Inspire Pro: ECSTASY OF GOLD 4 Preview (4/26/2017)

You DO NOT want to miss this!!!


The RETURN of Inspire Pro! They return for the 4th annual Ecstasy of Gold, but they have moved on from the Red Oak Ballroom to The Austin Sports Center at 425 Woodward in Austin, Texas. I talked about the new location a little in the Inspire Pro Venue blog. So what matches can we look forward to? Who is fighting? What has happened in the meantime?  Check out Inspire Pro’s Website or their Facebook page. They keep great histories and records. Quick look at the card for EOG 4.

  • THREE WAY MATCH: “Ruthless” Ryan Davidson vs. “Juicy” Cherry Ramóns vs. Shigeyuki Kawahara
  • Ivory Robyn vs Kat Green
  • The Great Depression w/ Greg Symonds vs Mr. B
  • The Epileptic Caesars In Action(Maximus and Gannicus) against unknown opponents.
  • The J-Crown Championship: “Dirty” Andy Dalton vs Jojo Bravo
  • Inspire Pro XX Division Championship: Jessica James(C) vs Delilah Doom
  • Street Fight for Inspire Pro Championship: “Mr. Inspire Pro” Steve O Reno(C) vs “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer
  • Terrale Tempo vs ACH
  • Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Championship: “Limitless” Keith Lee(C) vs “The Callihan Death Machine” Sami Caliihan

I am going to try something new for me with Inspire Pro. They do an amazing job talking up their own product and giving the history of what lead to each match both on their facebook pages and their Inspire Pro website. So I am going to forego my usual historical take and go full opinion: MY OPINION. Not Heel/Face’s opinion, not Shana’s, not random fans’ opinions or twitter thoughts. I will share who I think is going to win and maybe why. Who I WANT to win. 

Three Way Match: “Ruthless” Ryan Davidson vs “Juicy” Cherry Ramons vs Shigeyuki Kawahara: I will admit to not knowing a lot about Shigeyuki but I am going for “Juicy” Cherry Ramons in this match at any rate. Not to sell either of the other men short, but Ramons has been super impressive as of late and his match against Ray “Death” Rowe (at Super Fantasy Force) was amazing. I think he is fully realizing what he can do and pushing himself to be all he can be. I have a feeling 2017 will be his greatest year so far. Winner: Cherry Ramons.

Ivory Robyn vs Kat Green: Kat Green is back people! While Ivory has made a solid showing so far, this is Kat Green. I remember that even Shana was impressed with her in a match against Athena and she usually doesn’t give any praise to the people who fight Athena. Kat is my choice hands down for the winner, She has only recently returned and is trying to remake the name she had and even better.  Winner: Kat Green

The Great Depression w/Greg Symonds vs Mr. B: Mr. B made a huge surprise return at the last show during the battle royale and got a great welcome.  Symonds has an agenda but no one is quite sure what it is or his plans for The Great Depression, but Mr. B, after being away from Inspire Pro, wants to make his name known again. The Great Depression has been impressive since his return and has Symonds on his side. Though Mr. B pointed out that he should be over it, The Dust Bowl was a loooooong time ago, The Great Depression would never survive in Chicago. Hell even our own President says that place is scary. I am giving the nod to Mr. B as he is a vet who I don’t think will be troubled by Symonds’ mind games and can without him can easily outsmart The Great Depression. Winner: Mr. B

The Epileptic Caesars In Action:  These guys made their debut a few shows ago and have been fun to watch. I LOVE Tag Teams and matches and hope that Inspire Pro has another Taggcade soon(hint, hint). There are no hints or lead ups to who they could be fighting and there are WAY too many options, the only guess I will give is as it is the first show in a while and at a brand new location I am thinking a new tag team to Inspire?  Winner: Who Knows?

