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Sabotage Wrestling is hosting their next event titled “Hey Ladies” this Saturday night. A women’s champion will be crowned for the first time ever and we caught up with one of the participants, Desi Desrata. You can read what we talked about below.

H/F: At what age did you begin watching wrestling?

DD: I did not watch wrestling as a child. Although recently, after beginning my wrestling, I learned that my dad loved Jake the Snake, but as a kid, I recall him not liking wrestling. He liked boxing, and I remember watching boxing a lot. It was in my 20’s when I stumbled in on a live local wrestling show, and though I knew it was “pro-wrestling,” I had no idea it was like that… the crowd was INTO it! I knew at that moment, I had to be part of pro-wrestling.

H/F: Where did you begin your training and who did you train with?

DD: The nearest place to where I was living to train was 3 hours away, in Reno. I began my first few months driving every week in Reno, at the Reno Wrestle Factory. I had a big life transistion, personally matters, happen that year, and I had a trip planned to drive to Alaska. That fall, I drove to Alaska, where I stayed and trained under JT West at New Frontier Wrestling Alliance. When I returned to California at the beginning of the following year, I began training as Supreme Pro Wrestling, who had a variety of young trainers including Sir Samurai, Jeff Cobb, JR Kratos, and Brian Tanned. Since my debut last year, I began training under Zack Reeb, where I have gained much insight on how to tie everything I’ve learned together, with expression, emotion, and nuances. I continually take seminars. I have had amazing seminars most recently with Saraya Knight, Colt Cabana, Al Snow, Chavo Guerrero, Matt Striker and many others.
H/F: How long have you been in the business?

DD: I debuted almost exactly one year ago. Since my first days training, it will be 3 years this summer.

H/F: Who are some of your influences or people that you look up to in the business?

DD: As bad as it may sound, I don’t really have any influences. There are people I look up to, people I learn from, but not necessarily anyone who has had he capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of myself. That may be because I didn’t watch it as a child, so was not as easily influenced. Currently, I look up to people who maintain positive attitudes, don’t talk shit, and grind. Those who put themselves out there, who get past the jealousy and negativity that others try to tear them down with. I admire Jeff Cobb, too. He has charisma in the ring, but hold himself so humbly outside. He works hard, is honest and communicative.

H/F: What is your entrance music? Any reason for picking this song?

DD: “Informal Gluttony” by Between the Buried and Me is my original entrance song. I’ll still use it depending on the venue. I chose it because it hits hard, and really gets my emotions going. It’s metal. The drums are epic. As I began developing my character, and encouraged my by native brothers and sisters, I started using a variety of Tribe Called Red songs. A few of them are titled “Electric Pow Wow Drum,” “Stadium Pow Wow,” and “Native Puppy Love”. I chose those because it expressed the traditional Native Song and Drum with contemporary electronic sound, which describes what my character is about– to know where you came from, but to adapt and continually grow.

H/F: What is the name of your finisher?

DD: My finisher is North Wind (Kwi-na-ha in Paiute) and is executed like a Blue Thunder Bomb, but instead of me sitting out on my bum, I spin the opponent in a full circle before releasing and going down onto my belly with them. I also use the Indian Death Drop (Samoan Drop). I intend to use the Wheelbarrow Suplex one day as a finisher… so far, I have only gotten to tease it, where I get countered with a roll up or something else.

H/F: What have you learned about yourself in your journey of becoming a wrestler?

DD: Wrestling is funny. Incredible and funny. There are so many metaphores and equivalances wrestling has to everyday life. I’ve learned to slow down and make each move have meaning (though I’m still working on it), that applies to life, right?! I’ve gained even more patience. I’ve been humbled. Because of wrestling, I got into jiu jitsu which also has taught me a tenderness in the fiercely applied submissions and choke holds. I’ve learned so much because of wrestling, and it’s only just beginning.
H/F: What has been your favorite part of your career so far?

DD: So far my favorite part is the fact that I get to travel and visit places I’ve never been, that I finally found an avenue that I can entertain with my natural abilities, and that I’ve found the Arrow Club.

H/F: Who would your dream match be against?

DD: It would be against Jeff Cobb. But no time soon. In like, 5 years. But a tag match would be good. I’m just saying, he’s so good and professional, he’d make me look good, and taking suplex’s from him feels like flying…. weeeee!
H/F: Other than the dream match opponent, is there anyone that you haven’t worked with that you would like to one day?

DD: I’d love to work as many opponents as possible, none more than others, but there are some I’ve already worked that I probably would chose not to work again.
H/F: Ok let’s talk about Sabotage Wrestling now. Talk about how you became involved with Sabotage.

DD: I became involved with Sabotage because I believe Brian Cervantes saw something special about me when I had my debut match against his wife, Thunder Rosa in Reno last year.
H/F: What would it mean to you to become the first ever Sabotage women’s champion?

DD: It would be so special to be the first ever Sabotage women’s champion… it would mean that in my short time of wreslting, I have displayed not only skill, talent, but also my heart and my determination. I think that is what would make the support of me winning the championship heightened.

H/F: What can fans expect from you once you step in the ring?

DD: They can expect technical strikes and submission moves, power moves, and a strong ring presence.

H/F: How are you planning on preparing for this tournament?

DD: I have been preparing for this tournament by training, research on the other wrestlers, training, weight lifting, and training, and motivated for my talent show. I hope the talent portion gets added into the chance of the championship!
H/F: Any words for your fans?

DD: Thank you for your support. If you’d like to support more, I have Desi shirts for sale and Arrow Club Desi shirts for sale, and since I quit my job to wrestle and train, I could use the sales!!! Thanks!

H/F: Any last words that you would like to add?

DD: Nah. Don’t want to give too much on the first date. Thanks for the questions. 

-Desi Dee


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