ACW: Guilty By Association XI Recap


Guilty By Association number 11! Holy Crap, over ten years of ACW and still going strong! I do want to go over the previous years and GBA’s, but that is for another time and blog. Today we are just looking at GBA XI and how we are starting 2017 off at Anarchy! But FIRST, we look at some of our normal features from R.K.’s predictions and the quick look for people who only want the endings and who won and lost.

R.K. Prediction: The Taylors will either be fully destroyed and taken out early or they will pull of a win out of nowhere! Less a prediction but a prediction anyway, Angel Blue will win.

We got rain at this GBA, which is a rare ACW thing but does happen. This is bad for the fans but it does add some different fighting and skills to win or even fight in a ring as things become slippery and hard to grasp. That mostly affected the first and last match so lets look at who won and lost quickly.

  • Donnie Giovanni pinned Richard Reason
  • Mad Tigre pinned Wade Olsen
  • Tank Engine Thomas/”Big Time” Reggie Lincoln/Christi Jaynes defeated Taylor Jett/Skyler Jett/Allie Kat when Christi pinned Allie
  • Mr. B pinned Jeff Gant in Red River Street Fight
  • 4 Way Scramble: Graham Bell  pinned Johnny Axxle, Graham Bell pinned Marcus Rose, Jake Girden pinned Bell to get final pin and win. W: Jake Girden
  • Tag Team: Cherry pinned a Taylor, then both Fu Tang members pinned Cherry, Hooligans pinned Scotty for the win.
  • Leva Bates makes Jack Jameson say I quit for the win.
  • MASADA pins Alex Rudolph 
  • TV Title Match: Ricky Starks pinned Darin Childs to become the new champion
  • Joshi Title Match: Angel Blue pins Sage Sin to retain
  • 3 Way match:  Kingsmen pins Ethan Daniels, Ruthless Lala pins Kingsmen for the win.
  • Fight to the Death: Sky wins by making Jason Silver submit.
  • ACW Heavyweight and Hardcore Title: Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion(C) gets pinned by Jojo Bravo to become the new ACW Heavyweight and Hardcore champion.

In a nice twist, we open with several one on one matches for GBA.  The first match has a new referee and some fairly new wrestlers to ACW, not fully new but last few months new.

Richard Reason vs Donnie Giovanni: Richard calls for everyone to listen to him as he is the voice of reason but no one pays him much mind. Donnie Giovanni came out and he is quickly becoming a fan favorite and gets lots of cheers. They went at it hard and even spilled outside but Donnie got the pin and has improved quite a bit since I first saw him. Reason held his own but focuses too much on getting his speeches in or talking at everyone. Winner: Donnie G by pinfall

Wade Olsen vs Mad Tigre: A strange match up, Wade came out in a leather jacket and headed towards the entrance to the bar and danced his way to the ring. Chants of Alex Wright started up as he danced. Mad Tigre came out and pumped up the crowd, it was a short match, but fun. They traded moves and finally Tigre hit a move that fellow fan said should be called The Twisting Tiger and got the win over Wade. Winner by pinfall: Mad Tigre

Taylor Jett, Skyler Jett(for tonight), and Allie Kat vs Tank Engine Thomas, Big Time Reggie Lincoln, and Christi Jaynes: A crazy match, Reggie has lost the afro and the fun glasses but they all posed and worked together better, but it was a quick and fun match overall. Taylor Jett is scared of hair picks and for awhile his team trapped Thomas and beat him down for quite some time. Soon enough though, Skyler got in and attacked Jaynes with a series of hard hitting blows and took her down for a time. After that, everyone got some good hits in, but Thomas, Lincoln and Jaynes get the win. Winners: Jaynes pins Allie Kat.

Red River Street Fight: Mr. B vs Jeff Gant with Dan the MANager: This has been building for several months as Mr. B has been calling out Jeff, who has been busy or not at the show. Mr. B said it was because he was avoiding him, but now it is finally happening and in a street fight no less. While Jeff had on his gear, Mr. B dressed for a street fight. Lime-A-Way came out with a golf bag with Kendo sticks. The match spilled outside and to the stage pretty quickly and Mr. Limeaide attacked Mr. B as well, well he tried and Mr. B wasted no energy on him, just poking him in the eyes and walking past him.

