Turnbuckle Talk: Delilah Doom


Welcome back to another edition of Turnbuckle Talk and today we have the fearless leader of the Doomies, Delilah Doom!

Delilah Doom is based out of central Texas, but she is making her way around the country and soon enough, she will go international! Recently, she became one half of the Twin Dragon tag team champions at Inspire Pro Wrestling, so she is looking to add more gold in the upcoming Sabotage tournament. She discusses where she’s trained, her entrance music, who some of her influences are and much more! You can read everything we talked about below!

H/F: At what age did you begin watching wrestling?
DD: I was in 4th grade when I first was introduced to wrestling. It quickly became an obsession of mine. From keeping a book of everything WWE (yes, I still have it), to backyard wrestling on trampolines. Wrestling was my life for sometime. There was a hiatus that did happen when liking wrestling became “uncool,” and I, unfortunately, followed that herd. However, my dream to become a wrestler never left. It was just placed on the back burner until the time was right.

H/F: When did you know that you wanted to become a wrestler?
DD: From the moment I saw Chyna!

H/F: Where did you begin your training and who did you train with?
DD: I first started training in Austin, TX at AAPW with George De La Isla. I then uprooted to San Antonio to continue my training with Funaki at the Funaki Dojo, where I currently am still at.

H/F: How long have you been in the business?
DD: A little over three years now.

H/F: Who are some of your influences or people that you look up to in the business?
DD: Does Richard Simmons count!?!? Alundra Blayze! Molly Holly and Beth Phoenix are also two strong, talented females that I definitely look up to and have influenced me. Funaki is another person who has helped me so much. I look up to him as both an in-ring performer and as my mentor and friend. His positive attitude and his passion for the wrestling business has helped shape me as a person and performer. William Regal has been extremely informative and helpful when I have been able to do extra work for WWE. Mr. Regal, along with Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Edge+Christian, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio (just to name a few) in-ring styles and matches are those I enjoy the most to watch and aspire to be like someday. A HUGE shout out to Thomas Shire<3, Lance Hoyt, Moonshine, Pierre Abernathy, Masada, Davey Vega, Rachel Summerlyn, Chris Wolfe, Joey Ryan, Mel & Brian Cervantes, Ricky Starks, Ali Kat, Angelus Layne, Kevin Harvey (sorry if I forgot someone) for helping me along the way.

H/F: What is your entrance music? Any reason for picking this song?
DD: “Let’s Go to the Mall” by Robin Sparkles. Any reason?!?!? Uh, Robin Sparkles! The Mall! What else do you need?! Well, maybe Richard Simmons?

H/F: What is the name of your finishers?
DD: Delilah Doom’s Excellent Adventure (Casadora Bull Dog), DOOM-aye (Running Knee Strike), Fujiwara Arm Bar (IN NEED OF A NAME), Rolling Knee Bar (given to me by Funaki).

H/F: What have you learned about yourself in your journey of becoming a wrestler?
DD: I have learned SO much about myself. The most important thing however would be that I can do anything I put my mind and my heart into.

H/F: What has been your favorite part of your career so far?
DD: I’d have to go with my WWE Monday Night Raw appearance. It was an awesome experience and definitely a motivating factor in moving forward in my career.

H/F: Who would your dream match be against?
DD: THIS IS TOUGH! I am going to say Funaki. Student vs teacher. Molly Holly<3333

H/F: Other than the dream match opponent, is there anyone that you haven’t worked with that you would like to one day?
DD: There are so many talented females out there, I want to wrestle all of them!!! Hahaha. Nicole Savoy, Kairi Hojo, Candice LaRea, Mia Yim and Victoria.

H/F: Ok let’s talk about Sabotage Wrestling now. Talk about how you became involved with Sabotage.
DD: I received a phone call from Thunder Rosa one evening telling me about the idea of Sabotage and asking if I would like the opportunity to be involved. Took me less than a second to say “YES!”
H/F: What would it mean to you to become the first ever Sabotage women’s champion?
DD: I feel as though there are many out there who do not take me seriously. Don’t believe I could become champion, or feel like I am not championship material. To become the first ever Sabotage Women’s Champion would be all my hard work, my dedication, my passion, and my heart proving those people wrong. It would mean I would step up and become an even better roll model to others. It would become a bigger motivator for me to keep learning and honing my craft to stay champion.

H/F: What can fans expect from you once you step in the ring?
DD: I am bright, bubbly, and so much fun. However, I should not to be looked over. While I love a good aerobics session, and I won’t miss a chance for some jazzercise, I am quick. I may be small, but I hit hard. I always have a few tricks up my sleeve…or should I say, leg warmer.

H/F: Anything you would like to say to the other women competing in this tournament?
DD: Delilah Doom isn’t playing around this time. I’m here to show why I am the QUEEN of Aerobics Style and why #DOOMIESNEVERSAYDIE!

H/F: How are you planning on preparing for this tournament?
DD: Studying my opponents, sweating to the oldies, and cutting back on my Orange Julius.

H/F: Any words for your fans?
DD: My #DOOMIES are the best. You guys motivate me to always do my best and to always stay positive. I wouldn’t be anything without you guys!

H/F: Any last words that you would like to add?
DD: Let’s go to the mall!!!!

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