ACW Lone Star Classic 2016 recap


The Lone Star Classic, one show I never miss.  Every year ACW puts on a tournament of the best out there, some of the best veterans and some of the best of the young and up and coming talent.  They all battle to be the number one, women or men, it doesn’t matter as long as you are striving to be the best out there. Many times a belt or title is on the line throughout the Lone Star Classic(LSC) and other times you win a chance for the a belt shot somewhere else down the line.

2013 came down to Davey Vega vs Shawn Vexx with the Submission Squad banned from ringside. Davey Vega won the whole LSC that year, having gone through wrestlers like Bolt Brady, Thomas Shire, JC Bravo, Barrett Brown, and Jeff Gant.

In 2014 Masada was the ACW Heavyweight Title holder and was in the LSC so the belt was on the line the whole time and for I think the first and only time so far the belt holder kept the belt and won the whole tournament. Others in that LSC were Kyle Hawk, Jason Silver, Darin Childs, and Barrett Brown to name a few.

This just shows a few, like previous years we have several non LSC matches. One other match that is always at the LSC is a 4 way match that is a one fall to a finish. All other multi person matches are elimination style but for this one match the first pin or submission wins and the winner gets a title shot.  Also just like normal I will cover all the non LSC matches first, which had a time limit of 15 minutes, except Masada’s match.

R.K. Predictions: As we normally do, I start with any Predictions R.K. has for the night. Not many this night.  He wants Jason Silver to win but thinks Franco is the MAN this night. Also that Angel Blue will piss everyone off.

We start off with a 10 wrestler tag match. 5 vs 5 in a very VERY strange grouping of wrestlers.

Marcus Rose, Johnny Axxle, Prince Simms, Calaverea, Jake Girden vs Don Giovanni, Evren Orion, Taylor Jett, High Roller Devin Wilson, Porky: This was a strange match with no real rhyme or reason. A lot of these guys I have seen over at TCW, which you should check out, but many I have never seen. Regardless of what I just said this was also one fall to a finish. There was some back and forth and a HUGE fight outside the ring, where everyone spilled out and fought.

Marcus Rose and Johnny Axxle couldn’t get along and in the end that affected the match, Axxle hit High Stakes and went to pin him but Rose pulled him off and threw him out to get the win. Winners: Rose’s team by Pinfall

After this the U30 champion, Dylan Dunbar had issued an open challenge to anyone under the age of 30 to wrestle him for his title. He came out to reissue this challenge which was answered by an old friend of Dunbars named Dillion Divine. Dunbar was surprised but said he would give him a shot as they are friends.


U30 Championship: Dillion Divine vs Dylan Dunbar(c): Dylan at first did not take it seriously as they were friends but Dillion kept attacking and Dunbar got upset, saying he gave him a chance, what is he doing. Divine finally gets the upper hand and is going to use his ab wheel to attack Dunbar who talks him out of it.  Divine trusts him and puts it down, Dunbar grabs his belt and nails Divine and gets the pin. Afterwords Dylan Dunbar asks me to write down something like he is the lamest, worst, young guns champion ever. Why he wanted me to write that I have no idea but I try to help the wrestlers out when I can. Winner by Pinfall: Dillion Divine.

We had the four quarter final matches here but I will post them at the end. So jumping to the next non LSC match.

“Lords of Seduction” Juicy Cherry Ramons and Dominick Dallas Starr with Jeremy M. vs The Hooligans with Uncle Leo: This started out with the Hooligans asking questions to “Dr. Love” Starr and asking him if worked on 4th street and it is 2016, they don’t judge anyone’s life style. The match finally got underway and both teams went at it hard, Cherry being the leader of his team, making it very obvious. The Hooligans got the upper hand for a bit when Cherry Ramons realized that his normal off putting grinding when in a hold. The Hooligan that held him didn’t let go and you can see Cherry’s face go big eyed.

This match was fun, Cherry lead his team perfectly, tagging in and out a lot and leading Starr on what to do. They worked well together and kept the Hooligans off guard for quite some time. Both teams saved their partners quite a bit, several close pins but they were always saved. Jeremy the manager tried to get involved, which brought Uncle Leo in to the match. Starr went to hit Uncle Leo who was being help by Jeremy and hit Jeremy instead. This allowed Devin Cutter to pin Starr. Winners: Hooligans

4 way, one fall to a finish match for a title shot at GBA: Johnny Swole vs Scotty Santiago vs “Unholy” Gregory James vs Jojo Bravo: While this was a fun match, seeing all these guys battle each other, Bravo was perhaps the smartest one, choosing to stay outside the ring watching the others battle, just jumping in to stop a pin or submission and then rolling back out. While Bravo sat it out, Scotty was attacked and thrown out leaving Swole and James to battle in the ring, Scotty was given some beer by a fan and took time to catch his breath. James kept the upper hand for most of their back and forth.

