Pinned Down 2: Machiko San Kicks Out!

You wanna fight about it?

We have not talked to Machiko in quite some time. She took some time away from wrestling, then was teaming/traveling with Teddy Hart, but now she seems to be back in Texas wrestling. She is currently sticking mostly to the Dallas and areas around that city. Things are getting back on track for her after some setbacks and I thought now would be a good time to follow up…In case you need a refresher of where she was before, click here.


1. With TNA and WWE paying more attention to the Indies than ever, how do you feel this has changed things?

MS: I think it has given me and everyone else like me more of an opportunity. Before, there was a little bit of a hopeless feeling as far as making it on TV due to what they were searching for at the time. It’s given me, personally, a helluva lot more motivation and hope compared to when I first broke into the business years ago. It’s very exciting. My favorite part of it all is seeing my friends finally on TV and waiting for my time to be there with them.

2. What was the worst character or gimmick you have had to do so far? Why?

MS: I was dressed up in a full geisha outfit (face makeup and all) due to my Japanese descent. I am only part Japanese, and although my name is true to that, I don’t look it so much. It didn’t make sense to me.

Come at me Bro!

3. With so many ways for fans to interact with wrestlers, and wrestlers being able to promote themselves (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,Filsinger games, etc.) Do you feel wrestlers use it correctly or enough as they should? Too Much? How has it changed things? Do you feel any one wrestler has perfected it?

MS: I don’t see anything wrong with it at all. I had just met Chelsea Green recently. She has had way more exposure, travel and experience than me, yet she has had less time in the business than I have. I asked her what she was doing and her first response was how well she capitalized on her social media. That’s something I’m trying to improve on (among other things).

4. What do you consider the lamest move in wrestling? What about the best?

Machiko and Money

MS: Mandible claw is pretty lame. The only person I believe who made any sense of it was Foley with Mr. Socko, because who wants a nasty sock in their mouth? Otherwise, a full frontal position with my arms and legs free, I don’t understand the psych of it. Best move? I’ve always favored submission moves, like the Sharpshooter or a nice armbar. More of so, I like a creative way of getting into said moves.

5. Greatest Feud in Wrestling History?

MS: Vince McMahon and Steve Austin.

6. What makes a good to great promoter in your opinion?

MS: I think great promoters think of the wrestlers in a way that gets said wrestlers some work. To work with one another and try to give everyone a place to do their thing and make money. There are too many people out for themselves, they forget that everyone is there for the same purpose and to work as a team. I’m starting to see more companies work together in bringing in out of state talent and putting on great shows lately and it’s exciting nonetheless. A good promoter just pays me well and let’s me go about my business.

7.Best Tag Team or Faction Ever?

MS: I always loved D-Generation X. One of the few factions I believe that had a gang like, squad attitude to them, as opposed to just a random group of people thrown together. It was believable that they weren’t just together for tv, but actually living life together outside the ring as a reckless group of bad ass mother fuckers.

*Deep in thought?*

8. How often do real life issues spill over into the ring and vise versa? Do you feel it affects promotions in a big way or just minor changes? If you really dislike someone do you refuse to work with them or do you channel the dislike or hate into beating them in the ring?

MS: I never take personal issues inside the ring with me. I’ve been a victim of that a couple of times and got hurt. It’s not professional and I cannot stand it when people act out so immaturely. I have let my personal life get in the way of my motivation before. I think everyone has. It’s easy when you make wrestling your life. I was on the road heavily all last year. I traveled to Mexico and through 13 different states. I let my bills and personal life slip at that point. Taking a step back this year to handle all of that was a bit defeating, but is definitely rewarding. I don’t bring my personal drama to the promoter, unless if I’m asked about it. I’m pretty good at maintaining professionalism I believe.

9. Other than Super Strength, what one super power do you feel would be most useful in the ring?

MS: Teleportation, like Scorpion from Mortal Kobmat does! I kick so much ass with him in video games due to that!

10. Best Wrestling movie or movie about wrestling?

MS: I always liked The Wrestler.


11. Where can fans come to see you wrestle? What kind of merch do you have?

MS: I’ll be at Metroplex Wrestling tomorrow, the 7th in Bedford, TX. I’m working on merch, I should have some photos at least.

12. You left Austin and have not been back, will we ever see you back here be it ACW, Inspire Pro, or Wrestle Circus?

MS: I don’t know, ask them. I’m trying. I miss the Austin crowd so much and Inspire and Wrestle Circus throw one hell of a show. I would be honored.

Hanging with Blue Pants

13. Where are you not wrestling that you would like too, say top 3 places? RCW? TCW? Inspire Pro?

MS: VIP, Inspire and Wrestle Circus. That’s in Texas anyway. I’d love to wrestle in Shine/Shimmer as well. I think CZW would be dope.

14. Who are your top 3 wrestlers on the indy circuit that you want to get in the ring with?

MS: Mia Yim (Jade), Kimber Lee and if I could go back a few years and pull someone out, Portia Perez.

15. If a drink or shot was made named after your ring persona what would HAVE to be in it?

MS: Just do a straight shot of Jäger for me. Most people hate me but the ones who like me, LOVE me.


Hopefully we will see Machiko back in or near Austin again soon, be it BOW, Main Event, TCW, Inspire Pro or even RCW. Glad to hear she is back doing what she loves in a ring somewhere and who knows what the future will hold. Be sure to follow Machico on twitter and instagram.

I have no idea what is going on here. But the future Ember Moon battles Machiko.

*Credit to Kelly Kyle(TexasAnarchy) and Joel Loeschen, among others who take way better pictures than I do.


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