#PWGrrrlGang Talk: December 15, 2016


As some of you may know, we are right in the middle of doing a countdown to Christmas special where we are featuring women’s wrestlers from all over the world. Today in the countdown, I wanted to do something a little bit different, because, well I make the rules as we go! LOL! Today I wanted to bring attention to someone who does an excellent job discussing wrestling and does a great job covering wrestling.

Within the last few months that we have decided to cover independant wrestling, we have met TONS of awesome people both in person and online. Whether they are a fan, wrestler, manager, promoter, etc. mostly everyone we have encountered has been great so far. Someone that I personally interacted with online, and has been really fun and awesome to talk to, is @TheLadyJSays. I always check her twitter (I promise I am not a stalker!) to see her opinion on things, because to me it’s valuable and I genuinely appreciate and respect it.

Something cool that she does from time to time is this “chat” via twitter, which she has dubbed as the PWGrrrlGang talk. How this talk usually works is, she will ask a few questions and then other twitter users will answer with their thoughts and opinions. What is really awesome is that she hears (reads) everyone’s  thoughts and takes them into consideration, rather than just voicing her own and shutting others out. This is something that the IWC needs more of. People tend to always want to be right or always tell you why you are wrong for liking “X” wrestler or promotions. Wrestling has something for everyone and not everyone is going to like the same things. Which is okay. We are all entitled to our opinions, but seeing what J is doing is really awesome and I give her kudos for that.

With all of this said, I have to apologize to her because I told her I would participate in the talk last night, but I ended up in a meeting of sorts to discuss some big plans for us for next year. But, I have decided to participate in the talk (a day late) by making this post. So Miss J, I apologize to you and you can find my thoughts and opinions on the questions asked yesterday. Keep doing what you are doing! Hope to talk soon!

I am Jeff Cerda, I live in central Texas and I have been tweeting about wrestling on my personal account for as long as that account has existed (since June of 2009). In May of 2015, I decided to start the Heel/Face Wrestling account to get the ball rolling on what eventually is now this website that you are reading this on.

I knew that if we wanted to cover independant wrestling in Texas (and other states for that matter) that we would not be able to physically be at every event. Using platforms such as twitter, facebook and even instagram, allows us to see more event cards, talk about the events and even get results for said events. Using these platforms almost helps us feel as though we truly are there. I was able to watch matches that I wouldn’t have been able to thanks to these platforms.

We are here to provide the best coverage that we can of the independent scene in Texas. As I mentioned before, we cannot be everywhere at once, so it is a little difficult. Being a part of the IWC helps us provide better coverage not only for our own fandom, but for others as well. The IWC has also helped us branch out and now we cover independent wrestling in California and Arizona. We have been lucky enough to meet some really awesome people and now we are working with Sabotage Wrestling, who are based out of southern California, all thanks to being a part of the IWC!

For us personally, it has changed in a good way in the sense of more people are starting to recognize us now and are starting to visit our website more often. There are a few fans that we get to interact with, as well as wrestlers and promotions. It is really cool to see that we are starting to get embraced by not only the IWC, but the actual wrestlers and promotions themselves. Some of the bad is the trolls we encounter (more on that in the next question) but we never give them the attention they are seeking. I don’t want to give examples because then that would eliminate the last sentence that I wrote! Haha! But for the most part, things are great, I know there are bad apples out there, but we don’t let them get to us. We are not here for that. We’re here to talk about the excellence of wrestling!

I think they do exist in message boards and probably private groups somewhere. We aren’t part of any, but I would honestly say that the PWGrrrl Talk’s are a safe place. As I mentioned above, I think these talks are great and I know this is nothing new, I have told you this before, I hope that you don’t mind me doing this in a public manner on our website. But I thought this would be a cool idea and I hope you enjoy it. As far as the trolls, they are everywhere! The thing you have to do is ignore them, which is the route we chose. They are begging for attention and the moment you give it to them, you have already lost no matter what you say, in my opinion at least. Just keep moving on with the positive and everything usually works out in the end.

It is a little bit of both good and bad. I think it all depends on how the person handles it. I’ve seen people go off on twitter rants and then have to retract everything they said due to a complete misunderstanding. If people controlled their social media “negativity” (for lack of a better word), then that can be good. Another good way that it impacts people is that it helps them get out there and get known. If I have a good interaction with a person or company, chances are I am going to either A) become a fan and support them by purchasing some merch or help them push whatever merch they are selling or B) help them promote shows they are on. I think people just need to find a good balance in between and things will be fine.

In my opinion, I think that it has. I’ve seen quite a bit of people meeting online from all sorts of communities. It is always awesome to see that and I think it needs to happen more. Of course there are always those bad apples or trolls that we mentioned before, but again as I said before, if you just ignore the trolls and negativity, everything ends up working out the way it should in the end.

As always, I enjoyed your PWGrrrlGang Talk and I look forward to participating in them when I can! Please continue to do these and everyone please follow J. She is awesome! Oh yeah and she has this awesome podcast that you should check out too called “Facelock Feministas.


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