Mr. B brought it back in the ring and pile drove Jeff hard and then beat him down, at one point choking him with his foot while Jeff was in the corner. A bowling ball was then brought out by Mr. B, who rolled a strike right into whatever nuts Gant has or had, before discount green kool aid came in and attacked Mr. B and gave Jeff Gant a kendo stick to allow Jeff Gant to get the upper hand. Chairs and a board were brought in and more kendo sticks were used, but in the end Mr. B put Gant through the large piece of wood from the second rope and after that fall and going through the board, Gant was not getting back up. Winner of Street Fight: Mr B by Pinfall

4 Way Scramble Match: Graham Bell from Black Diamond vs Marcus Rose vs Jake Girden vs Johnny Axxle: A strange group of people, while some have grudges, like Bell and Axxle, mostly they have all only fought a few times. We opened with Rose saying that anyone there last month saw that ACH came out and “spoke” with Rose and more than put him in his place. Rose has given this nothing but thought since then and realized a lot of what ACH said is true and he wants to turn over a new leaf. He will train and do better and be a different guy then we have seen, but most people wouldn’t let him speak. He never got mad or went back on what he was saying so maybe he really will try.

Girden had enough and plowed right through Rose and got the match started. They all started battling and while they did so, Rose took the time to go up to the balcony where the lighting and sound is and jumped off that balcony right on to Graham Bell. Sadly the ref made a few mistakes and counted to three, but ignored it. Axxle was targeted by Bell and soon enough Bell got the pin, taking Axxle out, then Bell turned to Rose and pinned him as well. After that, he faced off with Girden, who took him down and got the pin. Winner: Jake Girden by Pinfall

4 Way Tag Team Match: The Taylors vs The Lords of Seduction vs Fu-Tang Clan vs The Hooligans: This was a fun match. The Taylors have been apart for awhile, but it seems they have not lost a step working together and were impressive. Cherry was again the leader of his team and did most of the heavy lifting, though Starr got in a few decent hits. I was glad to see Scotty back and it seems back in stride as part of his new team. After Starr hit one of the Taylers with what we call the Cockyright infringement, Cherry followed up and pinned a Taylor. The Fu Tang clan both pinned Cherry and eliminated his team. This left The Hooligans and Fu Tang clan to battle. All four men sit down in the center of the ring and trade punches in a circle. After going at this for some time, it comes down to one Hooligan and Scotty who trade blows in chairs for a bit longer. Then the second Hooligan comes back and they attack Scotty and pin him.  Winner: The Hooligans(who may or may not now have a title shot)

I Quit Match: Jack Jameson vs Steve O Reno: This has also been building for many, many months and they choose GBA to finish it, but Steve was not here, Jack said it was due to some “car issues” and so the match wouldn’t be happening and he would have the night off. Then LEVA BATES music hit, a wrestler he used to be great friends with and even tag partners with and has been attacking and badmouthing on Twitter and Facebook. She said she came to finish the job for Steve and to shut Jameson up. Winner: No one to this match

I Quit Match: Jack Jameson vs Leva Bates: This was strange, but awesome. While Jack has been hunting Steve, he has also been attacking other old friends and Leva is among them, so she came out in a Jameson shirt and not her normal cosplay and said she was tired of Jack’s bullshit. She said for anyone not in the know, they used to be the Mega Man Powers and friends. They went at it, no holds barred and Jack even managed to knock out Leva fully and used a beer to wake her up. He pours it on her head and then power bombed her close to 5 or 6 times and got the ref to ask if she quits. She said to suck her d**k and screamed. They battle all around the ring and get asked several times if they want to quit, but always say no.

Back in the ring, Leva got him down to his knees and super kicks him 6 or 7 times, so he grabs his towel hanging from his tights and chokes Leva, not even holding back a little. He throws her down and grabs a chair, holding it on her throat and choking her, asking if she quits and when she gets a breath she says no. It spills back outside and Leva gets rope or something and ties Jack to a ring rope, both hands. Then gets a lighter and goes to set Jack’s beard on fire and he yells out he quits 2 or 3 times to make sure the ref hears. Winner by I Quit and fire: Leva Bates

Alex Rudolph w/ Chainsaw Jackie Blue vs MASADA: Why we have not seen this match before, I have no idea? Seems like a obvious match, but glad it is happening now. The chainsaw is new to me and MASADA was smart enough to say he wouldn’t get in the ring until the chainsaw was gone. Alex attacked some chairs with the chainsaw before handing it over to the ref. Before the bell rang, we already had 4 or 5 chairs in the ring. Both drink some Lone Stars they are handed and they crush the cans in different ways. The attacks are BRUTAL and respect is shown by both sides but man they are not holding back.

