Crossbones is….PINNED DOWN!


A recent addition to the TCW roster is the focused and cocky wrestler, Crossbones. The guy is pure heel through and through and even when talking about himself, he shows how annoyed taking time to do this is to him.  He was trained at the CZW school and Chikara Wrestle Factory and is branching out, even getting a TCW Title shot at the next Slammin show! So what does a man of few words have to say? 

H/F: What was the toughest thing to give up or sacrifice to be part of the wrestling world?

CB: Time with my family.

H/F: Do you think its harder or just equally as hard to get to the big leagues of wrestling as it is say, Basketball or Football?

CB: I care not for those fake sports!

H/F: Do you feel that wrestling has more premature or just a surprising number of earlier than expected deaths, compared to other sports and does this influence you in any way?

CB: I stay off drugs and keep the straight and narrow. I get my kicks from cracking skulls.

H/F: If you had the power to make any gimmick work, no matter how weird or normal it may be, what would you do?

CB: What’s a gimmick?

H/F: If you could change anything about the indy wrestling industry what would it be? What about TNA/WWE?

CB: More of me in it. TNA and WWE….more fat guys.

H/F: Once you retire from being in the ring, do you see yourself walking away fully or would you become a manager, do commentary or announce? Would  you keep being involved in some way or is it once you can’t work in the ring you have no desire to be there?

CB: I’ll retire and go back to my normal day job. Ninja assassin.

H/F: Did you handle crowds differently depending on size?

CB: I’ve wrestled in front of 30 people and 3,000 people, either way my only goal is beating up my opponent.

H/F: How did you handle going from a no rules wrestling show to a family first show? Do you change a lot about how you handle things and what you say or do you just try and act the same no matter what the show?

CB: I did most my wrestling in Chikara, which is family friendly. I’ve also wrestled in CZW, which is far from family friendly. I just do what I do.

H/F: Was there ever a moment when you truly felt you have had enough, that maybe wrestling wasn’t for you? Was it a crowd? Just one guy/gal? A losing streak? Too many broken bones?

CB: Doing this interview.

H/F: Besides TCW, where else can fans see you wrestle?

CB: Not many places around Texas yet…you’ll have to hunt me down on DVD.

H/F: What promotions do you feel are breaking down the walls separating Men Wrestling from Women Wrestling and just making it all Wrestling? How do you feel they are doing that?

CB: This question bores me.

H/F:  Do you feel tag team wrestling has become a dying style/art?

CB: I love tag team wrestling. There should be more of it for sure.

H/F: If you could tag with anyone on the Indy’s who would and be and why? What would you call yourselves?

CB: Ultramantis Black. “The order of the neo solar temple” because that’s our name.

H/F:  Who has been your toughest opponent so far?

CB: Myself.

H/F:  Why the name Crossbones?

CB: I once ripped an interviewers tibia bones from his body in front of my friends. I took the bones and crossed them across his chest as he flailed around crying. We laughed had a good time and my buddies just started calling me crossbones then.

H/F:  Who have you not faced on the Indy’s yet that is at the top of your list to get in the ring with?

CB: I don’t keep such a list. I just beat up who they pay me to beat up.

H/F: What are your thoughts on the upcoming TCW Gold Rush tournament?

CB: I should be in it because I enjoy gold.

Bonus Questions:

Do you have a name for your finisher? Friggin sweet driver.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Mixed. Unity cone.

Submission or High Flying? Head kicks.

Cats or Dogs? Catdog.

Beer or Liquor? Root beer.

Light Side or Dark Side? Vader.

Favorite Opponent EVER? This interview.

As I said, he was mostly short and sweet on his answers. This Interview was both the thing that almost made him quit, but also his favorite opponent ever!  A strange combo to be sure, he considers sports outside wrestling to be the fake ones and has a pretty unique story on how he got his name.

He loves tag team wrestling, but seems to not care about inter gender matches at all. He is new to the Texas scene, so keep an eye out for this man as he makes his mark on the Lone Star State.


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