Swole rarely left the ring so ended up battling just about everyone. All four men gave it their all and somehow they all ended up in on one of the ring posts, Swole trying to do a high impact move but James got involved so all three men were hit and Jojo Bravo took that instant to pin Johnny Swole. Winner and granted title shot at GBA: Jojo Bravo

Right after Jojo made a speech saying he won due to his heart, having the spirit of Anarchy flowing through him, and all the fans support.

Joshi Championship Match: Angel Blue(c) vs Lucha Underground star Sexy Dulce: I didn’t see much of this match, I had to take a restroom break. Sexy was a lot of fun and Angel ALMOST lost but the time limit ran out. Sexy asked for 5 more minutes but Angel ran away with the belt. Winner and still champ Angel Blue

There is one non LSC match I have not talked about yet, due to the fact it is tied directly to a LSC match so when it happens I will talk about it. So that covers all the other non LSC matches and we now move on to the Lone Star Classic itself.

1st Quarter Final Round: Darin Childs  vs JC Bravo vs Thomas “TankEngine” Munos: JC Bravo makes his return after being away due to both injury and some personnel issues. He is fully back, hair, fun, dancing and all. Bringing a bit of  Smurfiness back to the LSC.

Darin also makes a return after some time away due to a major injury, though he himself has said he is on his last run. Two long time vets and up and comer Thomas Munos who even calls the other two old guys. Darin makes several comments to Thomas that he just is not very good. Darin follow this up with somehow stacking Munos and Bravo on top of each other and pinning them both at the same time. Winner: Darin Childs.

2nd Quarter Final Round: “American Viking” Alexander Rudolph vs Mr. B vs Franco D’Angelo:  Again we have  a few people who have either newly returned or only recently returned to an ACW ring. Both Alexander and  Franco are recent returns and it was fun seeing them back and fighting each other. Franco had two belts with him, but I don’t know where they were from. They both kept pushing and throwing out Mr. B, considering him not worthy of fighting and wanting to just battle each other.

Mr. B kept trying to get involved, saying he was in the match as well. As soon as he got some offense going one or both of the other two would attack him and get him out or tell him to stay put. Franco and Alexander traded some powerful blows and this allowed Mr. B to super kick Alexander and get the pin on him. Franco went all out on Mr. B at this point but Mr. B was surviving and making a comeback. Dan The Manager in his Lime Green gear came out and distracted Mr. B and this allowed Franco to get Mr. B to tap out and leaves him laying in the ring. Axxle comes out to check on Mr. B after the match. Winner: Franco D’Angelo

3rd Round Quarter Finals: Sky DeLacrimosa vs Jason Silver vs Killah Kash: This one started out weird. Sky came to the ring on crutches and started to say he couldn’t be in the Classic. He also said he would vacate the TV title as he couldn’t defend it, while he was still saying sorry, Jason Silver came out and took the mic. He said this is what Sky always does, it is why no one takes him seriously, that when he gets close he bails or quits.  He finally has a belt and he is just giving it up, he won’t even fight in the LSC. Silver said he had tried to help him, to try and elevate him. They were tag champs together but he was done with all that, then attacked Sky, focusing on his leg and injury. He beat him down for awhile before Kash arrived.

Kash came out full power, attacking Silver without holding back. Kash threw Silver to the stage, a favorite of his, and beat him down more and more. Sky tried to get involved and he and Silver teamed up against Kash for a bit. Kash turned his attention to Sky and made him pass out using a submission move and a chair. Kash and Silver went to war as they do and Silver got tossed around but managed to knock Kash down.

Jason Silver hit a shooting star press and got the pin to advance. Winner: Jason Silver.

4th Round Quarter Finals: Kody Lane vs Jack Jameson with Limeaway vs Steve O Reno: While Jack tried to get Kody Lane to work with him, Kody attacked Jack instead and he and Steve teamed up on Jack for awhile. They kept it up at different points in the match, Jack gave as good as he got most of the time, even with his Samurai Jack haircut. Kody took to the air to knock both Jack and Steve leading to Steve pinning Jack but Jack and Joe Dirt attack Steve right after being taken out allowing Kody to get the upper hand for awhile but Steve kicks out of all the attempted pins but so does Kody for awhile. Steve finally gets Kody down for a three count which leads to Jack and his manager, Limeawy to attack Steve again. Winner: Steve O Reno

LSC Semi Finals: Darin Childs vs Franco D’Angelo: Franco spoke first, to say he was coming for the main belt, it is what he does. He comes to a company and bulldozes his way to the top and wins the title. He has yet to do that at ACW but he will. He tells Curt that while Masada and him are close, he hopes that Curt wins as he is nowhere near Franco’s equal and he will destroy him piece by piece. He also tells Darin he will put him back on the shelf.

