2 more wrestlers confirmed for Sabotage Wrestling: She’s Crafty


Sabotage Wrestling is set to host their third event titled “She’s Crafty” on Saturday, May 13, 2017, in Austin, Texas. This is the first time that the company will host an event outside of California, but we’re hoping it is not the last!

A couple of days ago we announced that Christi Jaynes would be making her return with the promotion and today we are happy to announce that Killista Deva and Skylar Slice will be making their debuts at Sabotage Wrestling on May 13!

Both Killista and Skylar are based out of Oklahoma and have both been in wrestling for just over 2 years. Both women know what it takes to hold gold and bring a solid resume with them to Sabotage Wrestling. It will be interesting to see who each woman wrestles, but as of this writing, the opponent is not yet known for either woman. Stay tuned to HeelFaceWrestling.com for any and all news about the “She’s Crafty” event and make sure to buy your tickets for the event as well at SabotageTexas.com.


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