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Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion is one of the newer guard of Anarchy Championship Wrestling and other places. I have not had the chance to speak with him before, but he has made quite a name for himself in a short period of time, even winning the ACW Heavyweight and Hardcore Title for a while. I finally get the chance to discuss with him where he came from and what his future goals are.

My name is Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion and I’m a west Texas born and raised professional wrestler. I started training at Old School Wrestling Academy in October 2012 and relocated to St Louis in January 2015 to further my training under NJPW’s (then ROH) Michael Elgin.
My first big match came in May 2015 against ACH (who I’d later end up living with). He won the match, go figure, but I was the real winner with all I had learned from that match. I had multiple run-ins with Ray Rowe, that usually ended in me getting the piss beat out of me, except for the final time where I won both the Anarchy World and Hardcore championships.
I’m currently a part of the 2017 ROH Top Prospect Tournament and advanced past the first round(update and spoiler alert: Stallion was eliminated in the semi finals). I’ve competed in ROH, AAW, FIP, ACW, AWE, ROCKSTAR, TIER-1, VIP, ECWA, etc.
This is what PAIN feels like!
Wrestling Questions:
H/F: What was the toughest thing to give up or sacrifice to be part of the wrestling world?
CS: Miles, money, time, friends, relationships, sleep, etc. It all sucks to lose, but if I let it go, it had to be done.
H/F: Do you think its harder or just equally as hard to get to the big leagues of wrestling as it is say Basketball or Football?
CS: I think every respective sport has its own trials and tribulations when one is trying to “make it”. I’m not the type of person to say “What I do is harder than what you do,” but I know from experience that what we do is far more physically grueling than most others form of training or practice. Regardless, I know how hard some guys work to even be noticed by places like NFL of NBA. So that’s just kind of a weird question to me, I suppose.
H/F: Do you feel that wrestling has more premature or just a surprising number of earlier then expected deaths compared to other sports and does this influence you in any way?
CS: It really upsets me to think about sometimes. And wrestling definitely has more premature deaths than most other sports, sadly. There’s still guys passing on left and right, too. I can only hope that trend is broken in the near future. I carry these thoughts with me everywhere, very conscious of how quick it could all be taken away, and I try my best to take care of myself.
H/F: If you had the power to make any gimmick work, no matter how weird or normal it may be, what would you do?
CS: I prefer being myself, honestly. Though, I’ve had an idea where I have 2 gimmicks, one being me and the other more being of a comedy/jobber gimmick where I’m a faux superhero while being a stereotypical rowdy Texan at the same time. I’d where denim jeans, Wrestling cowboy boots and have a Texas flag themed mask with the blue being denim as well. That’d be fun, I’m sure.
Sup ACH?
H/F: If you could change anything about the Indy wrestling industry what would it be? What about TNA/WWE?
CS: Some indie (or indy. I dont know.) shows have far too many matches and because of this you can really lose an audience that way or just have them give zero shits about the main event whenever it finally does come around.
WWE is doing fine. I’d say let the talent use medically prescribed marijuana for aches and pains because I know pain pills are still a troublesome thing and a terrible addiction that plagues many workers. I won’t say much about TNA. They can do good or bad and they’ll still be around the next day. Good for them. And they use Eddie Kingston which is bad ass.
H/F: Once you retire from being in the ring, do you see yourself walking away fully or would you become a manager or commentary or announcer, keep involved in some way or is it once you can’t work in the ring you have no desire to be there?
CS: Only time will tell. I don’t think I’ll ever fully walk away, to be honest. I can’t. I love it too much and if I’m fortunate enough to make something of myself at this, I’d like to be able to hand that down and give back at some point. Maybe open a school and train some folks. No clue.
H/F: Do you handle crowds differently depending on size?
CS: I try to, honestly, but my style doesn’t give me much of an option for “off-nights,” so to speak. I like to sell and to sell, you need to get hit with some shit. Regardless, I’m all about people getting their money’s worth. Whether it’s 10, 100, or 1000, I’ll bring my A-game.
H/F:  How did you handle going from a no rules wrestling show to a family friendly show? Do you change a lot about how you handle things and what you say or do you just try and act the same no matter what the show?
CS: I am the exact same at every show, family friendly or not. The only difference is I won’t cuss if I’m not allowed to. If I am allowed to, I take full advantage of it and try to say funny shit at the most opportune times.
H/F:  Was there every a moment when you truly felt you had had enough, that maybe wrestling wasn’t for you? Was it a crowd? Just one guy/gal? A losing streak? Too many broken bones?
CS: Lol Fuck no.
H/F:  You recently lost the ACW Heavyweight and Hardcore titles, will you go after them again or focus on other titles in that company or others?
CS: I’m focusing on every title that any promotion who wants to use me has. Not one is safe because given the opportunity, I’ll relentlessly come right after any belt on the line.
H/F: What promotions do you feel are breaking down the walls separating Men Wrestling from Women Wrestling and just making it all Wrestling? How do you feel they are doing that?
CS: Indie wrestling, in general, has done that on its own. Women have stepped their game up in the past few years and aren’t just getting in this anymore because they have a desire to lash out or have to prove themselves and want attention (not all were like that, but the majority were and that’s how it was perceived for so long because of such women). I’m proud of where professional wrestling is now and how far it’s come.
 H/F:  Do you feel tag team wrestling has become a dying style/art?
CS: I just rewatched The Revival and American Alpha from Takeover: Dallas last night as I was going to bed and as tired as I was, that match wouldn’t let me go to sleep. I think if it was dying, the boys are doing something right because that tag matches are alive and well in 2017.
H/F:  If you could tag with anyone on the Indy’s who would it be and why? What would you call yourselves?
CS: I’m really hung up on this one… uhhhh… Either Jojo Bravo, Gregory James or Mike Outlaw. And as far as a name is concerned, I have no clue.
H/F:  Who has been your toughest opponent so far?
CS: Shane Taylor or the tag team War Machine. I’m facing Shigehiro Irie in a few hours and im expecting a real fight there. Looking forward to it
H/F:  Where all have you wrestled? What promotions?
CS: There’s too many to list, but the most notable are ROH, AAW, FIP, VIP, ALPHA-1, ECWA, TIER1, etc. I’ve wrestled from coast to coast and border to border and Canada.
H/F:  Who have you not faced on the Indy’s yet that is at the top of your list to get in the ring with?
CS: Matches with either Barrett Brown, Kobe Durst, Everett Connors and Sammy Guevara would be real hoots to watch, I’m sure.
Bonus Questions:
Do you have a name for your finisher? [B]uck Off
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
Submission or High Flying? Submission
Cats or Dogs? Both
Beer or Liquor? Liquor, if I had to choose.
Light Side or Dark Side?  Dark
Favorite Opponent EVER? Mike Outlaw
While I had not seen him much outside of ACW, he has been all over and made quite a name for himself. An impressive resume and has challenged a few names that would be great to see him battle.  So Barrett Brown? Sammy Guevara? Anyone he challenged want to step up? Will we get the matches? What company will take the chance? Hopefully soon we will get our answer.


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