Inspire Pro: Super Fantasy Force Part 2


For this preview, I am looking at just the wrestlers in the Battle at the Gates of Ecstasy battle royal. According to the way the card was typed out this looks to be somewhere in the middle of the whole show.

How it seems to work is that 20 people will enter and I don’t know if they are all in at the same time or if they enter one at a time like the WWE Royal Rumble.  I would think given the time limits they all start out in the match. Either way as you are eliminated and leave we get down to two winners in this case, not the usual one. These two will go on to battle at Ecstasy Of Gold for the vacant Heavyweight Title, but who are the 20? Let us take a look. I will rate them on say 1 to 5 on what I think their chances are, there maybe several 2’s or even 5’s. I won’t be able to even guess which two it will come down to but these are who I think will make it.

Jessica James: She has traveled to Japan more then once, coming back each time more focused and powerful.  I remember watching her back in ACW and her tagging with Summerlyn, they were both fun and tough to beat but Jessica was the more laid back and fun one. That has changed a lot and now she is the one to beat, she has taken the XX championship and taken on all comers, even inviting some of the best herself so she could get better and prove she and her title were the ones to beat and the title to have. While she has long since left ACW sadly, at Inspire Pro she now has a chance to be the first XX and Inspire Pro Heavyweight Champion and her chances are damn good. I give her a 5/5. She may not win but I think she will be close.

Paul Titan: This man has been an an Inspire Pro ring once before, in a battle royal no less and lives up to his last name. If strength is 90 percent of what wins most Battle Royal’s then this game is more then half way there. But he is up against some of the best not just in Inspire Pro but anywhere. I think he may take out a person or two but not much more. I give him a 2/5.

Rey Ortiz: I have watched Ortiz at several places from TCW to ACW and he always comes focused and prepared to fight. He has been in some battle royal matches at Inspire Pro and wants to use this one as a way to prove himself fast and an impressive manner. While I know he is tough and hard to beat he has to defeat 18 other men, and some have held Inspire Gold before. 3/5.

“Centerfold” Matthew Palmer: This man has worn Inspire Pro gold before but not for long, he would love to not only have it back around his waist but also to keep it for longer then moments. Palmer is easily ONE of the best out there, Hands Down and if anyone can be one of the last two standing it would be Palmer. He will have the issue that Jiggle O and the crew he brought could cost him the victory here. 5/5

Jiggle-O James Johnson:  This man was injured badly by Andy Dalton over a year ago and only returned at Fade to Black 2 but was vastly different. He was angry, darker, came back with a group and seeking vengeance against not just Dalton but his former teammates in The New Movement and his former friend in Matthew Palmer, that could cost him the win if he focuses too much on revenge. If not his drive may be enough. 4/5.

Jason Cade: This young man has made his mark in Florida, and has come here to show off what he is about to Texas. Winning this and even getting a shot at the belt at his 2nd ever Inspire Pro show would put him on the map. But can he and Jiggle O and Donavan work together or will the free for all nature of this match cause them to fight each other? 3/5

Donovan Danhausen: This man was on his way up at Inspire, teaming with Terrale Tempo and being a new tag team within The New Movement. But suddenly he had stopped coming, just nothing. Impressive as both a singles man or part of a team he was going places. His new mission is unknown but he seems to be part of Jiggle O’s team and has joined in attacking his former stable mates. If he is too focused on this mission he will not win this. If he goes in wanting to win he has a solid chance. Focused on Jiggle O mission: 2/5.  Focus on winning: 4/5

Ivory Robyn: Robyn made a name for herself by attacking XX division Champion Jessica Jones from behind then getting a title shot due to that. While she came up short at BattleWars 1999 she is driven to keep going and prove she can still beat the best. She follow Jessica into this battle royal and she may become the first female Inspire Pro Heavyweight champion. But Jessica will be there as well and some of the other best of the best. 2/5

“Mr. Inspire Pro” Steve O Reno: With his darker edge he has had lately and the immense talent he already has going in, this may be his fight to lose. He could win this and I think he has one of the top chances to go all the way, he is as talented as they get and is VERY hard to keep down. Like I said with the darker, more focused edge, the drive more to win then to be entertaining or liked, the only way he loses this is through a mistake or if the numbers overwhelm him. 5/5

Fantastico: I have been impressed with this man since seeing him in TCW, an unknown to people who have not gone to TCW, he has broken into Inspire and made quite the impression. It is only his being the biggest rookie in the royal that may cost him, everyone else in this royal, perhaps save Ivory, have way more time in the ring. I think he will make some new fans but not win. 2/5

Turas: This man was the GIANT of Chikara Pro and made he debut at Inspire Pro at Battlewars 1999 up against Lance Hoyt. While they both hit and took some brutal hits, Hoyt came out on top but paid respect to Turas after the match. Seems Turas has decided that he needs to stick around and prove himself to fans and perhaps himself. He has taken on Chikara now he will take on Texas. His time in the ring and his power make him a threat in a match like this. 3.5/5.

“One Man” Mike Dell: Here is the thing, I normally would give this guy higher on the win list but he has quite a few enemies in here from Matthew Palmer and The Texas Lion to name just a few. That may affect him in several ways, they may come after him or he may want revenge or just focus on them to get rid of them and that may cost him. But he has had Inspire Pro gold as well and would love to taste it again, hell he was the first but that also puts a target on his back, anyone who knows that will know he is a threat and will want him gone. 3/5

“The Texas Lion” Carson: A VERY tough man, hard to beat and relentless but again that puts a target on his back. Plus Mike Dell and Carson are not the best of friends and may focus too much on each other but given his drive and the fact I believe he will deal with that batter then Dell, I will give him a slight edge over Dell. 4/5

“Ruthless” Ryan Davidson: This juggernaut from Houston will be making his mark on Inspire Pro and lives up to his nickname. While he may have not faced some of Inspire Pro’s best, they have not faced him either and battle royals do tend to favor big guys but there are a lot of them in this royal, but if his ruthlessness stands he has a solid chance. 3/5

George Gatton: This man is both CZW and Drew Gulag trained, a hell of a combo. For the people who may not know CZW, think MASADA. But just like MASADA he knows more then to just go crazy and spill blood, the Gulag training puts him with solid ring and mat skills and both together gives him a man streak. He has also been pretty sure of himself on Twitter and Facebook. His Ego could be the deciding factor one way or another. 3.5/5

Gary Jay: THE RETURN OF GARY JAY!!! I am excited to see him return and while I have not heard of him getting his own dressing room or any other requests but we know you never know what to expect from Mr. Jay. Will he be alone? Will his mom be with him? What can we expect from this man? Good luck guessing and having been away but no doubt being kept up to date by Evan and Pierre he will make a mark and I give him a very good chance at getting to the end. 4.5/5.


There are 4 more people but as far as I can tell they have not been listed or put out there, so we have four wrestlers who could be anyone! From Anywhere!  MASADA could return!

Jack Jameson could make a debut! Scot Summers has been away, could he make a surprise entrant? What about Jason Silver, who still has some anger at Inspire Pro. We also have Blondetaurage who have been hiding after their loss, Jordan Jensen, Even perhaps Steve O Reno’s old partner? The ideas of who it could be are almost endless.

Come to Red Oak Ballroom today to see this and all the previous matches I talked about. Give us your guesses on who wins the Battle Royal! Stay tuned to Heel/Face Wrestling for more.


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