ACW An Absence of Law 2017 Preview



February in the Land Of Anarchy means that the Law will be Absent and really that just means Anarchy as usual really. After the shocking turns of GBA just last month, what can we look forward to now?  We do know The Hooligans are out injured, so they will not be here this show, but also expect them to come back in a HUGE way when they are ready.

Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion has had a hell of a end of 2016 and start of 2017. He won the ACW Heavyweight and Hardcore titles in a shocking upset. Then at GBA, he took on a former holder of the belts in Jojo Bravo and while this time I think everyone thought Curt would win, but Jojo walked away the victor. Now Curt faces down The Unholy One in Gregory James for the first time. Both men are outspoken in their own way and quick as hell. This should be a great match. Always good to see Gregory James in the ring.

“The Texas Lion” Carson himself stalks back into the land of Anarchy. What brings him back you ask? A young wrestling upstart that has been making a name for himself, over and over it seems. Scotty Santiago has been a different person since returning from Mexico months ago and it seems his newfound focus has attracted The Lion like blood on the wind. Who will win this brutal battle?

While that is not the first time the two above have met, we do have a first time meeting here as Wade Olsen from The Swarm goes “one on one” with Marcus Rose. While The Swarm is not the force it once was as many seem to have gone, it still has some people who could get involved. Rose has turned over a new leaf and seems to have a new outlook and goal in life. Will that help or hurt him? No telling yet and will the fact ACH is here at this show affect Marcus Rose?

Yes, you read right, ACH is here and while he does seem to have a few haters now. Last time we were at the Mohawk, Shana said she saw some anti ACH writing in the woman’s restroom!


Now ACH will be teaming up with Kody Lane to face The Lords of Seduction and this should be a fast paced match. ACH vs Cherry alone would be enough, adding in the partners ups the ante and the match.


Two men who used to be best friends, both inside and outside the ring, but the changes in Jack Jameson over the last several months have all but forced his closest friends and allies to battle him. Last month at GBA he had called out his former best friend, Steve O Reno. Sadly Steve could not make it so another close partner and friends showed up instead in Leva “Blue Pants” Bates! The battle was fierce and only when Leva was going to burn off his beard that Jack quit. Jack will be even more angry and pissed now, but Steve has the feeling of being betrayed but not blinded by anger. This one is personal. 

The ACW Tag Titles are on the line as well as 2 Bad MF’s put the belts on the line. But against whom you ask? For that you will have to come to the show and see for yourself! Whoever it is will have their hands full against Killah Kash and MASADA.

Ricky Starks, after winning the ACW TV Title at GBA against Darin Childs, will be putting it on the line. He will face the man that has been rising since getting his focus in Sky DeLacrimosa. Sky seemed to be drifting since leaving The Lost Boys, fighting both solo and with Kash for awhile, but finally his former partner in Silver seems to have lit the fire needed. Will that be enough to defeat the very talented Mr. Starks?

The Joshi Champ, Angel Blue, will be facing her greatest challenge yet. Three other Joshi’s are gunning for her belt. The returning Allie Kat who has been clawing tooth and nail to get a shot at this belt. Erica Torres, who was in the Queen of Queens 2016 has returned to go after the belt that she was denied in the QofQ’s. Finally the newest Joshi to the ACW roster, Ruthless Lala will be gunning for it as well. These are some overwhelming odds and more so with Ruthless as she has been trying to get into ACW for quite some time and wants to make a name for herself. The others do as well but Ruthless lives up to her namesake. Still don’t overlook Allie Kat or Erica Torres.

The Architect of Anarchy will be having his FINAL ACW  match against Jojo Bravo for the ACW Heavyweight and Hardcore title belts. Darin has been wrestling for quite some time both in ACW and many other places. He has won every title he could win in ACW and even titles outside of it. Jojo in his shorter wrestling career has done quite a bit himself. This will be a great final match for Darin and a hell of a way for Jojo to get a boost in his own career. No matter the outcome this will be a hell of a match and both men will give it their all as a matter of pride and respect.

Sunday, February 26, 2017
912 Red River Street
Austin, TX 78701

Doors @ 5:35pm
Bell @ 6:00pm


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