Inspire Pro J Crown Championship: “DIrty” Andy Dalton vs Jojo Bravo: The J Crown was kept safely locked away during the last J Crown championship match as the Inspire Pro management was worried about what Sammy may do if he won. Turns out it was Steve O Reno was the one who went crazy angry and destroyed the bag that had the “J-Crown”  but it was Christmas ornaments. “Dirty” Andy Dalton had left to battle in Japan and this is his return to Inspire Pro and as he is still J Crown champion he will put that title on the line against the SUPER SERIOUS Jojo Bravo. While Dalton is not a joker or goofy, Jojo said his “Serious Tour” also means respecting the ring and the championships and not blowing snot or disrespect. This is going to be a tough call! Jojo has yet to taste Gold in Inspire Pro though he has been a staple there for years but Dalton has recently returned from Japan and has a whole new set of moves and mindset that Inspire Pro has not yet seen. So citing Champions Advantage I am giving the win to Andy Dalton. Winner: “Dirty” Andy Dalton

Inspire Pro XX Division Championship: Jessica James(c) vs Delilah Doom: 

Doomies never say die! But Jessica James is hard to kill.

Can I just be honest here? I just want to see this match, I have been a Jessica James fan going way back to 2009 when I was brought to my first Indy show at ACW.  I have watched through her fun, goofy, and outgoing early days to her more focused, Japan-trained days of today. But I have found Delilah Doom to be fun and entertaining since her debut many years later. These two fought once before but Doom was still pretty green then and Jessica got the win. Doom has been through a massive street fight, made a name for herself winning Sabotage’s recent California Tournament, even if Donovan Troi wouldn’t honor his word. She has come a long way…So while I would never underestimate Jessica James who has taken on all comers since winning the XX belt and kept it I think it is Delilah Doom’s time. Don’t get me wrong, I would be happy to see either one of them as Inspire Pro XX champion, but I really think that at this point Doom wants it more and has earned her way to a run with it. Winner: Delilah Doom.

Street Fight for the Inspire Pro Heavyweight Title: “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer vs “Mr. Inspire Pro” Steve O Reno(c): This is a battle that has been building and brewing for some time. They have battled each other before but now they both know the other is coming and are preparing for a hell of a battle. No clean fighting, no turning back, this is not a wrestling match, it is a street fight for the Championship!  Both of these men are amazing and I am really just at the point of flipping a coin….which I am going to do now to pick a winner. I had Shana help me with the coin flip picking heads for Palmer and tails for Reno. WInner by Coin Flip: Matthew Palmer.

Terrale Tempo vs ACH: This is a huge one,! ACH returned last show and Tempo almost had Keith Lee’s number, even kicking out of a spirit bomb. But in an unusual act for Tempo, when ACH went to congratulate him and shake his hand, Tempo walked out of the ring without shaking his hand or saying anything. It was a strange moment and as far as I know Terrale Tempo has not spoken about his reasons or what his thoughts were. Now the two will clash in the ring for the first time, and man am I excited. ACH is amazing and has been battling people from ROH, ACW, Inspire Pro, and so many more. Terrale Tempo has recently made a name for himself all over and has gained quite a following, I remember last year at Total Championship Wrestling’s Gold Rush Tournament in Killeen how Greg Symonds was in the crowd and seeing Tempo for the first time asked me who he was and said that he was going places, how impressed he was with Tempo. Winner: Terrale Tempo(because that’s who I picked!)

Limitless vs Death Machine

Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Championship: “Limitless” Keith Lee vs “The Callihan Death Machine” Sami Callihan:  This one is both easy and tough. Neither men really needs me to point out who they are or what they do. Everyone pretty much knows, Sami is new to Inspire but not to wrestling fans. Keith Lee is…well Keith Lee. This is going to be a hell of a battle, a fight to not miss. Winner: As I am a bit biased, “Limitless” Keith Lee


This is going to be a hell of a show. Ecstasy of Gold’s are always good and this one looks to keep with the greatness that is EOG. I hope you don’t miss this one but if you do, just check out @heelfaceraslin and Inspire Pro’s page.







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