RCW March 10 Preview


On Friday, March 10, RCW will be putting on their March event bringing another action packed card to Retama Park in San Antonio, Texas.The event will feature all of your favorite RCW stars, along with some special guests, including Rikishi, Tantanka, Barbarian and Road Warrior Animal.  Featuring not 1, not 2, but 3 title matches and one battle for a #1 contenders spot, this is sure to be an intense night of wrestling. Also, the Legends division will be in action and of course it wouldn’t be an RCW show without some awesome Meet and Great opportunities.Let’s take a look at the card!

Rikishi vs. Michael Faith

In a battle of  Samoan Heavyweights, former RCW Champion Michael “The Samoan Beast” Faith is going up against WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi. Last time we saw Michael Faith in the RCW ring, he left without his RCW heavyweight Championship and without some of his blood. He did leave with some new wooden splinters courtesy of Jeff Jarrett’s guitar. Faith will be looking to make a statement and show that he is the true “Samoan Beast”. Rikishi has been absent from a WWE ring for a number of years but most fans remember him as the dancing big man teamed up with Too Cool. He’s looking to dance in the RCW ring and teach Faith what a true Samoan Heavyweight is. I’m thinking a StinkFace is in someone’s future.

Tatanka vs. Barbarian

In a Legends Division match, the Native American Warrior Tatanka will go head to head with the Barbarian. This should be a fun nostalgic match for fans who grew up watching WWE before they dropped the “F”. Tatanka brings a quick energetic move set to the ring and a never say die warrior’s spirit. The Barbarian is all about power and destruction. Tatanka had a great undefeated streak during his run in WWE and has stayed active on the independent circuit. I’m looking for Tantanka to drop a few Tomahawk Chops in this match and try to stay ahead of the Barbarian’s power game. Both these men will be available during the Meet and Great before the show, so fans of these Legends will get a chance to shake some hands and get some pictures.

Mr. B vs. Skitzkrieg

To say that Mr. B’s road to becoming Phoenix Champion was an easy one would be an outright travesty. Mr. B faced stiff competition in Rob Love and the two battled long and hard over this title. But ultimately Mr. B would prevail pushing through a career threatening injury and finally reclaimed the title at the last RCW event. Now in his first defense as Phoenix Champion, he is up against the man called Skitzkrieg. Skitzkrieg calls himself the most dominant wrestler in RCW history and he will be looking to add that Phoenix Championship to his litany of accomplishments. Mr. B will face a stiff challenge in this one plus we know that Skitzkrieg is close with Boom Boom, could shenanigans be in store? Plus, is Rob Love, who will also be in the building, focused on his match or will his hate for Mr. B drive him to interfere.

Hernendez + two surprise guests vs. Brandon Groom + two surprise guests

This one is hard to preview. RCW management has kept a tight lid on who the four surprise guests could be. The only information they have put out is that they will all be RCW Alumni. So that begs the question, WHO? We all know that if it was just “Super-Mex” vs the “Brideless Groom”, we would still be in store for a great match between two awesome competitors. The addition of the surprise guests makes this match way more compelling than it already was. Hernandez has teased a few people on his twitter but the lid is still tightly shut on who it could be. The only thing assured is that whoever shows up on Groom’s side will most likely be on the receiving end of some “Super-Mex” chops.

Rob Love vs. Xavier Daniels

Rob Love wasn’t feeling the love last time he was in an RCW ring. In a fan strap match, he not only got strapped but he came out on the losing end, losing his Phoenix Championship to Mr. B. While that rivalry is certainly not over as the two guys can’t stand each other, Rob must now earn a number one contender’s spot in order to try and regain the title. Standing in his way is a man who seems to be chiseled from stone, Xavier Daniels. Xavier is looking to make his way to the top of RCW and one big step would be becoming number 1 contender and then win the Phoenix Championship. Xavier is an imposing figure in the ring and while Rob Love is no slouch, this will be a true test of heart vs power. 

Joey Spector vs Just Willie

Joey Spector is finally putting his RCW International Title on the line and Just Willie is getting his shot and taking this prize away from him. Joey was on the losing end when he tagged with Arrow Club at the last RCW event. Joey needs to get back to his winning ways after losing a Legends Division match to Hacksaw Jim Duggan and a pose off to Heel/Face Wrestling’s own Joe “Energy” Mountain at the Nov. 4th RCW Event. Joey n
eeds to prove that he is still a champion and not just a placeholder. Just Willie is hoping to claim this title and show the world that he is more than Willie, he’s a champion! This should be a fun one. If you want to know why Joey has held the title so long, I’m just gonna leave this here. —>

Arrow Club vs. Paul Titan and Anthony Andrews

This match is for the vacant RCW tag titles. The Former champions were forced to vacate the titles after “The Bane to Tables” Lance Hoyt suffered a back injury that put him out for some time. We are wishing him a speedy recovery and tables tremble in fear. So now with the titles vacant, Arrow Club and “The Adorable Titans” (maybe?) get a shot. This one is truly going to be speed and high flying vs. power and striking. Arrow Club will look to keep the pace fast and avoid the power of these two big men. Should Paul Titan and “Adorable” Anthony get going, Arrow Club could be in for a world of hurt.

Baby D vs Katie Forbes

To say that Katie Forbes’ RCW Women’s Title reign has been without controversy would be an understatement. When these two ladies faced off at the Nov. 4th event, Katie won via shenanigans featuring RCW’s own Boom Boom Brandon Oliver. Even with special guest referee, Delilah Doom, the duo of manager and client were too much for Baby D. Katie successfully defended the title against Santana Garrett at the last show and now Baby D is back in town. Baby D is hungry for that title and will definitely be on her guard against interference. Will she be able to climb the mountain and against the odds win the title?

Road Warrior Animal

RCW always likes to give the fans a little something extra and this time it’s in the form of Road Warrior Animal. He will be available for the Meet and Greet time only, so get your meet and greet ticket now! UUURRRGGGGHHH WHAT A RUSH!


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