Turnbuckle Talk: Emily Hayden


Welcome to another edition of Turnbuckle Talk! Today we have another wonderful wrestler to feature, the one and only Emily Hayden!

Emily is based in Glasgow, Scotland and has been wrestling for just over two years. Learn what got her into wrestling, who her dream match would be against, what she does with her down time and so much more by reading the interview below!


At what age did you begin watching wrestling?
EH: I started watching wrestling at the age of 3 or 4 because of my dad and my brother who would watch WWF.

When did you know that you wanted to become a wrestler?
EH: I remember watching Jericho debut on RAW and having his back and forth with the Rock and being hooked in. That and seeing Lita with the Hardyz in Team XTreme for the first time and doing a top rope hurricanrana played a big part on my dream of being a wrestler.

Where did you begin your training and who did you train with?
EH: I train with the PBW Academy in Scotland. There are 3 schools: Greenock, Airdrie and Barrhead. I started training at the Airdrie school and have been trained by the head coach, TJ Rage. I also like to go to the Barrhead school when I can and have been trained by Kid Fite, the head coach there who also runs the academy as well as the Premier British Wrestling promotion itself. Both coaches have been really great with the advice and encouragement they have given me over the years to become a better wrestler and I have so much respect for them.
How long have you been in the business?
EH: I have been training for 4 years overall and have been on shows since 2 years ago when I debuted on a friends and family show in 2014 for PBW.

Who are some of your influences or people that you look up to in the business?
EH: I have a few but as of late I’m really influenced by Kay Lee Ray as she’s a graduate of the academy and has done some pretty amazing things. She’s really set the bar for aspiring wrestlers like myself and I hope to be at least half as talented as her one day.


What is your entrance music? Any reason for picking this song?
EH: In This Moment – Call Me. No particular reason really other than I liked it and kinda had it stuck in my head for a while. Catchy so I thought might as well, eh?

What is the name of your finishers?
EH: I don’t really have names for my finishers, I just use their original names (laughs) Twist of Fate, shining wizard, those do the job.

What have you learned about yourself in your journey of becoming a wrestler?
EH: I learned to be more confident and to stop doubting myself. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Learned the valuable lesson of always being hungry but to always stay humble with the opportunities I receive.
What has been your favorite part of your career so far?
EH: My favorite part was getting the chance to wrestle Kay Lee Ray in a mixed tag match in my hometown in front of my friends and family. Genuinely one of my highlights so far and a moment I’ll never forget.

Who would your dream match be against?
EH: My dream match would with Eddie Guerrero.
Other than the dream match opponent, is there anyone that you haven’t worked with that you would like to one day?
EH: I would really love to work with Candice LeRae or Nixon Newell. Both are very talented and badass!
What are some of your goals for 2017?
EH: My goal for next year is to hopefully become a regular face on some promotions. That and to debut for more, of course.

Favorite cheat meal? Type of music? Type of movies?
EH: Anyone that knows me really well knows my cheat meal is a pizza! Type of music I like is rock (or as my peers refer to as ‘mosher music’) I also like J-pop which is an answer that normally surprises people.


What is something that not many people know about you?
EH: I’m a comic book geek. Wonder Woman and Starfire are my girls! Also big on anime and a very proud hardcore gamer.

Favorite place that you have wrestled so far?
EH: I can’t really name a favorite place to be honest. There’s too many!

Bucket list of places you want to wrestle?
EH: Japan is the big one of the list, hoping to get the chance someday.

What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t wrestling?
EH: When I don’t wrestle, you’ll usually catch me skimming the comics (Spider-Gwen is the new obsession lately) or playing a video game. I’m currently awaiting Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian to make my way through for my gamer collection…cause you know, that’s pretty cool.

Update: since this interview was concluded, Emily now has both games!

Finish this statement, if I wasn’t involved in wrestling, I would be doing…
EH: Care! I work as a carer already (laughs) so that sounds about right.

Any words for your fans?
EH: Anything I need to say they’ll catch on my twitter, @EmilyHayden_PBW or facebook page

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Any last words that you would like to add?
EH: Only things I can think to add are the links to the wrestling school I train at, PBW Academy

Premier British Wrestling like page where you can see for yourself all of the dates for next year

And of course the link to the PBW on demand service where you can watch past PBW shows

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