Wrestle Circus: Taking Center Stage preview part one


Though Wrestle Circus has been around just a few short months, we’ve seen many a rivalry develop: Jax Dane and Carson, Jervis Cottonbelly and Dick Justice, the Trash Man and literally everyone else in the building. But none may quite sum up Wrestle Circus better than Jordan Len-X and his pursuit of Scorpio Sky and the Sideshow Championship.
​Twice Len-X has had a shot at the title and twice Len-X has come up short, the caveat being that it was never just a traditional match-up. I’m sure Len-X himself would say that the terms of the match are no excuse for not coming out on top, but I think we can safely say that this is the shot Len-X has wanted all along. A win and he can finally put this hunt to rest. He can finally prove any doubters wrong. He can finally become the Wrestle Circus Sideshow Champion.
​Standing in his way though is THE champion Scorpio Sky. I emphasize this because Sky is the only Sideshow Champion that Wrestle Circus has ever known. No matter the opponent, the match, the venue, one constant remains the same: Scorpio Sky. He can grapple, he can fly. He can beat you with speed, he can beat you with strength. There’s a reason Sky has been the champion this long and until someone takes it from him, the reign will continue.
-Jason Harris

With 5 shows under the Big Top, Wrestle Circus has yet  to crown a Lady of The Ring, but that could all change when these four ladies take center stage. Rachael Ellering has won two matches in a row and is looking to pick up her third victory in the “Tent”. This would make her the first ever “Lady of the Ring”. Standing in her way are three very formidable wrestlers. Last time we saw Tessa Blanchard, she fearlessly stepped into the ring with Donovan Dijak. She had a very strong showing and is looking to make a bigger statement by winning this elimination match. Chelsea Green(Impact Wrestling’s Laurel Van Ness) is making her WC debut and looking to make a big first impression by winning this match. She is one to not be overlooked. Not to overshadow Chelsea Green’s debut, but the Wrestle Circus crowd is ready for the biggest debut in the Women’s Division with the arrival of Sexy Star to the Tent! The only woman to hold the Lucha Underground Championship. She is no stranger to tough competition and won the Third Aztec Warfare to hold that championship. So how is this match going to work? Are they crowning a champion only if Rachael wins? Or are they going to count a pinfall/submission elimination as a “win” and crown whoever gets three eliminations? Rachael would need to be the LAST one to get the pin/submission. High drama could ensue if one of the women gets to two eliminations and it comes down to just Rachael and that wrestler. But wait, Leva Bates is confirmed to be appearing. Could she factor in to this match as well? A surprise entrant? Interference? And who will she cosplay as this time? So many questions and so many angles are making this match one of the most interesting matches on the card. This should be a fun one to watch and who know’s what will happen come February 19th.

Joseph Montana

UPDATE: Tessa Blanchard will no longer compete at this event, but if you know Wrestle Circus like we do, they will find a replacement for her and will not disappoint. We hope to see Tessa back at the Tent soon!

If we’re using the eyeball test here, these two gentlemen seem to be polar opposites. But they have quite a bit in common. Both had storied careers in the United States and arguably even bigger careers in Japan. Both have held championship gold all around the world. Now both come to Wrestle Circus to truly find out who is bigger in Japan…in Austin.
​If you were a fan of wrestling in the 80’s & 90’s then you remember Scott Norton appearing regularly on your television and regularly kicking ass and taking names. After a near ten-year absence, Norton recently returned to wrestling at New Japan’s Wrestle Kingdom. A strong showing put the wrestling world on notice that Scott Norton is back in a huge way.
​Joey Ryan has graced the Wrestle Circus crowd with his presence a few times now, the last of which saw him end up with a lollypop in the rear, courtesy of Jade. Definitely a crowd favorite, Ryan has faced big men before at Wrestle Circus, but this may be his biggest yet. A win against Norton would prove Ryan really is huge in Japan… in more ways than one!
-Jason Harris

One of my favorite things at the circus has always been the high flying acrobats and Wrestle Circus is no different. This triple threat between Rey Fenix, Shane “Killshot” Strickland, and the debuting Dezmond Xavier will be a high flying spectacle that is sure to get the crowd hyped. Strickland is coming off a debut match at the last Wrestle Circus against Sammy Guevara, which tore the house down. If you haven’t watched it, then you are missing out. YouTube it now! Rey Fenix brings his highly decorated resume back to the Tent and is looking to dazzle the crowds once more with his high-paced lucha style. The debuting Dezmond Xavier has been on a tear through the indies and is making his name known more and more. This guy is one of the most athletic wrestlers in the ring that I have seen. All three of men are known for high-flying, heart-stopping, holy shit chant inducing moments and I expect this match to be no different. Huge spots and lots of crazy moves will have the crowd on their feet. None of these guys are strangers to each other, so counters should be aplenty. This has all the makings of another Wrestle Circus instant classic.
-Joseph Montana

Open invitationals are always a bit of a bold move. But we are talking about Godzilla here! I would say it is a bold move by the person that chooses to accept this invitation. But who could it be? Here are a few names that we consider to have a shot to answer the call:

Carson, Wes Brisco or Jessy Sorenson-I counted this group as one since they are a known faction at Wrestle Circus. Dane picked up a win over Carson at Tough Act To Follow to avenge the loss he took at The Grandest Wrestling Show on Earth. The feud with Carson may be over, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wes or Jessy (or both) take a crack at Godzilla. As I just mentioned, the Dane/Carson series is tied at 1 win each, so maybe Carson answers the call for the rubber match and we end this feud once and for all.

Jervis Cottonbelly-Jervis is advertised for this event, however, he does not have an opponent at this time. This may be a bit of a reach, but I had to include his name on this list just in case. I do not think there is a very good chance of Jervis answering the challenge, but crazier things have happened at Wrestle Circus, so I wouldn’t be completely surprised if he did.

“Dirty” Andy Dalton-The last time we saw the “Dirty” one was at the debut show for Wrestle Circus, “The Opening Act”. He was victorious over Mike Dell and we haven’t seen him since. Dalton and Dane have been in the ring with each other on several occasions, but never in a Wrestle Circus ring. Seeing Dalton back at the Tent would be great and I think it would make for an awesome match.

Willie Mack-Willie has yet to get a win at the Wrestle Circus promotion and getting one against Jax Dane would not be an easy task, however, if he were to get a win over Dane, this could propel him back in the right direction. Willie has held his own against some of the top talent and he does not shy away from competition.

The Trash Man-Definitely not a fan favorite at Wrestle Circus, but I don’t think the crowd would mind seeing the Trash Man getting tossed around by Dane. Since becoming an advocate for EC3, the Trash Man has been getting beat up at every show, so why not keep the trend going?

“Unholy” Gregory James-James is another wrestler who has yet to pick up a win at Wrestle Circus and a win over Dane would put him back on track and headed towards another title shot. Last month, James was involved in a fatal 5-way match for the Sideshow championship, but came up a little short. James has been on quite a roll outside of Wrestle Circus, so maybe he can carry over some of that momentum and keep it rolling at the Tent.
-Jeff Cerda



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