Wrestle Circus: Taking Center Stage preview part two


The last time we saw Jeff Cobb in a Wrestle Circus ring, he was involved in an instant classic match with Moose. Unfortunately for Cobb, he came up a little short in that match, but he still had a strong showing. After missing the last Wrestle Circus event, ACH is back and ready to bring his “Defend Texas” movement to the Tent once again.

The last time we saw the “King of Texas” at Wrestle Circus, he defeated Chris Hero (Kassius Ohno) in a hard hitting battle. Cobb is looking to get back on the winning track and ACH would love nothing more than to keep his momentum going at the Circus.

Cobb’s strength and agility has been on full display in his matches at WC, while ACH continues to prove that he can wrestle with the best of them, no matter the size of his opponents. I fully expect this one to be another hard hitting battle, mixed in with some high flying action, possibly from both men. Will the “King of Texas” continue to reign supreme in his quest to defend the state or will “Mr. Athletic” derail the movement and begin a run at a title shot of his own? Find out by purchasing the iPPV and tune in on Sunday night beginning at 7pm(eastern).
Jeff Cerda

I think we might need to start calling Donovan Dijak “the show-stealer of Wrestle Circus”. His match with Keith Lee at “the Opening Act” was the stuff of legend and there wasn’t a single person still in their seat at the end of his match with Tessa Blanchard. While his time in Ring of Honor may be up for now, Dijak just has the feel of a champion. He’s big. He’s strong. He’s fast. Dijak has shown the ability to adapt to any opponent. And he’ll need all of it if he wants to come out on top in this one.

Local legend. Internationally known. Ring of Honor superstar. For &^)% sake, they call the man “Death”. Ray Rowe has been a mainstay on the Austin independent wrestling scene and for good reason. The man just destroys anything and anyone in his path. Whether it’s with Hanson in War Machine or on his own, Rowe almost always comes out on top. Much like his opponent, we’ve seen Rowe be able to adapt to any size challenge and any situation presented.

But there will be no size, strength or speed advantage for either of these two competitors. It’s hard to think a more even match-up has stepped through the ropes of Wrestle Circus. I have no idea if this is going to be a fight or a wrestling match. Each of these men excels at both. With the ultimate goal of Wrestle Circus being a shot at the Ringmaster Championship, could anyone argue against the winner of this match getting a title shot in the future? Not this guy.
-Jason Harris

With Leva Bates confirmed to be in attendance, one of the biggest questions of the show will be who will she show up as? We have seen her as Y2Leva, Nakamura, #Broken Leva, and who can forget Leva Omega, just to name a few. No preview of Wrestle Circus would be complete without at least attempting to guess who Leva will show up as. These are my guesses:
John Wick: Leva has been showing off some artwork on her twitter feed of her dressed up as John Wick and I could see her showing up as the “Baba Yaga”. This one might be a stretch due to the fact that “dude in a suit” is a very generic looking costume. She did break this out last weekend at WSU10, so she may be reluctant to use it so soon again, but her pictures in costume look amazing and I’d love to see this one live.
Kurt Angle: The recent WWE HOF inductee would be a great cosplay. Seeing Leva in the stars and stripes gear with the instantly recognizable music would be sure to get the crowd on their feet. It would be a fitting tribute to Angle and Leva would be the one to pull it off with great authenticity.
Bray Wyatt: Leva could bring her fireflies to the Tent and come out as the new SmackDown Champion and Eater of Worlds, Bray Wyatt. This character would be right up Leva’s alley of unexpected surprises and would certainly get a nice pop from the crowd. Bray is the talk of the town right now, having just captured his first title and would be a nice addition to the show.
No matter who Leva chooses, she is sure to have a memorable appearance. One that will leave the crowd talking for days. Also, with Tessa Blanchard being taking off the card, could we see Leva inserted into the Woman’s match to keep it a four way?
-Joseph Montana

Hang on to your butts, this one is going to be a doozy. What starts as a Battle Royal, will eventually turn into a Tag Team Championship match. Twelve men will enter into the battle royal, 60 seconds apart, then the two final competitors will be joined by their partners and Wrestle Circus fans will finally learn who their tag team champions will be. And y’all, the field is loaded.

