Wrestle Circus: The Grandest Show On Earth preview


After hosting the Main Attraction I & II, Wrestle Circus is back at it again with their next event titled “The Grandest Show On Earth.” The event will take place on December 17 at 800 Congress Ave (or as we have dubbed it “The Tent”) in Austin, Texas and the doors will open at 5:30pm, with the first bell at 6:00pm. If you purchased VIP meet and greet tickets, you will be allowed into the building at 4:00pm. If you don’t have tickets, unfortunately they are sold out, however, you may get lucky and be able to purchase a standing room only ticket at the door. But I would get there super early if you are going to try and do that. This card has several matches that could potentially be the match of the night!

Quick overview of storylines to keep an eye on, with more info below. Will Christi Jaynes become the first “Lady of the Ring” champion? Will Jax Dane get revenge on Carson after he turned on him at the Main Attraction I and cost him his match at the Main Attraction II? Will the Killer Elite Squad or the Bullet Club reign supreme at Wrestle Circus? Will The Boys end their losing streak and conquer the Pretty Boy Killers? Will Sammy Guevara and Colt Cabana steal the show? Hopefully you have your ticket and you will find out for yourself at the next Wrestle Circus show! Now, let’s take a little more in depth look into each match.

Ringmaster Title Match:
“The Ringmaster” EC3 vs. Pentagon Jr.

EC3 decided to give himself an “easy” weekend at the last two Wrestle Circus shows. In night one, he squared off with George Gatton aka the “Trash Man,” and in night two, he decided to take out his frustration from night one on ring announcer Louden Noxious. After making quick work of the Trash Man, Lexi Lenhart (owner of Wrestle Circus) went out to hand Louden a note and the note read that on December 17, EC3 would defend his Ringmaster title against Pentagon Jr. So here we are, the Grandest Show on Earth has the main event set and this one is going to be one for the ages. Pentagon Jr. has made a name for himself in Lucha Underground and has held the LU championship as well as the Gift of the Gods championship. EC3 may have just signed himself up for more than he bargained for and he can only blame himself for what he did at the Main Attraction I & II.

Sideshow Championship Match:
Scorpio Sky (c)/Laredo Kid/Serpentico vs. Extra Talented & Len-X
Very interesting stipulation to this match is that Scorpio Sky does not have to be pinned to lose his Sideshow title. At TMA2, we saw Scorpio successfully defend his title against Laredo Kid. Will this play any factor in this match? Could Laredo Kid be willing to cost Scorpio the title, even if it means he doesn’t win it? Serpentico is making his debut in the circus and much like Laredo Kid, he brings a very unique lucha style to the ring. On the other side of this match you have Jordan Len-X and Extra Talented (Ricky Starks and Aaron Solow). Starks and Solow have tagged together in the circus and other promotions, so they have had a chance to build some chemistry, not that they needed it. Jordan is an up and coming wrestler who has proven that he belongs in the circus after performing at the first three events. I would imagine that these three will be on the same page for this match….until it becomes time for one of the three to get the pin and pick up the victory. I could see these three mixing it up with each other over who will get the actual pin and that could ultimately cost them the match. Can Scorpio escape this match that seems to have the deck stacked against him? If you missed our interview with Serpentico, click here, for our interview with Jordan Len-X click here.

The Match the World Has Been Waiting For:
Michael Elgin vs. Jeff Cobb

Finally someone has booked Elgin vs Cobb and we are going to get to see it happen in Austin, Texas thanks to the great folks at Wrestle Circus! A lot of muscle in this match and whoever walks away with a victory, will have definitely earned it. This is candidate for match of the night for sure, although there are a couple of matches that are on this card that could make that argument. Elgin is fresh off of his injury and Cobb was able to pick up a win at each of the last two Wrestle Circus shows, so I would imagine he would like to keep this winning streak going.

Intergender No-DQ Match:
Jade vs Joey Ryan (w/Candice LeRae)

Considering this is a no dq match, the odds seem to be against Jade, however, something tells me that she may have a trick up her sleeve. Don’t be surprised if the playing field is even once this match gets underway. Should Jade not manage to bring anyone with her to be in her corner, it is going to be a difficult task to defeat Joey with Candice in his corner. But again, something tells me Jade isn’t showing up alone. I’ll let you speculate as to who will be joining Jade.

Chris Hero vs. A.C.H.

