Anarchy Championship Wrestling Recap 2-26- 17: An Absence of Law


On an evening that would, by design, by devoid of rules, regulations and laws, it was hard to know what to expect. Titles would be defended, bodies would be crushed and careers would end. In the shortest, most basic definition… Anarchy Championship Wrestling: An Absence of Law.

After a hellacious 8-man tag got the card started, some familiar faces around ACW “treated” the audience (notice the quotes) to a show as Wade Olsen, along with the mega star and ACW Joshi champion Angel Blue, faced off against Marcus Rose. An outside distraction from Blue would give Olsen an opening but the speed and agility of Rose was just too much. Rose picked up the W. Jason Silver would pick up a victory in a 4-way but had more to say after his win, calling out current ACW Champion JoJo Bravo and letting Bravo know that the championship belt was now in Silver’s sights.

Titles would again come into play as Mr. B and Playboy Johnny Axel would pick up not only a win in tag-team action, but a shot at the champions Killah Kash and MASADA, who retained their titles later in the night. Steve’O Reno would make an impassioned and apologetic speech to the ACW fans on his absence from the last show (full audio on the site) before coming out on top after a brutal match with Jack Jameson. Emotions ran high in this match, from both the wrestlers and the fans. Truly one of the matches of the night.

Ricky Starks would retain his TV tile over Sky de Lacrimosa. The modified Styles Clash into a piledriver Starks delivered for the win dropped a lot of jaws in the Mohawk. Angel Blue retained her Joshi title as well, much to the fans dismay. While they may boo and jeer Blue, it’s hard to argue with the length of her championship reign. ACH and Kody Lane would pick up a tag-team victory and promptly let all of ACW know they would be coming for the tag team titles next.

It’s in my contract to state that ACH also wrestled in a second match directly after the tag contest. In what is believed to be the first ever inter species match in ACW history, ACH faced off against, well, his dog. ACH went over. Scotty “The Texas Tiger” Santiago would survive a top-rope neck breaker and eventually turn a chair on the Texas Lion Carson for a victory while Aaron Solow would use a chainsaw, yes you read that right, to pin Alexander Rudolph.

In the finale to the show as well as a storied in-ring career, JoJo Bravo would face off against Darin Childs in Childs’ final match of his career. It would take Bravo half-a- dozen chairs to finally pin the ACW legend and bring to close a career which has few equals. Childs spoke to ACW fans after the match, reassuring everyone that he would not be going anywhere. If anything, Childs would now be able to put even more time and effort into ACW*. ACW was on the forefront of independent wrestling in Austin when it all started. Years later, the same man will take ACW into the future as well.

*Full audio from his post-match interview can be found on the site as well.


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