Inspire Pro: Super Fantasy Force preview Part 1


Today is the day! Inspire Pro returns after a month off, to the Red Oak Ballroom for SUPER FANTASY FORCE! So much is happening that I am going to try and get to it all!!!

As always we open with a match that could be a main event anywhere, including here, but Inspire opens and closes with Main Event level matches. This show will be no different. We open with the free agent Cherry Ramon who is fast and as talented as they come, a man who can mat wrestle, high fly, and is a huge hit with the woman and some of the men. Who, on his first outing as not part of any group, came up short against the returning Great Depression, who is now teamed up with Gregory Symonds as a positive force in Inspire Pro. Cherry has more to prove than ever, that he can do this on his own and make his OWN way in Inspire, but to do that he must go through a man that carries Death in his very name, a man who has gone against many of the strongest and toughest out there, even when he doesn’t win the other person doesn’t feel like a winner. They KNOW they have been in a hell of a war against Ray “Death” Rowe! He also would like a win, as his last showing at Inspire Pro was against EGO driven, high flyer Sammy G and Sammy got the win. So both men are  wanting and perhaps even NEEDING a win here to advance but for different reasons, so whose drive will propel them forward here?  You will have to be there to see as Juicy meets Death!

As I stated above, at the previous show which was BattleWars 1999, The Great Depression made their return with new manager, the overly positive Gregory Symonds.  Symonds is turning The Great Depression’s life, I assume as some point he will get a new name, but for now  we have them pitching VIETNAMASTE  and are promising a yoga demonstration for people who want to reach oneness. The Great Depression though will be in a handicap match, taking on one of the newest teams in Inspire Pro making their second showing, The Epileptic Caesars (Maximus & Gannicus). They are a super hyper team who have a ton of energy and that may give them the edge over the slower, almost lethargic Great Depression, who also sometimes gets confused when Symonds gives him orders. Will the Great Depression keep his wins going or will the numbers game overwhelm him this time?

The Submission Squad, The Men with the Microphone who will make sure you listen to them. Evan Gelistico and Pierre Abernathy have made quite a name for themselves since coming to Inspire Pro and soon realized they needed to pass on all of their knowledge and skills, they needed a protege and picked up and comer, Barrett Brown and put him through a series of matches, teaching him and other hardships to toughen him up such as traveling in a trunk.  Recently they told Inspire Pro that sadly, Barrett Brown had died in all the training and traveling.  

At BattleWars 1999 we heard Barrett’s voice coming from everyone, claimed to be his spirit, the ghost of Mr. Brown coming for revenge, so this match was set up. The Ghost claims it will POSSESS the body of a member of The Submission Squad! Who will it be? A known member of the Squad? One that we know is part of the Squad but have not seen much of at Inspire? What happens when he does? If he takes over Evan and Evan wins, who gets the win in the books? The Submission Squad? Evan? Barrett Brown? Does the Submission Squad both win and lose? Such a weird match.

Next is the battle royal, but I am going to talk about that at the end as it has the most people so I will head to the next match.

Next up, Bravo of the Rabid Empire has been facing some interesting opponents as of late, his former Rabid Empire teammate and master of dance moves, Cherry Ramons. Then, the man that makes a complete breakfast in Orange Cassidy. Men who can hold their own in the ring, but also know how to have fun, make wrestling fun and bring in the fun and comedy while beating up others. Others in that vein would be The Submission Squad, Darin Corbin, Colt Cabana and the man Inspire Pro is bringing in with over 20 years in the business KIKUTARO. This man has traveled all over including Japan, ROH, Chikara Pro, among many others. Jojo is not happy to be facing yet another man who mixes humor with hurt, Jojo has decided to declare a war on comedy in Wrestling, but he should not be overlooking KIKUTARO in his quest. Will his anger give him the edge or will it cloud his judgment as he now has a “mission”?.

While many never thought they would work, they thought it was a weird mash up, but they have won and held the Inspire Pro Twin Dragon Tag Team championship belts. They have taken on all comers from known tag teams to other champions who worked together to try and defeat them. They have managed to win each and every time. Davey Vega and Tim Storm, known as CONTRAversy are the ONLY ones to hold the TWIN DRAGON CONNECTION titles. Now, Joey Ryan is returning to the land of Inspire Pro and has asked to team up with the one and only DELILAH DOOM, who has grown in leaps and bounds. Both have unique fighting styles that should work well together and hopefully for them, that uniqueness will be enough to dethrone the team of Vega and Storm, but it is an uphill battle for anyone.

The two longest singles titles in Inspire Pro, The Inspire Pro Heavyweight Title and the Pure Prestige Title have been all over the place as off late. Ricky Starks was the last wrestler to hold the Inspire Pro Heavyweight, but left it in the ring after battling Pure Prestige title holder Keith Lee. Keith Lee and Ricky had teamed up before that to challenge CONTRAversy but came up short. Keith Lee has not only defended his Pure Prestige title against EVERYTHING thrown at him, from battles, to theft and even taking it on news programs to promote it. Alongside The New Movement, he has been a force to be reckoned with from day one. But now one of his own teammates has stepped up.Terrale Tempo has risen quickly through both Inspire Pro and other promotions to make a hell of a name for himself. He won the Fungressinal Medal of Honor allowing him to challenge for ANY title in Inspire Pro and he choose Pure Prestige. To get this, he had to battle “The Centerfold” Matthew Palmer, a man who is easily one of the best out there, HANDS DOWN. Lance Hoyt, a monster taken human form who crushes both opponents and scares little kids, a bully and a powerhouse, Steve O Reno who may one day surpass all of them and is amazing to watch in the ring. He beat/survived all these men to win the chance to battle Keith Lee! What happens when these two collide? This match alone is worth being here and I can NOT wait to see what happens.

Now to turn our attention back to the battle royal or as they are calling it: The Battle at the Gates of Ecstasy and the last TWO standing will go on to battle at the next show for the right to be the Inspire Pro Heavyweight title vacated by Ricky Starks. 20 wrestlers will enter the battle royal. Lets take a look at who we know will be in it in part two. This will run a bit long if I look at all 20 here so join me for the next blog where I look at them all and what I think of their chances.





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