TCW Slammin 7 2017 Preview



Ladies and Gentleman it is TCW time again and we are looking at TCW Slammin 7 on Saturday, February 25th at the Killeen National Guard Armory.  One of the matches will be setting up more matches for the upcoming Gold Rush Tournament.  This will not be an any order but it will show you WHY you should be there!

There will be a ten bell salute for the recently departed Chavo Sr. 

Swarm will be invading TCW with members Wade Olsen and Viktor Garcia taking on Arrow Club members, Kyle Hawk and Kyote. These are both known teams who have made a name for themselves, but the Swarm is less known here in TCW. Will they dodge the attack by Arrow Club or will Arrow Club score a bulls eye in this meeting?

Fan Favorite Reggie Lincoln, Cody Pack, and The One who is One with All Evren Orion will all be battling for for the LAST spot in the TCW Gold Rush Tournament. Who will make it in? Will they be up to the challenge after this three way match?  Who will you cheer for?

MikeyThirteen  Thekendokid, the current TCW Heavyweight Champion, will put his belt on the line against Crossbones himself. Everyone wants the belt and wearing it makes you a target for all the wrestlers who want that gold around their waist! Can Mikey kept his hard won belt? Will Crossbones poison his dreams? Come find out!

Donnie Giovanni will have to face The Candyman.  Donnie is way over with the fans and gets better every time I see him, both in moves and getting the fans into the match. Again, I know little about The Candyman, but he seems to really want to make a name for himself. Can Giovanni sour the Candyman or will Candyman sweeten his stance on TCW?

The TCW TV title is up for grabs at this show as well. Tyler Jett will take his unique style and wit and face off with the one and only Jojo Bravo, who is very good at adapting to different styles. Can Jett fly above it all for a win or will we be cheering Bravo for the win to Jojo?

Zach Bradley, who has allowed anger to blind him, will be taking on the showboating Devin Wilson and all just to move up in the rankings at TCW. I am sure both men would love to get gold around their waist.

Banjo Billy will be issuing another open challenge! Who will answer? What could happen?

Don’t miss out on these matches and see who will leave TV champion and Heavyweight champion. Who gets the last spot at the Gold Rush? Also, one of the sponsors will be there to sell their comic books, a bonus along with the wrestlers merch.


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