As the Wrestle Circus managment mentioned, the last time this match took place was in 2013 at PWG. ACH is finally back in the indie scene and has hit the ground running. He is back to defend Texas and what better place to do it at than Wrestle Circus? The last time we saw Chris Hero in a Wrestle Circus ring, he was unsuccessful in his match against Brian Cage. In their match at PWG, Hero was the victor as he defeated ACH via submission. Now, although it is roughly three years later, I would imagine ACH would like to return the favor. If this match is anything like the PWG match, good luck to everyone else trying to top it.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Donovan Dijak

The last time that Donovan Dijak was in a Wrestle Circus ring, he and Keith Lee blew the roof off of the building and had the match of the night. Brian Cage was at the last two WC events and walked away with two victories over Chris Hero and Jax Dane respectively and was set to appear at this event as well. Due to scheduling conflicts (which Wrestle Circus and Brian Cage handled very well, kudos.), Cage will no longer be available at this event, but never fear! Being the great promoters that they are, Al and Lexi found a replacement and the show will go on! Tessa Blanchard will face Donovan Dijak in a intergender match and this one will be great! Kudos again to Al and Lexi! Don’t overlook Tessa, because I know Donovan isn’t.

Christi Jaynes vs. Rachael Ellering

One more win, that is all that Christi Jaynes needs to come up with in order to become the first Lady of the Ring champion at Wrestle Circus. But the woman who stands in her way is no push over. Rachael Ellering has been tearing it up over the last year and has made quite the name for herself. Rachael would love nothing more than to spoil Christi’s night and delay the crowning of the first women’s champion at the Circus. Should Rachael walk away victorious on December 17, she will be the woman to beat at Wrestle Circus and Christi will have to start her quest all over again. Many women (and fans) will have their eyes on this match to see what the result will be. If you missed our interview with Rachael, click here.

P.B.K. vs. The Boys
(Keith Lee/Shane Taylor vs. Twin Thing One/Twin Thing Two)

Wrestle Circus’ poll on twitter may have added more fuel to the fire for this match. The fans (as well as our camera guy Rudy, good luck Rudy) predicted that The Boys would prevail in this match and Keith Lee and Shane Taylor weren’t exactly thrilled about it as you can see in their twitter posts below.

I know one thing for sure, I wouldn’t want to be Brandon or Brent on Saturday night, because the “Limitless” Keith Lee and the “Notorious” Shane Taylor aren’t going to be too happy once they step foot in the ring. But hey, maybe people are on to something here, maybe the Boys will prevail and be victorious at the Grandest Show on Earth. I guess only time will tell.

Killer Elite Squad vs. Bullet Club:
“The American Psycho” Lance Hoyt vs. “Hangman” Adam Page

Two of the best factions in wrestling will collide on Saturday night. Killer Elite Squad versus the Bullet Club. Adam Page participated in the debut show for Wrestle Circus and was victorious in a match against Willie Mach. Lance Hoyt was also part of the debut show as well, but fell short of earning the Ringmaster title in a fatal four way that night. Both men are fresh off of killing yet another tour of Japan, but now their focus will be on the other one. Remember how I was saying there are several matches that could be match of the night? Add this one to the list. Can everyone tell Lance Hoyt to please stay away from our table too? Thanks.

Best Friends vs. War Machine
(Trent Barreta/Chuck Taylor vs. Raymond Rowe/Hanson)

People let me tell you ’bout my beeest friend. Doesn’t that song automatically pop in your head when you think of this tag team? No? Just me? Okay then. Moving along. Trent and Chuck will have their hands full when they step in the ring with War Machine on Saturday night, but the same could be said on the other end of that statement. If you look at all four resumes, the list of accomplishments are impressive. Rowe and Hanson are also two more people that are fresh off of killing another tour of Japan, I feel like that is a common theme here. Both tag teams will bring their A game and honestly there will be no true loser on this night. We will all be winners for being able to watch these four great men do what they do best! Yet another match that could be match of the night. THANK YOU AL AND LEXI!

Sammy Guevara vs. Colt Cabana

The “List” continues to grow for Mr. Money’s Worth, TBE, Sammy Guevara and every single time he delivers. Fresh off of his battle with Cody Rhodes, Sammy is ready to step into the ring with yet another wrestling legend, Colt Cabana. The last time we saw Colt in a Wrestle Circus ring, he was battling for the Ringmaster championship in a fatal four way that also featured Ray Rowe, Lance Hoyt and of course the current champion EC3. Will Sammy prevail over yet another legend? Or will Colt show Sammy that the ring still belongs to him? This is yet another candidate for match of the night. I mean…..WOW. This card!

Jax Dane vs. Carson

Man oh man! I cannot wait for this one! The Texas Lion versus Godzilla! Revenge will definitely be on Jax Dane’s mind when he enters the ring in this one. At the Main Attraction I, Carson turned on Jax and ultimately cost them the match and in the Main Attraction II, Carson and his newly formed group consisting of Wes Brisco and Jessy Sorensen ran to the ring and attacked Jax during his match with Brian Cage. They would end up costing Jax the match that night as well, so Dane is now 0-2 at Wrestle Circus thanks to Carson. This match could wind up being a beat down from bell to bell, however, don’t be surprised if Wes and Jessy make an appearance and cost Dane yet another match.


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