The battle spills out in the BAR itself! We lose our ability to see for a bit but they come back and  Alex choke slams Masada on a small pile of chairs, which slows him down for a moment, but MASADA responds with a solid kick to the nuts allowing him to get the win. Winner: MASADA by pinfall.

ACW TV Title Match: Darin Childs(C) vs Ricky Starks: Darin has been wanting a match with Ricky Starks for awhile now, as Mr. Childs is close to ending his time in the ring and wanted to battle Starks. So he won the TV title and used it as bait to get Ricky in the ring. Darin came out with his normal Nightmare/Freddy glove and Ricky came out with a WrestleCircus shirt. Darin entered second as champion and started his posing, but suddenly turned and attacked Ricky with punches and kicks, going hard and fast getting the upper hand from the start.

A chair is brought in and Darin slams Ricky on to it and he hits his head HARD. Ricky returns and gets the upper hand after some hard slams by Darin. Ricky kept control of that match after he got control, never giving it back and this allowed him to get the win. Winner and New TV Champ: Ricky Starks

After the match, Darin said that Ricky is one of the best he ever fought and the right man won. Said he had a broken back, broken neck, and other smaller injuries and he may need to step down and focus on DVD’s, expanding ACW, maybe talking about TV time!!!

Joshi Championship Match: Sage Sin vs Angel Blue(c): I was excited to see Sage Sin back, but we all know how this one went. Angel Blue got the win no matter what Sage did. Winner and still Joshi Champ Angel Blue by pinfall. Afterwords Sage attacked Angel to the back.

3 Way Match: Ethan Daniels vs One Half of the Kingsmen vs Ruthless Lala: This one got brutal fast, Ethan saying this was HIS house and The Kingsmen laughing and saying he was barely a man. Ruthless breaking them up and telling them both they all had a match right now. They both attacked her for a bit, but no one seems to be able to keep the upper hand and they are all talking trash when they have it. Kingsmen seems more focused on Ethan and finally pins him before Lala goes all ruthless on him. He shoves her away calling her a man woman before she plows into him so hard she take him down and pins him. Winner by Pinfall: Ruthless Lala

Semi Main Event: Fight to the Death: Sky DeLacrimosa vs Jason Silver: One day I may write a series of articles on some of the best and/or longest feuds in the indie shows I go to as that is a popular series on WWE and TNA and this one would be included. While the match is good in and of itself, knowing the history of these two makes you wonder from the get go and be even more invested in how far they go. Sky, for example, never takes his mask off for this fight, a first that I can remember. The match spills to the stage, which is a Jason Silver match staple, but it doesn’t stay long before Silver both casually and brutally tosses Sky back to the ring.

Some chairs are brought in the ring(seeing a theme here?) and Sky slams Jason on to a small stack of two or three of them and goes to the second rope to try and finish Jason off. Jason is aware and rolls out of the way causing Sky to land on the chairs himself! Jason picks up Sky and takes him to the second rope to toss him off on to the chairs once more, but before Jason can follow up, Sky rolls fully out of the ring so Jason just jumps from top rope to outside to land on Sky.

He follows this up with 3 very hard chair shots to Sky’s back and sets up four chairs laid out in square you can throw or bomb your opponent onto. But before he can, Sky gets a second wind and puts Jason through the chairs and then into the concrete wall before he heads up the curtain to the “backstage” area being followed by Sky. They battle in the balcony seating area and remember it is still wet, Sky tries to throw Jason off the balcony to the ring but Jason holds on at first, but is finally half pushed, half slipped falling back into the ring hard. Sky flies from the balcony into a full force clothesline. He goes for the pin but Jason somehow manages to kick out! Sky puts him in a head and neck submission hold that Jason tries to roll out of but Sky rolls with him and keeps it on, causing Jason to TAP OUT which almost NEVER happens to Jason Silver. Winner by Submission: Sky DeLacrimosa

