Wrestling Venues and what to expect? Part 1


So in looking for new ways to look at the wrestling world and information both in front of and behind the scenes of what goes into making a show good or great, one thing we tend to overlook as fans are the venues. The places we go to watch our favorite wrestling shows, what do the management and the crew look for in a venue? What about the wrestlers? While the fans don’t have a say in helping pick, they will have things they look for and will praise or complain about the place they have to go.

Size will always be important, you have to fit at least one ring and sometimes a cage. Lots of room for seating and tables for merch. A place to set up sound, lights, and anything special. Hopefully a place in back to change and for wrestlers to hang out in, even better if it has its own restroom back there. I want to do several of these talking to different owners, workers, wrestlers, and fans to see what issues they have had over the years and what they look for. ACW, TCW, Inspire Pro, and many others have had to leave their first venues and sometimes many of the places after that.

The first one I spoke to was Mr. B who runs TCW about his experiences finding venues of the years.The current venue for TCW is Killeen Army National Guard Armory in Killeen, TX. But to get there he had to go through many others and look at even more then that. Come back soon to see how Mr. B found the Armory and what TCW and its fans had to go through.



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