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Welcome to 2017, a new year and a new opportunity to bring you more exciting coverage of independent wrestling! Today, we are going to kick off the new year with some interviews that we had saved originally for our Christmas countdown. To get things started,  we have an awesome woman to feature, the one and only Laura James!


H/F: At what age did you begin watching wrestling?
LJ: I started watching wrestling kinda late, WWE, or WWF as it was at the time, was on Sky TV when I was a kid and no one I knew had it until I was a teenager. I believe I was about 13 when I started watching.

H/F: When did you know that you wanted to become a wrestler?
LJ: I got into wrestling because I had done a bodybuilding competition and really didn’t enjoy it. I found it to be so boring and wanted to do something related to fitness that was more fun. I was still watching wrestling occasionally and thought it might be fun to try it out. This has been the first sport I’ve really felt connected to, even as a kid I never really got into sports, I always did things for a little while then would get bored.

H/F: Where did you begin your training and who did you train with?
LJ: I would travel from San Diego up to Los Angeles to wrestle 2-3 times a week at Knox pro under Gangrel and Reno Anoai.

H/F: How long have you been in the business?
LJ: I started about 4 years ago now.

H/F: Who are some of your influences or people that you look up to in the business?
LJ: I wouldn’t name anyone in particular as an influence, but I do like to get ideas from World of Sport.

H/F: What is your entrance music? Any reason for picking this song?
LJ: My entrance music changes according to where I wrestle and if I’m with my tag partner Heather Monroe or not. At Lucha VaVoom, they picked a song called Dama Fina, which is also my name there. With Heather I use M.I.A Bad girls and if I’m doing singles I use The Safety Dance, clearly I don’t take myself too seriously.

H/F: What is the name of your finisher?
LJ: Myself and Heather have a finisher called the Bae Sting.

H/F: What have you learned about yourself in your journey of becoming a wrestler?
LJ: I can’t say I’ve really learned anything about myself that I wasn’t already well aware of, I started quite late though.

H/F: What has been your favorite part of your career so far?
LJ: My favorite part of my career so far has been meeting my husband obviously, but aside from that I would say getting to do what I love and travel to places I never would have gone to otherwise.

H/F: Who would your dream match be against?
LJ: I don’t have a dream opponent, I enjoy getting to wrestle my friends as I find those matches are always more fun. I haven’t gotten to wrestle Yuma yet and I’d like to, I think Colt Cabana would be really fun too, as for lady wrestlers I would say Heidi Lovelace.

Photo Credit: Michael Wise

H/F: What are some of your goals for 2017?
LJ: In 2017 I want to wrestle in other countries, luckily I already have a trip to Japan to wrestle for DDT coming up, but I’d like to wrestle in Europe. I also want to get more stunt work, I recently got a job doing that and really enjoyed it, I’d also like to get more into improv, my room mate is super into it and I have gotten to do Flying Chuck at Second City a couple times now and I always love that. I’m definitely into comedy which I think shows in my matches a lot too.

H/F: Favorite cheat meal? Type of music? Type of movies?
LJ: I live a cheat life, I don’t really diet and eat whatever I want within reason. I tend to listen to older music but aside from that very varied. I like anything from New Wave to older Punk and Heavy Metal as well as older artists like Elvis. I wouldn’t say there’s any particular genre of movie I prefer, I do get really hooked on TV shows and binge on them though. I just got done with Peaky Blinders and The Tudors, before that was Mad Men and I’m really into Game of Thrones too.

H/F: Favorite place that you have wrestled so far?
LJ: My favorite place I’ve wrestled so far is actually home in LA for Lucha VaVoom. It’s always the most positive and fun crowd, also getting to wrestle for Puscifer on the second US tour they did was a great experience.

H/F: Bucket list of places you want to wrestle?
LJ: For now I’d say Japan, England, Germany and maybe somewhere obscure where there isn’t so much wrestling would be cool, maybe somewhere in eastern Europe or the middle east would be places I’d like to wrestle. I’d really like to wrestle in my home town of Plymouth.

H/F: What do you enjoy doing when you aren’t wrestling?
LJ: When I’m not wrestling I mostly just work since I have 3 jobs , I’m kind of a workaholic, that and work out, I guess I’m quite boring really.

H/F: Finish this statement, if I wasn’t involved in wrestling, I would be doing…
LJ: If I wasn’t involved in wrestling I would probably be incredibly bored and obviously still single. Not only have I met my soul mate through wrestling, but it’s also given me so many other opportunities, like with the stunt work and acting jobs and the improv shows. Wrestling has enriched my life in ways that I would never have imagined before I started, I’ve met some of my closest friends too through wrestling, I’ve been incredibly lucky and am excited to see what the future has in store for me in wrestling.

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