Main Event: ACW Heavyweight and Hardcore Title Match: Curt “Lone Star” Stallion(C) vs Jojo Bravo: First off, a few moments before this match starts it starts raining again and rains during most of the match, causing this to be harder for the wrestlers. As Stallion comes out, he demands that everyone stand up. No one does but nice try. Stallion is a brutal fighter, almost street fighting style where he hits hard, hits anywhere and will do anything to win. Jojo tends to have a code and some honor so this should be an unique battle. Curt is out to win by hurting you, Jojo is just out to pin or submit you but neither man likes to lose but for very different reasons.

For some reason, Curt has latched onto a group of fans on the stage near us. They are cheering him on, kind of, yelling “You can do it Kid Rock” or “Go Jorts,” but he is catering to them. Such as when he has Jojo in a submission they yell kiss him, so Curt does. Another time they dare Curt to spank Jojo, so he gets him in a position to do so and spanks him…Curt does get him down with all these attacks and antics and goes for a pin but Jojo gets a foot on the rope. A few times they slip on the ropes but mostly they stay sure footed. Curt keeps at Jojo for awhile, but gets cocky like he usually does and Jojo takes the opening.

He knocks down Curt with a few moves and heads up for a frog splash which he nails, while Curt is in a fetal position in pain, Jojo signals for the Samurai Driver and hits it going for the pin. It seemed to be all over but somehow Curt kicks out. Even Jojo look surprised, but he hits a second Samurai Driver and that allows him the pin! Winner by PInfall and New ACW Heavyweight and Hardcore Champion: Jojo Bravo

After it was all over, Jojo heard that there was someone retiring tonight, and asked if that was true. He looked up into where the wrestlers stand but it was too dark to see who was watching and told Darin he would NOT be allowed to quit without going through Jojo first. Curt stayed in the ring in one corner and never moved even as the show was over.


MY THOUGHTS: A fun show, like it usually is. There were some good solid matches and some surprises such as I really thought Curt was going to have a longer run with the titles. He seemed to be gaining fans and really hitting his stride. I was a MORE than a little surprised to see him lose the belts after so short a run, not bad, just surprised.

The rest of the belt matches were fun, The TV Title staying or switching, either way, would not have made much difference, that match was more Ricky facing Darin than about the title. The U30 and the Tag Titles were not defended this night, but the U30 has been in the spotlight the last 3 or 4 shows, so a break was most likely a good idea. I hope the Hooligans earned a title shot and I hope the teams they faced keep returning, I enjoyed that match.

The Joshi title was on the line and while I enjoy Sage Sin, I have sadly lost a lot on interest in the title. It is no ones fault really, but their really is not a “JOSHI Division” anymore. For better or worse, it really is just Angel Blue and while she does everything she can to carry it, you cannot call one person a division. She needs more stables and opponents who will be there every show again. I know this will be seen as an attack and I don’t mean it to be. I know many Joshi’s have moved on, some to other states, some of moved up, others have retired and it all happened with in a short period and has not had time to “refill.” Here is hoping it does soon.

My favorite match of the night is close to a tie, Seeing Mr. B WHIP Jeff Gant’s ass was a major HIGHLIGHT of the night and Sky vs Silver was my other favorite match. Both had story and buildup and anger to release. Both had wrestlers with things to prove, but VERY different things and both had a feeling of passion and heart in them.  

The I Quit match was fun, but as that is part of a larger, bigger things and was supposed to be a final match between two rivals. I want to hold off my full opinion until it is fully played out. I loved seeing Leva again and her putting Jameson in his place for his comments was nice. The new, more brutal less caring Jameson could one day be a hell of a force to reckon with.

Overall a fun show, not in my best GBA’s but there are 11 and everyone has a favorite, but it was a solid show with some twists and some things that I can’t wait to see played out in the future.

As of this writing, the next show was listed as Feb. 19th but that is NOT set in stone.






  1. In retrospect, that Darin Childs/Ricky Starks match was pretty deep. I’m proud that I was the one who handed Darin the chair.

    Still remember the time I held up the chair for Rachel Summerlyn against J.T. LaMotta.

    ACW, man.

    r k


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