Unfortunately, the Killer Elite Squad will be down a man, Lance Hoyt, due to injury. I think I can safely say from everyone here at Heel/Face Wrestling and Wrestle Circus fans across the globe, we wish Hoyt a safe and speedy recovery. However, Davey Boy Smith Jr. went out and found himself a sizable substitute in Carson. A mainstay in Wrestle Circus, Carson provides Smith with a shot at tag team gold despite the KES not being at full strength.

The Boys make their triumphant return to Wrestle Circus, but can’t be too thrilled to see PBK, Keith Lee and Shane Taylor, in the Battle Royal as well. The match we all saw between these two teams was one for the record books. The Bullet Club will be represented as the Guerillas of Destiny return to Austin, having faced KES in their last showing at Wrestle Circus. Add to that the eclectic and electric style of Extra Talent-ed, Ricky Starks and Aarow Solow, and the wild card team of Andy Dalton and Scott Mackenzie and… well, holy sh*t.

I have no idea who is going to come out on this one. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. The only thing we can all be sure of is that whoever comes out on top will represent Wrestle Circus as the original Tag Team Champions.
-Jason Harris

Brain Cage won the the vacant Ringmaster Championship at the last Wrestle Circus show in a hard fought battle against Michael Elgin. No doubt he is looking to show that he is a strong champion with another powerful showing. This time around, Cage’s opponent is a little different than his usual foes. “The Technical Wizard” himself, Zack Sabre Jr. will step up to the plate and challenge Cage for his Ringmaster Title. ZSJ is known for making wrestling look effortless with his smooth transitions and technical knowledge. “The F’n Machine” Brian Cage is all about that power and rage. Cage is already proving to be a fighting champion and is not backing down from any challenge. It will be interesting to see how the two styles clash, power vs technical wrestling, and if Cage will simply overpower his opponent. ZSJ is no stranger to going against power having face Keith Lee in the past few months. Who will come out on top? Will Cage end ZSJ’s bid with his Weapon X finisher or will ZSJ lock the champ in one of his many holds and force the “The F’n Machine” to short circuit and tap out. Whatever the outcome this looks to be an awesome match up.
-Joseph Montana

The match that every Wrestle Circus fan has been counting down to since the day it was announced. The King and “Future of Flight” Ricochet is making his long awaited Wrestle Circus debut, while “The Best Ever” aka “Mr. Money’s Worth” Sammy Guevara has been on a tear at the promotion, having only lost one match since the company debuted in October.

The two men did not waste any time to exchange words over twitter, just days after the match was announced.

As I mentioned, Sammy has been on a tear at Wrestle Circus and he has had some phenomenal victories over some of the best talent in the world over the last 13 months or so and he made it very clear that Ricochet was one of his top five guys that he has wanted to wrestle. Luckily for us, we will be able to witness this magical match happen right here in Austin, Texas. While Sammy may have not won every single “big match” that he as been in over the last year, he was no doubt in every single one of them and could have easily walked away with a win.

Ricochet is fresh off of a victory over Will Ospreay at WCPW in a match that saw the top rope break just minutes into the match. Even with only two ropes, Ricochet showed why he is one of the best in the world at what he does. I could sit here and list all of his accolades, but we would be here for an eternity. Fellow wrestlers, die hard fans, casual fans, Rudy’s newborn Rhedyn, Jason’s dog, EVERYONE is looking forward to this match and for good reason. What we are going to witness could go down as one of the best matches of 2017 and you DO NOT want to miss it!
-Jeff Cerda

Tickets for this event have sold out, but you can still watch it on iPPV by purchasing it here.



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