Sabotage: My thoughts and takeaways!


So Shana and I traveled to California recently, mostly to see Sabotage. While there it was raining and dreary, but we did a few tourist type things, like the Walk of Fame and so forth. While the idea was a vacation so I didn’t plan a write up on Sabotage, but after seeing it, I feel like I need to put down some thoughts and feelings about it.

This will not be a break down of every match, mostly an overall feeling. Everyone was amazing and kicked ass, but I will be talking mostly about the ones I felt left the most lasting impression on me. That is not to downplay or lessen anyone else as they all earned their place here, but some didn’t make it far enough into the tournament for me to get to see them enough and others may have been outdone in a match by another. These are MY feelings and MINE alone, not Shana’s, Not Heel/Face, nor anyone else. On that note let us get started.

It started with a meet and greet and a talent show, which was fun and stood out. Kaitlin Diemond sang a version of Hey Delilah to Delilah Doom and it was great. Check it out here.

We got Holidead doing an interview, of sorts, but the guy doing the interview (Joey) can’t get her to let him ask the questions and keeps getting super close to him making him uncomfortable the whole time. Then we got an intense interpretive dance by a member of the Arrow Club, Desi Derata. Delilah Doom did a dance/workout routine in the ring that had kids, refs, and others join her. It was a lot of fun, which lead to Sage Sin coming out and having a showdown with Donovan Troi, who didn’t need a mic.

A twerk off turned into a fight, which lead to a sexy back and forth dance with Thunder Rosa and The Human Tornado. Donovan Troi and Alexander G. Bernard came out to show off the belt, but couldn’t get it out of the suitcase so finally they got pissed and refused to show us. We had a group photo shoot with all the women involved then it was time for the tournament to start!

The tournament itself was slightly different. Everyone was paired up in tag teams, so when your team wins, you move on to the next round. The last two teams face off in a four way match to decide the overall winner. The first two teams were Delilah Doom and Buggy Nova, called DoomBuggy by the crowd. I had never seen Buggy and she was a lot of fun and damn good in the ring, a look unique to her and her doll of Chucky, they beat their two warrior opponents, Shotzi Blackheart and Samara. Buggy would be a amazing fit to ACW here in Texas.

Next up was Donovan Troi’s personal pick who he was out there to support. Kimmy Shellhammer was backed by the GM and had lots of help due to that, she was teamed up with Sage Sin who is not well liked by Troi, but he was willing to help her to advance Kimmy. They were facing Raze Cray who I have never seen. The members were Ruby Raze and Ray Lyn, I really enjoyed them. Ruby calls herself an Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker and they worked very well together, Ray was fast and hit quickly and Ruby hit HARD and with power. Even with Dononvan’s help, Kimmy and Sage took the loss. I hope to see Raze Cray in Texas soon, they would fit in just about anywhere and TCW and Inspire were my first thoughts.

Kaitlin Diemond was teamed up with Allie Kat as Can-Tex Connect and they defeated Marriah Moreno and Violet Payne. Marriah was cool, her style reminds me a bit of Daffney. Kaitlin and Allie worked very well together and managed to pull off the win. Allie Kat performs in Texas now but would love to see Kaitlin come to Texas and challenge for any of the belts. Even teaming up with Allie Kat now and then. Marriah would be fun to see in ACW as her style fits perfectly.

This last match is weird as I want to see all 4 in Texas and while I would love to see them anywhere, I had ideas where I think they would fit in. But who are they you ask? Holidead was teamed with Heather Monroe to battle Desi Derata and Mazzerati. Holidead and Monroe won but this was a great match. Holidead, I would love to see anywhere, ACW, RCW, Inspire Pro, BOW, and many others. Heather Monroe I can see in RCW as the best fit, though Main Event or MPX would be fun as well. Desi, I would love to see join Kyle Hawk by bringing the Arrow Club to Inspire Pro and ACW. Kyle has Kyote already and Desi would be an amazing addition, once here she could expand Arrow Club by taking on some of the best in Texas as well as teaming up with the other Arrow Club members. Arrow Club could make a hell of an impact in TCW, ACW, Inspire Pro, and RCW. Finally with her attitude and skills I think Mazzerati and TCW could help each other. It would be a good intro to Texas for Mazzerati and TCW could use some more outspoken talent to take on the TCW woman’s champion.

Thunder Rosa, who we were seeing for the first time, was taking on a Cherry Ramon’s clone in Scoot Robertson, who was leader of the Thunder League 2.0. He even came out to Pour Some Sugar On Me! Thunder was super impressive and I would love to see her wrestle more. I know Sabotage is coming to Texas, but I hope that leads to more Thunder Rosa and the rest. Thunder beat Scoot after a decent match.

DoomBuggy(Doom and Buggy) beat Diemond and Kat. Raze Cray beat Holidead and Heather Monroe. There were fun matches and I think people expected Holidead to proceed but Raze Cray dug deep and got the win. I will admit Raze Cray kept impressing me more and more as the night went on. I love tag team wrestling and always welcome more of it to Texas and they work so well together. 

This lead to B-Boy, who I had not seen before, going one on one with Christina Von Eerie!!! It has been a LONG time since I have seen her. We miss her in Texas, she was bad ass. She came out swinging, but B-Boy was having NONE of it, this guy was brutal and it went outside the ring several times. One time that stood out was he was going to “razors edge” her into the soda machine but she twisted out and DDT’d him on the concrete. While B Boy came in cocky, by the end he was shocked and impressed, you could see it on his face and while he got the win it was brutal. He earned the win and she earned the respect. 

Final 4 was Delilah Doom vs Ruby Raze vs Buggy Nova vs Ray Lyn and man was this intense! While Ruby and Ray worked together some, it was a free for all for most of it. Ruby Raze at one point channeled anger or pride or something and went all out, she took out both Buggy Nova and later her own partner Ray Lyn. This left it down to her and Delilah and man she did a number on Delilah. But Doom is hard to beat and full of life and 80’s drive. Doomies Never Say Die is not just a fun catchphrase and she managed to pull out the win.

This lead to Donovan Troi coming out and telling her congrats and that she did it. Beat 15 of the best out there and won the whole thing. BUT that while he can’t change that, nor the trophy, he can deny her the belt she rightfully won. Donovan is a HUGE jerk who was pissed that NEITHER of his hand picked toadies won that night. He does super jerk very well so I commend him on that. This was my first time seeing or meeting him and I loathe him entirely so bully for him. Guy is grade A jerk. 

Overall I LOVED this show, I can’t wait to see it again in Texas, but I hope to see many of it’s stars before and after that as well. This was a great show and I saw many wrestlers I have never seen before as well as a few favorites such as Doom, Von Erie, and Allie Kat. Check them out if you have a chance, you will not be let down. 


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