Darin takes some offence to that and attacks Franco, no skill or strikes just wild punching and attacks. They keep that level of anger and brutal going the whole time until someone else enters the match…Curt Stallion who headbutts Franco hard knocking him down allowing Darin to pin him. After that Curt did the same to Darin and stood in the ring waiting on Masada. Winner: Darin Childs

This leads to the one non LSC match that I had to wait for. Curt is in the ring with both the belts and waited on Masada to arrive. When he does Curt stands up and shows or tries to show no fear, even calling Masada names. Not something I had EVER seen before, very disrespectful.

ACW Hardcore and Heavyweight Title Match: MASADA vs Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion(c): Curt stood up to Masada, going nose to nose with him and calling him names and insulting him. Not the best way to get on someones good side who already is out to destroy you, I found the whole thing disrespectful to a talented vet but that is Curt’s way I know.

I think Curt was also trying to put Masada off by being different then most people that face him, by not backing down, by calling him names and insulting him. But Masada is a long time vet and you can shake him that easy. He is one of the toughest and smartest out there, but Curt was doing his best anyway. Masada got Curt in a pretty nasty submission hold and it looked like it may be over but Curt got a hold of a chair and hit Masada hard getting out of it. Curt keep attacking, calling Masada a stupid fucking bitch and started making him bleed.

The match, as a Masada match does, spilled out where they traded blows and then in the middle of the ring while sitting in chairs, brutal would be an understatement. More chairs were used both as swinging weapons and to put people through them. Curt managed to pull off his finisher, not once but twice and the second time through a chair allowing him to pin Masada. Winner and still champion: Curt Stallion

2nd Semi Final LSC match: Jason Silver vs Steve O Reno: Silver attacked before the bell even rung. He got in some solid attacks before the bell was finally rung and Steve got a chance to fight back, but due to his sneak attack Silver controlled most of the early match.

But once both men got their bearings the match became very intense, it went back and forth. One man would have control for a few, then the other would turn it around. No one held it for long and neither man could keep it when they had it.  Then a turning point came, a lumberjack looking man came out of the crowd in a pink ball cap and attacked Steve, it was Jack Jameson and his manager Mullet Man. Silver took advantage of this and took down Steve with a pinfall. Winner: Jason Silver.

After this match, Steve said what is going on between him and Jack Jameson had to stop, Anarchy is not big enough for both of them. One of them would have to leave and they would settle it at GBA.

This leads to Jason Silver vs Darin Childs in the finals for the ACW TV Title which Jason still held. After this match Highlighter Lime came out and was saying why Jeff Gant couldn’t be there when he was due too but no one was listening and Mr. B came out and attacked him, told him that was a message to send to Jeff Gant.

Lone Star Classic 2016 Finals: ACW TV Title Match: Jason Silver(c) vs Darin Childs: Two of ACW’s vets going at it for the title of winner of the LSC, both men have been in it several times but never won. They have faced each other one on one, they have had teams and factions that faced each other.  They both know each over very well, and have learned the strengths and weaknesses of each other over the many years.

Darin came out in Texas flag wrestling shorts and his Freddy glove. Jason came out with his cuts and bruises plus his ability to take huge amounts of punishment. With these two men, the match went outside the ring, through chairs, Darin brought in a ladder. These men killed each other in order to get the win, using the chairs to bust each other in the head, Darin slammed Silver through a chair ON the ladder causing him to hit both. Both guys were as serious as I have ever seen them and neither man wanted to give up.

Darin Childs managed to get Jason Silver down for the 3 count and win the whole LSC.  Winner, New LSC winner, and ACW TV Champ: Darin Childs.  Afterwords, Jason Silver seemed unsure that he lost but when it was made clear he shook Darin’s hand.  Darin took the mic and said normally the winner of LSC makes a speech but all he had to say was he crossed two more items off his bucket list, winning the only ACW title he had not won, the ACW Tv title and winning the LSC for the first time. Now that he has the TV Title, a title who knows Ricky Starks wants and since Ricky has been ducking him, he is offering him a shot at the title at GBA.

My Thoughts: Overall not a bad LSC, Not my favorite one, the matches were all good and a lot of the story was fun but that is also my issue. The tournament seemed to be far in the background, not important as the Classic but more a tool to set up story lines for GBA and beyond. I hope Franco keeps going after people until he gets a shot at the Titles, Hell I would love to see him even take out other champions but refuse their belts, saying he wants the BIG title.

Curt’s ego is only going to be BIGGER now, which I was not sure could happen but it will. I would love to see more fun strange but good tag team fights like Hooligans and Lords of Seduction, you wouldn’t think they would work together but they do. Not that same match, but more in that vibe. 

I don’t know where Jason Silver is going from here but I hope he takes that whole I am not helping you anymore Sky and moves on to focus on getting gold and moving up. I also hope Sky takes to heart what was said, I know he is injured but that doesn’t make what a long time tag team partner who knows you says to you, any less true. 




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