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Welcome back to the Heel/Face Christmas countdown special! Ten days, only ten days remain until Christmas is here, but we still have tons of women to speak to between now and then. Today we are featuring three women and in this article, the woman featured is the equal opportunity ass kicker, Ruby Raze!

Recently we announced Ruby Raze as one of the participants in the upcoming Sabotage Wrestling tournament to crown the first ever women’s champion. We also had the pleasure of speaking to her and getting to know her a little more. She didn’t take the traditional route to get into the wrestling business and gives you a little more insight as to who Ruby Raze is. You can read what we talked about below.

H/F: Where are you originally from?
RR: I’m originally from a small, agricultural town in SoCal. You know the deal. Mom, Dad, two kids, dog. Spent my younger days growing up on the beaches of the West Coast, but never really knew much until I spent my time between the gutter and the stars of Hollywood, CA.

H/F: Where did you train and who were you trained by?
RR: First off, training is never just past tense. In this business you are always learning and training. I came into this business in an unusual route. I spent five years on the road with Tyler Bateman as his manager. During this time I would get ring time with him and anyone else willing to take time to teach me what they knew. Right before my 5th year anniversary, I started training full time at Santino Bros Wrestling Academy in Bell Gardens under Joey Kaos (of XPW, MTV’s WSX, etc). I had pretty much private trainings for a while before I started taking the matches. I continued training with Los Lucha’s (of Lucha VaVoom and Global Force) as well. As time went on, I also did training at the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood facilities under various trainers which include Rocky Romero.

H/F: How long have you been in the business?
RR: On the wrestling side, a mere 3 years. Including my time managing, 8 years.

H/F: What have you learned about yourself in your journey to become a wrestler?
RR: Wow! What an introspective question. I learned that I am extremely resilient in body, mind, and spirit and that, when it’s something I really want, I will find a way to do it. For example, in my three years I’ve had two potentially career ending physical ailments (nothing that I got from wrestling) and with my doctors and trainers help, I found a way to be able to continue to wrestle despite them. I’ve also had thousands of people watch three seconds of one of my matches and judge me, my wrestling ethics, and my character for it. But as I talk to more people, this isn’t too uncommon. We get hurt, we get judged, we sustain on little sleep, we get put down, we get called names, we go to wrestle in pain…heck, we even wake up in pain. I think wrestlers as whole are resilient people. Point is, this is something I want to do now because when the day comes to step away, like a bad break up, I’m going to have to cut ties completely and don’t look back. I want to be able to do that without regrets.

H/F: Who influenced you the most to become a wrestler?
RR: The most?….This is different than the typical who inspired you to wrestle question. I would have to say the person who influenced me THE MOST would be Chris Evans. Why? Because with the wrestling knowledge I had, I had been doing battle royals and matches where I was called out to wrestle, but was still a manager. But Chris Evans called me out to a singles match as a wrestler. It was my very first singles match. He was convinced I had enough skill to take him on. And so I did. And to my amazement I did pretty well. Did I win? Nope. Did I break my finger in the first two minutes of the match? Absolutely! Did I finish the match? Yup! Was that thee definitive moment that I decided I needed to do this? HELL YES.


H/F: What has been your favorite moment in your career so far?
RR: Getting to wrestle at “The Crash” in Tijuana. That experience was beyond amazing to me. It was something I came home from and kinda sat there and said, “Well…not sure what’s going to top this. So, I might be done.” Joking, of course, but that experience was that sort of a pinnacle experience that you don’t forget; wrestling in front of over 5,000 screaming fans at the historic Tijuana Auditorium. It was insane. Another was making my debut for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. CWFH is a TV production so it’s very different than a typical wrestling show. I made my debut at the years biggest event, the Red Carpet Rumble, and received the warmest welcome from the fans. It was great! Working for CWFH in general has been a highlight for me and I’m grateful every time I am there. Working at the Gathering of the Juggalos was also a favorite moment and another has been coming into the Wildkat Family in Louisiana. The NOLA fans are by far some of the best people and wrestling for Wildkat is amazing each and every time. Having Teddy Long tell me he loved my match was an intense highlight for me. He’s the GM at Wildkat Sports and is such an inspiration to have around the locker room. Really, there are so many amazing moments I’ve had it’s hard to choose just one.

H/F: What is the name of your finisher?
RR: I have two finishers: Dream Smasher and Soul Eater. Dream Smasher is a saito suplex. The Dream Smasher is aptly named for the way this suplex looks – but it is also named after the middle name of a popular cartoon character. Soul Eater is my spear. The Soul Eater was named after I speared Ashley Grace during a match at Alpha Omega Wrestling in Victorville, CA where it was said I “speared her so hard you can see the soul leave her body.” This, too, is named after a cartoon.

H/F: What is your theme music and why did you choose this?
RR: That’s none of your business and I’ll thank you to stay out of my personal affairs. Only one person has ever recognized my music, and amazing blogger in Louisiana named Grant Fletcher. If you know, you know. (Author’s note: We know what it is 🙂 but we’ll let you figure it out on your own.)

H/F: What are some of your goals for 2017?
RR: Let’s see. Do more intergender wrestling. Wrestle for CZW. Arrange an army of squirrels that will act as my personal security. Wrestle for Girl Fight. Wrestle somewhere in Atlanta. Find a tailor who can make overly embellished suits for my squirrel army. Have a singles rematch against Bad Dude Tito to finally put an end to this madness. Drink more Diet Coke. Create tree based lodging for my army of squirrels. Wrestle for Championship Wrestling from Tennessee. Finally have a singles match against Pretty Peter Avalon. Create a line of shampoo and conditioners for squirrels that have been tested on humans – I shall call it, “Squirrel-essense.” Become a champion of Sabotage Wrestling. Walk 500 miles.

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