TCW SLAMMIN 6 2017 Preview


Hello! It has been awhile TCW fans and I am sorry, I had a wedding and got caught up in some personal stuff, but I am going to try to get back into going to TCW and writing about them. Sadly, I will not be able to make this show as by the time a date was set, I was already scheduled to work, but I am working on that issue as well. 

At any rate that is NOT why you clicked on this link! Let us talk about the first TCW show of the new year, not including the one they did on New Years Eve as that started in 2016, no matter when it finished.  This card looks like a varied and well put together series of match ups highlighting some title bouts and allowing some of TCW’s finest and longest residents getting their time in the spot light to start out 2017!

I don’t have an order of matches, so I will go off how they are listed on the card. The first match on the card is a TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH! Jojo Bravo and Darin Childs are the current TCW Tag Team Title holders and if you are not aware, Darin is on his final run through the wrestling world for in the ring action. His final match will be in ACW next month, but he is defending the titles against Hate Cryme(Marcus Rose and Pretty Boy Jay) who have been hunting those belts through several teams and many, many months. Will Darin go out as a Champion? Will Marcus Rose’s recent turn and saying he is sorry make him lose some hate and passion? This should be an fun match up.

The TCW TV Title is currently in the hands of Tyler Jett. He now has to defend it against not just one tough opponent in Sammy Haggard, who has been more and more impressive, but he has to defend it against American Eagle as well who we know can fly and fight (insert your own political joke here). Can Jett keep flying high or will he be brought down to crash and burn?

The one and only Mr. B, recently off his return to Inspire Pro, will be doing battle with a man who has been doing this quite a long time himself and was a fan favorite not that long ago in Zach  Taylor. No belts or awards on the line here. Just straight up who is the better, tougher, smarter man. Both of these men have been favorites and hated, who gets pinned or submitted? Come find out!

Candyman will step in the ring with “Classy” Max Sterling. I will admit I don’t know much about either of these wrestlers so I sadly can not say much, I am a little out of touch but please feel free to update me and let me know more about them and how their match goes.

Kyle Hawk and his Arrow Club have been making marks everywhere, hitting bulls eyes you might say. One of the members of the Arrow Club, Kyote, is taking aim at the one, the only, The STUDTACULAR Brysin Scott, who will have Simply Luscious in his corner. No word on if any of the fellow Arrow Club members will be there. Scott is a tough man to beat, but only when focused, he can lose focus easy with bad signs or people calling him names.

Prince Simms will be in the ring and in action against Aaron Harmes, which should be a fun match. An update was just added to this match, one of these two men will be in the 2nd Annual Gold Rush Tournament! This will be a qualifying match and the Gold Rush is being held March 18th. As we get closer, I will refresh your memory on the 1st annual. Now both men will have to battle harder as it is not just a win but a chance to advance and get a belt in the near future.

An open challenge was also issued by Banjo Billy and I believe it was answered by Shane Stratmore. Two fun matches to round out the card and a great way for TCW to start off the new year!

We know that won’t be all, it is a new year, but grudges and hatreds don’t just vanish. Danny Donnavon The GM still has choice and decisions to make to lead TCW into 2017. Many others will no doubt be there such as Evren Orion, Ethan Daniels, and many others

Come check out the show on January 28th at the Killeen National Guard Armory!


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