Heel/Face Radio Ep. 30: Sammy Guevara 2016 year in review

2016 has come to an end and in this episode of Heel/Face Radio, we talked with Sammy Guevara about how his year went and looked back at discussed some of his matches. Sammy also talks about the time he snuck backstage at WrestleMania, how he got the TBE name, where “Mr. Money’s Worth” came from and how he ended up with pandas on his gear. Hear all of this and more in the close out edition of Heel/Face Radio for 2016. We look forward to a very big 2017 and look forward to bringing you even more guests! Thank you for listening!


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  1. (30:48) Rudy: “I want to hear more about catering”
    LOL I’m with you bro!!

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