Heel/Face Radio Ep. 26: Turnbuckle Talk with Delmi Exo & Jawsolyn


Welcome back to day 5 of our Christmas countdown special! Today we have another special episode of Heel/Face Radio that features not one, but TWO women! In this episode we speak with two thirds of Team Sea Stars (or Three Stars) Delmi Exo and Jawsolyn. If you missed episode 25 where we spoke with Ashley Vox of Team Sea Stars, have no fear, all you have to do is click here to listen! Delmi and Jawsolyn were traveling with Ashley when I spoke to them last night, so you hear her input on some stuff at times.

Delmi and Jawsolyn are based in the east coast and while Jawsolyn is just getting started, Delmi can be found wrestling in Chakara along side her sister Ashley, however, they have also wrestled for several other promotions. Get to know these two women some more in this fun and exciting episode and make sure you listen all the way to the end as I have added some extra talk that we don’t normally always add!



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