TCW Presents: The 2nd Annual Gold Rush Tournament: 2017


March 18th, 2017 brings us around to the 2nd annual Gold Rush Tournament! The first one was full of surprises and twists that lead to some unique moments and matches. The final came down to Jack Jameson vs Just Willie with Just Willie winning the whole thing, and weirdly both of these men have gone through some major changes since the last Gold Rush.  Lets take a look at who is in this years tournament and where they enter first then we can break it down.
#1 Zach Bradley and #2 Ruthless Lala both have first round byes allowing them to be fresh for the rest of the tournament. #3 Josh Matthews will be facing #7 Scotty Santiago. #5 Ethan Daniels vs #9 Chris Styles. #6 Tony Strong vs #10 Max Sterling and finally #4 Shigeyuki Kawahara vs #8 Aaron Harmes.

There will be a TCW Heavyweight Title Match as well where Jack Jameson will be battling the current TCW Champion Mikey 13. Jack has turned his back on fans and friends as of late. I don’t know if he has any history with Mikey 13 but we know he has battled former friends and partners such as Leva Bates and Steve O Reno and went all out on them. If he is willing to do that much damage to people he TRUSTED and called friends what will he be willing to do to Mikey 13 for GOLD? Mikey 13 is very tough but is he prepared for this Jack Jameson? Don’t underestimate him Mikey 13. His own friends are getting hurt by him so he will go even harder on you who.

I don’t know everyone in the tournament as it is a mixture of TCW vets and some new up and comers as well as wrestlers who made names for themselves elsewhere and trying for the gold. Ruthless having a bye will be a huge factor. Tony Strong was supposed to be in the first Gold Rush but due to injury had to step out so this is his chance to win it after being forced out last time.

Scotty Santiago will be in his first Gold Rush but has been wrestling all over, including a long stint in Mexico learning and improving with many vets of the Lucha Libre style. Now he has been back re-making a name for himself here in Texas and a win at Gold Rush would be a huge step in that.

But to find out who wins it all and if there will be any surprises you MUST be there! Don’t miss this, it is pure GOLD.

The tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids and they take cash and credit card at the door. You can buy tickets before at or Seats are limited and it is first come, first serve. Pre sales get in first and they will have TCW shirts at this show for $20.



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