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The Sammy Guevara After Hours Show Ep. 1

If you listen to the Sammy Guevara show live on Heel/Face Wrestling, then you already know the madness that happens when we talk to Sammy. After the show concludes, the gang usually talks to Sammy for awhile about…..nothing really. But we always end up having a good time and there are plenty of laughs. So, we decided to press record and bring you the Sammy Guevara After Hours Show. This is the debut episode and it is filled with TONS of guests. The madness was taken to a whole different level and is definitely filled with plenty of laughs and awkwardness.

Note: The audio for this show was not edited to keep the natural feel of the conversation and contains language that is NSFW. 


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  1. Deborah Camacho

    OMG. Too funny. Sammy, you had me laughing the whole time. Awesome show guys. Look forward to the next one.

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