerial move. The high-flying style of Sammy and the parkour-influenced Morrison seemed to be evenly matched and no clear favorite could be drawn. Morrison would ultimately hit his End of the World on Guevara and picked up the victory and the right to challenge for the Ringmaster Championship.

Broken Matt Hardy defeated Colt Cabana

Is there a hotter commodity on the indie scene than Broken Matt? I think you would be hard pressed to find one. In one of, if not the most, anticipated match of the night the Broken One himself stepped into the ring with Boom Boom Cabana. In only the second meeting between these two stars, the crowd was treated to a fun over the top match. The “Delete” chants seemed to be matched by the “Boom” chants and the crowd was eating up this fight. Huge cheers would be garnered when the “crowd hated” Referee Austin would be sandwiched by Hardy and Cabana. But the surprises weren’t done. In true WrestleCircus fashion, Leva Bates would come to the aid of Hardy, as Sister Nero. In true Bates style, her mannerisms were on point and she played the part of the Brother Hardy great. She delivered a Levaton Bomb to Cabana and much to the crowds delight, climbed the turnbuckle to deliver one to Austin. In true Austin fashion, he disappointed the crowd by moving out of the way causing Sister Nero to miss. Matt Hardy would pick up the win and the “Delete” chants would resonate throughout the venue.

Brian Cage defeats Matt Riddle

Brain Cage has been Ringmaster champion since winning it against Michael Elgin. He has been a true champion and faced every challenge thrown at him. He had perhaps his toughest challenge when the King of Bros, Matt Riddle, stepped to the plate. Debuting in the WrestleCircus ring, Riddle brought his unique MMA inspired move set to the fight and did not disappoint. Not backing down from the bigger, more powerful Cage, The Bro took to the fight to him and it seemed like he caught Cage off guard. At the opening bell, in the course of a hand shake, Riddle tried to apply a submission and gain the quick win. Cage was able to escape but the night was just getting started. Cage would use his power to press Riddle, who in turn would use his quickness and a combination of strikes to stagger the big man. While Cage would finally get the upper hand and gain the win, to say the crowd wasn’t impressed by Riddle would be an understatement. The chants of “Please come back” were all the confirmation Riddle would need that he had made a name for himself in the Tent.


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